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SoCalHoops State Tournament News

D-I CIF State Championship
Playoff Brackets--(Mar. 11, 2003)

cif1.h2.jpg (7564 bytes)Some people have been telling us that they've had problems finding the brackets (or in opening them up with Adobe Acrobat Reader) at the State CIF website.   In particular, all of the state tournament brackets (both boys and girls) can be found at a single link at the state website.  We have not had that same problem, but for those experiencing any technical difficulties, we've got the info set out below in two different ways: 1.  In the form of a .jpg graphic, and 2. in the form of familiar web-based html content (utilzing our own graphic style of setting out the bracets....Either way, no one should be complaining about not knowing where and when the games are and who is playing whom.   And finally, just so there is no mistake about what's happening tonight in the SoCal Regionals, here's who's playing (* indicates the home team, and all games are at host school sites in the first round unless otherwise indicated:

2003 CIF State Basketball Championship Tournament
SoCal Regionals:  March 11, 2003 Games:
First Round Games--Division I

Upper half of bracket:
7:30 p.m.     Silverado @ Westchester HS
7:30 p.m.     Canyon Springs @ Eisenhower HS

Lower half of bracket:
7:30 p.m.     Fairfax @ Bakersfield HS
8:30 p.m.    Loyola @ San Diego El Camino HS

Here's the bracket in graphic form (this is the same bracket you'd see if you used Adobe Acrobat)


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And for those of you who prefer the bracket in our usual format (which of course also will make it easier for us to update after tonight's gamesm here is the combined SoCal-NorCal bracket:

Round 1
March 11
7:30 p.m.
Round 2
March 13
7:30 p.m.
SoCal Finals
March 15
@ 8:00 p.m. 
LB Arena
State Finals,
March 22
8:00 p.m.
NorCal Finals
March 15 -
8:00 p.m.
ARCO Arena
NorCal Round 2
March 13
Home Schools
7:30 p.m.
NorCal Round 1
March 11
7:30 p.m.
* Westchester
           * Oakland Tech
@Kaiser Arena, Oakland
Canyon Springs
@ Kezar
* Bakersfield
    Bishop O'Dowd
@ Laney College
@ (8:30 p.m.)
*El Camino
@ Valley HS

In the South, the No. 1 seed is Westchester (LA City Champion); El Camino (San Diego Champion) No. 2;  Fairfax, the LA City runner-up is No. 3 and Eisenhower (CIF-SS D-IAA champ) is No. 4.   Travel priorities basically determine which teams will have to travel during first and successive rounds.   Thus, even though Fairfax is a "seed" they have a lower travel priority than Bakersfield (CIF Central Champion) and thus Bakersfield gets the home game.

Seeded Teams  

Travel Priority Numbers   

Travel Priority Numbers

1. Westchester  

1. Westchester, Los Angeles-LAS 29-3  

5. Fairfax, Los Angeles-LAS 26-3

2. El Camino  

2. El Camino, Oceanside-SDS 30-2   

6. Loyola, Los Angeles-SS 26-4

3. Fairfax  

3. Bakersfield-CS 25-4   

7. Silverado, Victorville-SS 29-2

4. Eisenhower  

4. Eisenhower, Rialto-SS 24-7   

8. Canyon Springs, Moreno Valley-SS 25-5

Again, as most people know, we don't really cover the NorCal Regionals, at least not in any detail, but in case you're interested in looking at that half of the bracket, here it is in jpg format:

division1norcal0311bracket.jpg (35957 bytes)

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