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LA City Section "Invitational Bracket":
First Round Boys Matchups--(Feb. 16, 2003)

Here's the LA City Section "Invitational" bracket with the first round matchups.  This bracket consists of the teams who were seeded 17-32 in the City Section, i.e., those who did not qualify for automatic entry into the City Championship bracket (8 teams) or those other 8 who were not considered as strong enough to make the City Championship bracket.    And unlike the City Championship bracket, the winner and runner-up in this bracket do not advance to the State Regional Tournament.   In other words, this is a self-contained tournament, and the winner gets a nice trophy, but that's about it....

The first round should be played next Friday, February 21.   We say "should" because the City hasn't issued a complete calendar for the games, and we're basing the schedule on prior years brackets.   We don't expect any change, but if we're wrong, blame the City Section for not issuing the info on their own website.   Games are all @ 7:30 p.m. and the host will be the higher seeded team.

City Invitational Playoffs 2002-2003

First Round Matchups All Games
ruary 21

Second Round
February 26

ruary 28

March 8

No. 1 Jordan

7:30 p.m. @ Jordan

No. 16 Wilson

7:30 p.m.@
Higher Seed

Home Site

7:30 p.m.@
Higher Seed

Home Site

1:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.

@ GW Forum

No. 8 Jefferson

7:30 p.m. @ Jefferson

No. 9 San Pedro

No. 5 Grant

7:30 p.m. @ Grant

No. 12 Chatsworth

Higher Seed

Home Site

No. 4 King-Drew

7:30 p.m. @ TBA

No. 13 Bell


No. 3 Gardena

7:30 p.m. @ Gardena

No. 14 Poly

Higher Seed

Home Site

7:30 p.m.@
Higher Seed

Home Site

No. 6. Granada Hills

7:30 p.m. @ Granda Hills

No. 11 Narbonne

No. 7 Garfield

7:30 p.m. @ Garfield

No. 10 Venice

Higher Seed

Home Site

No. 2 North Hollywood

7:30 p.m. @ NH

No. 15  Marshall


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