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SoCalHoops HS Top 20
Division I-A--
(Revised Dec. 16, 2000)

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( revised Dec.16, 2000)
1 Mater Dei Top in the division again, and maybe in the country. Cedric Bozeman (UCLA), Jamal Sampson (Cal), Ricky Porter, Brian Baker, Shaun Michel, Mike Strawberry, and top soph Harrison Schaen are just a few of the weapons for the Monarchs.
2 Corona Centennial New Mexico signee Jamal Williams will lead this team, along with Bryan Gonzales, David Sybesma, Bryan Williams J.R. Reese, and Mater Dei-transfers Erik and Lance Soderberg
3 Simi Valley Gonzaga-signee Dustin Villepigue leads the Pioneers, who will depend on new guards and forwards to replace Brandon Fullove (UCSB) and Brett Michel (Azusa Pacific); Shaun Michel is now at Mater Dei. Bellafontaine brothers Danny (5'-10" Sr. G), and Casey (6'-5" Jr. C)  will help as will Jered Weaver (6'-4" Sr. F) and Ryan Bradshaw (6'-2" Sr. G).
4 Villa Park Even without Martin Iti, the Spartans are one of the top team with Matt McGinnis, Corey Miller, Kyle Egkan, Sean Phaler, Eric Tadeja, Brice Prather and some new incoming players.
5 Claremont Shaddean Aaron, Ian Maxwell, Shane O'Connor lead this team.  Could be a very crowded Baseline League this year. 
6 Ventura Will return leading football player Tyler Ebell, as well as Trevor Robinson, Bryan Easterly, Jason Bruger, Treveor Prophet, and Jared Godinez who can hopefully fill the missing offense lost by graduatin of Mike Derse.
7 El Dorado They lose Quinn Hawking's 20+ppg, but return David Patten, Nick Nehnert, Mike Wulff, Evan Bull and Kyle Miller as well as Kevin Cook. Whether they deserve a top 10 ranking is something a lot of people will argue about, but hey, it's our list.
8 SB Pacific Donnell Jury and Chris Adams look like they can lead this team to a good season. . . we'll see.
9 Temescal Canyon Kris Maxey, Daniel Zarbock and Joe Roberson lead Temescal Canyon this season.
10 St. John Bosco Only three seniors graduated in June, and they return Giovanni St. Amant (18.7 ppg,) Tyrone Wiliams, Donald Quiroz (10 ppg) and a group of other excellent players.
11 Woodbridge Leading scorer Danny Lambert returns, as does Brian Thompson, Doeg Koeller, and two solid scorers, Tahaan Forehan-Kelly (6'-1" Sr. SG), and Aaron Szekel (6'-6" Sr. F) and they pick up transfer Pat Haddan (6'-1" Jr. PG) from Mater Dei.
12 Riverside Poly Josh Dunaj, Joe Salazar, Jeremy Lopez , Sali Vance, Ronny Tyson, and rumors of a new transfer abound. Could be a top 20 team, or might not.  Right now from what we hear, they are.
13 Mira Costa Glenn Marx' squad returns 4 of 5 starters in Jake Insler, DeWayne Morris Archie Wiley and Blake Anderson. League championship two years ago, possible title contenders this year. 
13 Sunny Hills Return Tony Gonzalez, Adam Castillo, Clay Carmody, Anthony Van Wyk, Michael Kintzle, Gerard Rivera, John Shaw and Brent Campanelli
14 Arlington Lost only three players to graduation; return Bakari Heru, Rafael Simon, Rashawn McAllister, Logan Willman, Richard Glover, Adam Aguirre, Kenyaun Christie,  Chad Carter (11 ppg) and Charles Tangert.
15 Newport Harbor Tony Melum and Aaron Yarnal are helping to lead Newport Harbor to a great start.
16 Damien Senior guard Ralph David,  guard Raul Potain, and forward Aaron Garcia lead a revitalized Damien.
17 Anaheim Quinn Hawking and a new coach might be able to breathe some life, and some offense into this program.
18 Perris Jason Zimmer leads this team this season.
19 Foothill Returns Chad Bigler (18.4 ppg) Brett Bigler, Kyle Evans, Bob Hamer, Alex McCauley and Josh Scott. Lost in first round to West Torrance 57-56. down
20 Troy Trent Hardeman, Travis Hardeman, Nate Gilkes have all helped Troy to a fast start this season.

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