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CIF-SS Boys Division IV-A Bracket:
Finals Preview--(Mar. 6, 2003)

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CIF-SS Finals, Division IV-AA


Loyola Marymount


Friday, March 7, 2003

How Much:  

$8 (at the door), $4 pre-sale


Verbum Dei vs. Campbell Hall


6:30 p.m.

No. 1 seed Verbum Dei returns to familiar ground, the finals, and this will be their chance to again win back-to-back titles, something Verb hasn't accomplished since, well, since 1999, when they won their third straight title under former coach David Greenwood and also advanced to the State Finals for the third time in a three year stretch.   The LA Times reported in its preview that this could be current coach Ronnie Gipson's last game, the result of his opposition to the school's controversial "corporate work" program, which the school has used to familiarize students at the small Catholic high school with the downtown corporate world.  The policy, unfortunately, has had the effect of taking precedence over athletics, even scheduled athletic contests, and some players have missed games because of mandatory participation in the work-study program (which the school is also using to help defray tuition for all students).  Nevertheless, that program, and the coaching staff's displeasure with it, will be put aside, at least for today, because everyone will be at LMU, no if's, and's or but's about it.

Verbum Dei (22-6) took the Santa Fe league easily, and are led by lightning quick junior point guard Mick Pagan, who transferred two years ago from Long Beach Poly, which at the time was loaded with guards.  Verb also has some excellent frontcourt players including Amir Johnson (6'-8" So. C/F) who transferred from Pacific Hills.  The Eagles also feature shooters like Mike Bell (6'-3 Sr. SG) and Darren Acker (6'-0" Fr. SG), as well as Jamal Kinney (6'-3" Sr. G).  At any one time its hard to guess who Verb will throw out on the floor because the roster is so deep and so solid.  Campbell Hall (25-2) is a very young team, one which has really exceeded most observers' expectations by reaching the finals, and to say they are happy to be here is probably an understatement.  The Vikings are coached by Terry Kelly, who said as much to Vincent Bonsignore of the LA Daily News today in the small preview that paper published about the game, and there are a few players who have stood out in helping CH exceed expectations, including Steve Tolbert (5'-7" So. G), Darryl Harris (6'-0" Sr. G), Joe Ford (6'-4" So. G), Jason Heard (6'-4" So. G), and Sam Handler (6'-4" So. C).  While Campbell Hall is guard dominated and will matchup well in the backcourt and on the perimeter, if Verb decides to pound it inside rather than run up and down, this could be a tough one for Campbell Hall, which has played best when running and slashing.

Here are the rosters, followed by the bracket, so you can see just who each of these teams beat to make it to the finals:

Campbell Hall Vikings   Verbum Dei Eagles

Steve Tolbert

5'-7" So. G


Darryl Harris

6'-0" Sr. G


Eric Moosa

6'-0" Sr. G


Tyler Wilder

6'-1" Jr. F


Amir Bassiri

5'-10" So. G


Chris Devlin

5'-10" So. G


Joe Ford

6'-4" So. G


Jason Heard

6'-4" So. G


Antyhony Walker

6'-0" So. G


Evan Weisberger

6'-2" Jr. F


Onyima Obioha

6'-4" Jr. F/C


Conor Turley

6'-4" So. C


Sam Handler

6'-4" So. C

3 Mike Pagan 5'-9" Jr. PG
10 Chris Stephens 5'-9" Jr. SG
11 Mike Davis 5'-9" Sr. PG
4 Justin Thomas 5'-9" So. SG
12 Jason Russell 5'-9" So. SG
21 Marius Cotton 6'-0" Fr. SG
34 Darren Acker 6'-0" Fr. SG
32 Mike Bell 6'-3" Sr. SG
33 Jamal Kinney 6'-3" Sr. G
23 Cedric Noldon 6'-4" Jr. F
25 Brandon Anderson 6'-4" So. F
13 Matt Shaw 6'-7" Fr. C
15 Amir Johnson 6'-8" So. C/F
First round games
February 19
  Second Round

February 21

Feb 25

Feb 28
March 7
Upper half of Bracket
BYE @ Verbum Dei  

Chadwick 50
Verbum Dei 84

Verbum Dei 92


Cate 54

Verbum Dei 79
(Host Team)


@ St. Matthias
(alternate site)


Flintridge Prep 66

Verbum Dei





Campbell Hall

Chadwick 56 @ Woodcrest Christian 39
BYE @ Cate

Cate 63
San Gabriel Acad. 47

BYE @ San Gabriel Acad.
BYE @ Flintridge Prep

Santa Clara 53
Flintridge Prep 55 (OT)

Flintridge Prep 78

@ Malibu HS

Kilpatrick 71
(Home Team)

Brethren Christian 30 @ Santa Clara 61
Arrowhead Christian 75 @ Desert 50

  Arrowhead Christian

BYE @ Kilpatrick
Lower half of Bracket
BYE @ St. Margaret's  

Viewpoint 46
St. Margaret's 62

St. Margaret's 54


Western Christian 56

Western Christian 52
(Host Team)


@ Ontario Christian HS


Campbell Hall 57

Viewpoint 65 @ Boys Republic 50
BYE @ Fairmont Prep Western Christian 60
Fairmont Prep 49
BYE @ Western Christian
BYE @ Yeshiva  Sage Hill 72
Yeshiva 76 (4 OT)

Yeshiva 46
(Home Team)

@ Oakwood HS

Campbell Hall 51

Sage Hill 57 @ Hamilton 47
Sherman Indian 75 @ Desert Christian/Lancaster 79 Desert Christian 53
Campbell Hall 70
BYE @ Campbell Hall

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