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2000 Fullcourt Press Fall Hoops
Classic Next Weekend--(Sept. 2, 2000)


2000 Fullcourt Press Fall Hoops Classic


September 8-10, 2000


Lynwood High School (Lynwood CA)


40+ teams, 100's of top players


(NCAA Certified event)

We received an e-mail from Dinos Trigonis late last week about the 8th Annual edition of what used to be the Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic.  Formerly held in Long Beach for the last few years, and previously sponsored by Dada, this time the event has moved to a much better venue, where watching all of the players during this NCAA exposure/contact period event will be much easier than it was at the old LB City College gyms (two separate courts in two separate buildings).   For those who haven't been to Lynwood, it's an excellent venue, with covered parking, nice facilities and it's freeway close for just about everyone in SoCal, perhaps more so than Long Beach which often required a crushing drive through rush hour traffice (when is it not rush hour) on the 405.

Games will start at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, and continue through Saturday with pool play (if the event is run as it has been in prior years, there will be pool play rather than single or double elimination, and we expect that there's a three or four game guarantee), and then probably late Saturday the single elimination will start, running throughout Sunday, September 10, concluding with the Championship Game at 5:45 p.m. on Sunday.  As noted, this will not only be an NCAA "exposure" period (really the word is "evaluation" period) when coaches can come out to watch, but it's also a "contact" period, which means that there will be a ton of coaches in town arranging home visits with some of the top recruits.

The tournament will feature some of the top teams from all over California and a few from out of state as well (Arizona Slam will be there), teams like Belmont Shore, The Hood (aka Dominguez), Pump N Run, Westchester (aka, Westchester), TPI, LA Paladins, IEBP, Inland, Next Level, BWBA, LA Rockfish, 805 Basketball, and many, many others.  We've had several people ask us for the complete list of players, but of course that would require that we have access to the rosters for each team, and we suspect that complete rosters just don't exist yet, since most teams have yet to finalize who will be playing with them.  But we do have the next best thing to a complete list of player, which is a partial list of the top players who are expected to appear and participate in the tournament, which is what Dinos sent us via e-mail.  Here's the list:

Seniors Scheduled To Play Juniors & Sophomores Scheduled To Play
Tyson Chandler   7'0" Sr.   Dominguez
Josh Childress   6'6" Sr.   Mayfair 
Dijon Thompson   6'7" Sr.   Redondo Union
Andre Patterson   6'7" Sr.   Washington
Jamaal Williams   6'6" Sr.   Corona Centennial
Dommanic Ingerson   6'3" Sr.   Santa Barbara
Chad Bell   6'11" Sr.   Westchester
Terry Licorish   6'7" Sr.   Toronto Canada
Hakim Warrick   6'6" Sr.   Philadelphia PA
Cody Pearson   6'4" Sr.   S.O. Notre Dame
J.S. Nash   6'2" Sr.   Rancho Verde
Jason Johnson   6'6" Sr.   Tucson AZ
Douglas Thomas   6'8" Sr.   Inglewood
Matt Short   6'11" Sr.   Yreka
Edwin Draughn   6'5" Sr.   Mayfair
Kirk Snyder   6'6" Sr.   Upland
Nick Curtis   6'7" Sr.   Oxnard
Jason Braxton   6'2" Sr.   Canyon Springs
Antonio Griffin   6'6" Sr.   McClintock AZ
Marko Mihailovic 6'5" Sr. Palisades
Jason Zimmer   6'9" Sr.   Perris
Nick Dewitz   6'8" Sr.   Dobson AZ
Markee White   6'5" Sr.   LB Poly
Sheldon Pace   5'11" Sr.   Upland
Craig Smith   6'6" Sr.   Fairfax
Lionel Davis   6'7" Sr.   Upland
Jason Harris   6'4" Sr.   Upland
Anthony Davis   6'5" Sr.   Compton Centennial
Ruben Sanchez   6'0" Sr.   SO Notre Dame
Dustin Villepigue   6'9" Sr.   Simi Valley
Marques Crane   6'3" Sr.   Ocean View
Brian Baker   6'0" Sr.   Mater Dei
Quinn Hawking 6'4" Sr. El Dorado
Jamaal Barnes   6'3" Sr.   Rowland
Matt MacGinness   6'3" Sr.   Villa Park
R.J. Socci   6'1" Sr.   Santa Margarita
Antoine Parker   5'10" Sr.   LA Washington
DeVaughn Peace   6'3" Sr.   Bishop Montgomery
Skyler Wilson   6'0" Sr.   Hawaii
Adam Tancredi   6'9" Sr.   Santa Margarita
Evan Burns   6'7" Jr.   Fairfax
Martin Iti   6'11" Jr.   Villa Park
DeAngelo Collins   6'9" Jr.   Inglewood
Jamaal Walls   6'7" Jr.   Crenshaw
Brandon Worthy   6'2" Jr.   San Jose CA
David Chiotti   6'8" Jr.   Mt. View St. Francis
Matt Walsh   6'4" Jr.   Ft. Washington PA
Bobby Jones   6'6" Jr.   Dominguez
Brian Freeney   6'8" Jr.   Mesquite AZ
Darius Sanders   6'5" Jr.   Dominguez
Tim Drisdom   6'3" Jr.   Calvary Chapel Downey
Brandon Heath   6'2" Jr.   Westchester
Hassan Adams   6'4" Jr.   Westchester
Patrick Haddon   6'1" Jr.   Woodbridge
Jason McKinney   5'9" Jr.   Inglewood
David Gale   6'0 Jr.   Buckley
Keion Kindred   6'3" Jr.   Dominguez
Adam Zahn   6'7" Jr.   Redondo Union
Brandon Rohe   6'3" Jr.   Santa Margarita
Kevin Gardner   6'7" Jr.   Peninsula
Ashanti Cook   6'1" Jr.   Westchester
Carlos Rivers   5'9" Jr.   LB Poly
Kevin Stacey   6'3" Jr.   Santa Margarita
Hakim Gilliard   5'8" Jr.   Mt. View St. Francis
Tony Melum   6'6" Jr.   Newport Harbor
Kevin Gardner   6'7" Jr.   Peninsula
Matt Llewellyn   6'2" Jr.   Loyola
Dominic Freeman   6'4" Jr.   LB Millikan
Keith Everage   6'5" Jr.   Westchester
Geoffrey Clayton   6'4" Jr.   Magnolia
Tye-Juan Hatter   6'5" Jr.   Upland
Will Sheslow 6'1" Jr. Chaminade
Harrison Schaen   6'8" So.   Mater Dei
Wesley Washington   6'3" So.   Corona Centennial
Trayvon Williams   6'5" So.   Fontana
Richard Cobbs   6'5" So.   Canyon Springs
Fred Washington   6'4" So.   Bishop Montgomery
Sean Phaler   6'8" So.   Villa Park
Marcus Dove   6'6" So.   Millikan
Omar Wilkes   6'2" So.   Loyola

See you there. . .

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