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1999-2000 Southern Section Schedule
Arrowhead League

The schedules below were taken directly from the CIF Southern Section "Master Schedule & Press Guide".  The information in some cases is patently incorrect. So consider yourself warned:  These schedules were prepare during the summer and there may have been changes. If you are going to a game, call the school first, or check your local paper. We take no responsibility if the schedule is wrong; if you go and there's no game, don't come crying to us, because we warned you.  Have fun.

Arrowhead League CSDR
La Sierra Academy
Sherman Indian
Nov. 30 @Fairmont
Dec. 2 Bloomington
Dec. 7 @Joshua Springs
Dec. 8 Riverside Christian
Dec. 9 Trona
Dec. 14 Victor Valley
Dec. 15 Whitewater
Dec. 16 Bethel Christian
Jan 6 *La Sierra Academy
Jan 11 *Hamilton
Jan 13 @*La Sierra Academy
Jan 18 @*Hamilton
Jan 20 @*Sherman Indian
Jan 25 Twin Pines
Feb 1 *Sherman INdian
Feb 2-5 WSBC@ Portland, Oregon
No Schedule Submitted To CIF
La Sierra Acadmey
Coach: Marty Sutton
Nov. 29 Baptist Christian Hemet
Dec 4 Loma Linda Academy
Dec. 7 @ Glendale Academy Tournament
Dec. 14-16 La Sierra Academy Tournament
Jan 4 Bethel Christian
Jan 6 @*CSDR
Jan 8 Glendale Academy
Jan 13 @*S=CSDR
Jan 18 *Sherman Indian
Jan 20 *Hamilton
Jan 25 @*Sherman Indian
Jan 26 *CSDR
Feb 1 @*Hamilton
Feb 3 Apple Valley Christian
Feb 8 *Sherman Indian
Feb 10 *Hamilton
Sherman Indian
Coach:  Ed Jimenez
Dec 1 @ Fairmont
Dec 2-4 @Webb Tournament
Jan  7 Rio Hondo Prep
Jan. 10 @So. California Christian
Jan 13 bethel Christian
Jan 14 *Hamilton
Jan. 18 @*La Sierra Academy
Jan. 20 *CSDR
Jan. 25 *La Sierra Academy
Jan 28 @*Hamilton
Feb 1 @*CSDR
Feb 4 *Hamilton
Feb 8 @*La Sierra Academy
Feb 10 *CSDR