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CIF-SS Boys Division IV-A Bracket:
First Round & Bracket--(Feb. 16, 2003)

This is a 32-team bracket with so many byes that it actually could have been a 16-team bracket with just some wild card games....either way, there will be 22 teams actually competing in Division IV-A when it's all said and done.   The top four seeds are No. 1 Verbum Dei, No. 2 Campbell Hall, No. 3 St. Margaret's and No. 4 Kilpatrick.  

And proving that someone on the seeding committee has a real sense of humor, for those who had to wade through the messages on the board here at SoCalHoops for the past few weeks trying to get past all of the arguing whether Western Christian or some other school deserved a better spot in the bracket, check out Western Christian's second round game against Fairmont Prep, which is the result of both teams getting first round byes.  A coin flip will settle the location.

First round games
February 19
  Second Round

February 21

Feb 25

Feb 28
March 7
Upper half of Bracket
BYE @ Verbum Dei  

Verbum Dei

Chadwick @ Woodcrest Christian
BYE @ Cate

San Gabriel Acad.
(Coin Flip for Location)

BYE @ San Gabriel Acad.
BYE @ Flintridge Prep

Flintridge Prep

Brethren Christian @ Santa Clara
Arrowhead Christian @ Desert


BYE @ Kilpatrick
Lower half of Bracket
BYE @ St. Margaret's  

St. Margaret's

Viewpoint @ Boys Republic
BYE @ Fairmont Prep Fairmont Prep
Western Christian
(Coin Flip For Location)
BYE @ Western Christian
BYE @ Yeshiva   @
Sage Hill @ Hamilton
Sherman Indian @ Desert Christian/Lancaster @
Campbell Hall
BYE @ Campbell Hall

All games with the exception of the final round will start at 7:30 p.m. unless another time is mutually agreed upon and clearance is received from the CIF-SS Office.  Public coin flips will be held in the lobby of the CIF-SS Office at 9:00 a.m. the day following each playoff game [these coin flips will determine subsquent sites after the first round, i.e., which school will be the host].  Coin flips will be available after 9:30 a.m. and we'll try to keep everyone posted with them here. 

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