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SoCalHoops Tournament & Recruiting News

First Day's Results At The Nike
Oregon Global Challenge--(Aug. 4, 2000)

globalchallenge.jpg (10569 bytes)Note: You can get complete coverage of this tournament at three different places, to varying degrees:  The best coverage is probably a tossup between the SportsCombine website, and the OregonPreps website, which has some pictures and great coverage of most of the teams, including the Southern California All-Stars, who have once again this year stolen our name :^) and are calling themselves the "SoCal Hoops" team.  You can also get some coverage from the "official" Nike Global Challenge site, but it's running way behind the other two, and as of this morning, still had no content at all.

Yesterday, SCA, aka, SCH, beat up pretty badly on the Emerald City Pioneers, a team from the Seattle region. . . in fact it was so bad, that SCH won by a score of 104-55. 

SCA's roster this time out features the following guys:

Cedric Bozeman     6' 6" Sr. G/F     Mater Dei
Tyson Chandler     7' 0" Sr. C    Dominguez
Josh Childress     6' 6" Sr. SG/SF    Mayfair
Edwin Draughan    6'-5" Sr. SG/SF    Mayfair
Isaiah Fox    6'-10" Sr. C    Crossroads
Bobby Jones    6' 6" Jr. SG/SF    Dominguez
Floyd North    6'-6" Sr. F    St. Augustine
Ray Reed    6' 0" So. G    Inglewood
Jamal Sampson     6'-11" Sr. C    Mater Dei
Darius Sanders    6'-6" Jr. F    Dominguez

While the roster lists Isaiah Fox, we haven't heard anything about him from anyone we know up at the tournament, and can't be sure that he's really there.  In any event, the Emerald City game started out tight early for about three minutes, with the score 7-7, and then Jamal Sampson, Josh Childress and Tyson Chandler all got together and exploded, blocking at least a dozen shots between them in the first half.   Sampson came on early first in the game, and offensively, Cedric and Childress were the mainstays, leading the team to a huge win.  The consensus is that SCA/SCH is probably the strongest team in the tournament, but you can't count either Houston Hoops or the Portland Legends out of this either.   The international competition doesn't look to be that strong, but you never can tell.

Oh, and the team slot which had been entered as "TBA" was filled by the Arizona Stars, Art Dye's team, which had a great last second win, as the Stars hit a three point shot from the baseline to beat the St. Louis Eagles in what had to be considered the upset of the day.

You can check the schedule at the Daily Article we posted yesterday, or visit the websites noted above for more complete details.

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