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2003-04 SCIBCA CIF-SS Girls' Division
IV-AA & IV-A Polls For Jan. 20--(Jan. 20, 2004)

We decided to post the polls in the Daily Articles section of the site once again, rather than in the message forum, simply because they get a little hard to find once the board gets full of other stuff.   And we know how everyone likes to come back to the polls week after week to compare how the rankings have changed, so we thought we'd post them where they will be accessible to everyone easily. 

Here are the Division IV-AA and IV-A girls basketball SCIBCA CIF-SS polls for this week, as of January 20 but only for games played through Saturday, January 17).  You will note that Division IV-A is shown as "Did Not Report" and what this means for the uninitiated is that whoever was responsible for getting the compiled poll to the CIF-SS office by today didn't get it done.  Alternatively, it could also mean that the people responsible for voting didn't report to the division rep, but either way the result is the same, and the poll is the same one published last week for Division IV-A only.

Anyway, here are the polls for these two divisions for this week:


(As of 1/20/04)

1. Marlborough 1. Brentwood
2. Valley Christian/C 2. Bell-Jeff
3. St Paul 3. Windward
4. St Mary’s 4. Calvary Chapel/Downey
5. Twentynine Palms 5. Flintridge Prep
6. Carpinteria 6. Ontario Christian
7. Oaks Christian 7. Montclair Prep
8. Morro Bay 8. Cantwell Sacred Heart
9. Serra 9. Campbell Hall
10. St Monica 10. Brethren Christian
Others: LA Baptist, Providence, Palos Verdes Others: Arrowhead Chr, Sage Hill, Whittier Chr

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