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Men's Message Forum: A Word
From The (Mis)Management--(Dec. 30, 2000)

Men's Message Forum


Women's Message Forum

The Men's Message Forum is back up and running again after a small glitch.   Seems we had a sort of message overload.  We won't go into great detail about what happened or why it happened, but the bottom line is that because of the problem, we're starting the board over fresh, wiping all the old messages off the board.   Didn't want to have to do that, and  it may be possible to retrieve some of them later, but for now, it's time to start again for the new year (actually the real new millenium, because as we all know, there was no year zero. . . ).

Here's all we ask (and this applies to the Women's Message board as well): 

1.  Turn off the dang caps keys.   Really.  It's just such a pain to have to delete the stuff with all caps.

2.  Type the body of the message in the message box, not the subject header.  We have the ability to limit the subject header and will do so it there's no improvement in this area.   Just a one or two word short subject will do. 

3.  Try to be a little kinder, a little more informative, and less nasty.   We know you can all do it.  It will make the boards more fun.

4.  Do not rely on your browser's cache.   Set your browsers to "visit page each time".  In Netscape, you do this by selecting "Edit" on the drop-down menu at the top of the browser. Go to "Preferences"  then go to "Advanced" then "Cache"    Set it to visit the page "every time" by clicking the radio button.    In MS Internet Explorer, select  "Tools" then "Internet Options" then select "Settings" for Temporary Internet Files, and choose the option which checks for new versions of the page visited every time you access the page.

This will avoid having your browser simply checking the version of the file which is stored in your hard disk's cache (which may actually be quite old depending on your previous settings). 

Really, this can be quite important to do, will help your browsing anyway, and will insure that you get the latest version of the message board every time you visit.

5. If you are using AOL, the only advice we can give you is get a real browser.  Do not use the AOL built-in browser.  Why would you want to when you can use either MS IE (the full version) or Netscape (again a full, more robust version than what you'll get with AOL.

6.  Have fun.

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