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We've tried to locate the best (or at least the most available) websites featuring fantasy league basketball in its various incarnations. Most of the services listed below offer leagues that are "pay-for-play"; many except the largest commercial services (e.g., ESPN) have very long waiting lists, or are "closed" because they are oversubscribed. Some are simply personal websites which display private leagues so we can all drool and fantasize about what a great league they must have. If you really want to play, join up with a good commercial service such as ESPN, or get some good software and start your own league with some friends. But investigate before paying any money. Caveat emptor, and if you find a site that you think should be listed here, send us an e-mail with the details.

General Fantasy League Stuff
Commercial Sites

ESPNet Fantasy Basketball--really one of the best, and our personal favorite. Trades are easy, leagues are well formed, message boards, stats updated automatically every day. And it's only $20 per team for the season.

SportsLine Fantasy Basketball--This version of the fantasy game looks a lot more sophisticated than the ESPN version, but it's also more expensive and a bit more intense. Basic cost is $29.95 for non-Sportsline members, $19.95 for members.

The Sporting News' Fantasy Hoops Interactive--it costs $49.95 per team, but there's some great prizes at the end of the season (a chance to win $5,000.00) and the news, stats, and other information is well organized.

OnHoops Fantasy League 1997-- Matt 'n Steve have done it again. This is the second year they are running a totally free Fantasy League. To quote their site: "In order to participate in the sophomore year of the Basketball Fantasia that is the On Hoops Fantasy League, you only need to have access to a PC with e-mail facilities and a web connection. You don't need to borrow anybody's credit card numbers, you don't need to be 18 or over, you don't even need to have a clue about basketball. Afterall, there are plenty of people with no idea about running a team in the NBA itself; look at Don Nelson, Greg Popovich and Eddie Jordan. Even if you make some major mistakes as coach/GM of your team this season, rest assured you won't be anywhere near as bad as these guys. The only difference is you won't be getting paid quite as much.

ScoreSheet Fantasy Basketball--a very nice looking game, a play-by-mail fantasy game in
which you own and operate your own NBA franchise. $79.00 per team.

Pro Basketball Market-- a twist on the fantasy game. Buy and sell "shares" of pro teams. Depending upon how well they are doing, your shares will either rise or fall. At least it's different.

College Basketball Market-- just like the Pro Basketball Market described above but with college teams.

2Play 1998 NBA Playoff Frenzy and 1998 NCAA Tourney Time Hoops--"pool" picking type games to accumulate the most points --just what you get for winning isn't exactly clear but it looks like it might be fun.

Picks-n-Rolls Fantasy Basketball--a nice looking league. Signups were scheduled to end October 31, 1997, but may still be open.

Fantasy Basketball on the Web--a Collection of Links,some of which are outdated or non-functional. Maybe they'll update them someday, maybe not.

Private Sites, Web Stats Services or "Closed" Leagues

Canadian Basketball Association--doesn't look like it's been updated for a few years, but it's got a great link to

The Doctors Weekly Fantasy Basketball--lots

Fantasy Basketball Association --a closed league with a waiting list of more than 400

Internet Fantasy Basketball Association--another "closed" league, which is full and no longer admitting new members.

RB40502--Rotisserie Basketball League; another private league that is apparently full and simply using the net so the rest of us can envy how much fun they're having without us.

Sac Jams--a private, rotisserie-type league, which apparently hasn't been updated since '96. Anyway, it's out there, but don't waste your time.

The UCL Official Home Site--Can't afford a spell-checker: Describes itself as the "premire" NBA Simulation League--another private league, with apparently no way to join--and why would you want to anyway; looks awful, and not updated since 95 or 96 (can't tell really).

Fantasy Stats and Software

From ZDNet: Keyboard Coach Hoops II
Keyboard Coach Hoops II is a fantasy basketball league manager for Windows. Become the owner, general manager and head coach of your own NBA team. League standings are based on the performance of the actual NBA players. Updated statistics can be manually entered or obtained from several on-line services for import into your game. You can have up to 20 teams in your league and you determine the pay-offs on a weekly and season ending basis. Nearly any team and player statistic can be viewed and used with a simple click of the mouse. Registration brings a General Manager module that will let you wheel and deal your way to the league championship. This otherwise attractive program lacks on-line help. System Requirements Windows 3.x Purchase Information Shareware: Free to try, $45 if you decide to keep it. Registration benefits include: ASP-approved shareware

Center Field Software Fast Break!
A statistics program for leagues, teams and a special fantasy league version. Can be updated weekly via their BBS and website A demo is available online. Price not listed online, but call for details.

Quick Stats Service
Since 1987, Quick Stats Service® has been providing thousands of fantasy leagues with statistics, news and more. Pioneers in on-line fantasy sports statistics, they continue to usher in new trends in the delivery of quality statistics.

Stat Factory Stats
A site featuring compilations of stats for fantasy leagues

SportsMaster for Basketball--describes itself as "an indispensable handicapping tool for the sports gambling enthusiast who want to win more money, more often wagering on basketball." It's probably also useful though for fantasy basketball, but why waste the money if you're not betting.

StatTrak for Basketball from All-Pro Software--really not designed for fantasy basketball, but could probably be used for it--actually for keeping stats on players, leagues, and teams in the real world.


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