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adidas EBO/EA Sports "Sweet 16"
Showcase All-Star Selections--(Sept. 18, 2000)

We were up in Fresno this past weekend, and since we can only be in one place at a time, we weren't also out at the Rim Rattler Inland Empire Invitational Shootout, so we can't tell you much about the latter event.  But we will have a lot on the former event, including who played well, and who ended up surprising a lot of people at the Sweet 16.  Recall that the Sweet 16 was not a tournament event, but a showcase, where each team played three games only.  No overall winners, no overall losers, just guys playing their butts off for the sake of pride and to impress the coaches and scouts, and in many cases, each other.

There were a lot of guys who played really well this past weekend, impressing many of the college coaches in attendance, including Cal's Ben Braun and Jon Wheeler, Stanford's Blaine Taylor, UCLA's Jim Saia, and a host of others from schools like Oregon, Oregon State, St. Mary's, Cal Poly SLO,  Cal Poly Pomona, St. Mary's, Hawaii, and too many others to mention.  We don't have the time right now to mention everyone, but we'll have some profiles of guys within the next two or three days, including team rosters and commentary.  There were two All-Star games yesterday, and these were the players selected to play.  While the selection lists were broken down by "NorCal" and "SoCal", the real fact of the matter was that the guys were all just assembled together before each game and divided up accorinding to the "you, over there, you, over here," method of distributing height and position, not to mention jersey color (each player wore his own team's jersey and because some only had white or black jerseys, and not reversibles, ended up on one team or another.)  Still, because there was a "North" and "South" selection list, we've kept them that way.

The underclassmen played first at 12:00 p.m., followed by the senior class all star game. Here's the list of players for each game:

South Underclass All Stars

North Underclass All Stars

Player Team Player Team
Brandon Rohe CABC David Paris Modesto
Tashaun Forehan Kelly CABC Jason Obazuaye Next Level
David Gale EBO Brandon Worthy Next Level
Antonio Lawrence EBO Deshawn Freeman Soldiers II
Maurice Shaw Jr. EBO Leon Powe Soldiers II
Bobby Nash Jr. EBO John Tofi Soldiers II
Jovance Coleman Jr. EBO John Winston Soldiers II
Dwaine Williams Jr. EBO Jovanie Harris Renegades
James Young Jr. EBO Maurice Miller Renegades
Gabril Treadwell Jr. EBO Aaron Stallworth Stockton
Nick Debban Hustlin Eagles Bryan Edwards Stockton
Derrick Clark Paladins John Sharper Soliders II
Donald Wilson Rockfish Jeff McDaniel Renegades
Tim Drisdom Rockfish Joel Stallworth Stockton
Khalif Ford Dolphins Anthony Williams Next Level

Senior Class All Star Game 

South Senior All Stars

North Senior All Stars

Player Team Player Team
RJ Socci CABC Mark Pratt Modesto
Mike Reich CABC Charles Brown Soldiers I
Dustin Villepigue EBO Chuck Hayes Soldiers I
Phillip Johnson EBO Will Venable Soldiers I
Dommanic Ingerson 805 James Akinjo Magic
Joe Frazier 805 Keith Wilwright Magic
Chris Hernandez Hustlin Eagles Geormel Benson Magic
Tyrone Jackson Hustlin Eagles Demarshay Johnson Soldiers I
Antoine Parker Inner Cities Maurice Tyree 2TheHoop
Andre Patterson Paladins Phil Rasmussen 2TheHoop
Terrell Stovall Paladins Jason Walberg Hustlin Eagles
Doug Thomas Paladins Mike Chambers EBO
Rory O’Neil Rockfish David Askew Renegades
Nick Curtis Rockfish Archie Copeland EBO
Josh Dunaj Rockfish Danny Parker Hustlin Eagles
Nashid Beard Rockfish Bobby Cole II Modesto

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