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2000 Powerade Holiday Prep Classic
Day 2 SoCal Team Schedules--(Dec. 18. 2000)

What: 2000 Powerade Holiday Prep Classic
Where: Las Vegas, NV, Durango & Green Valley HS
When:  December 18, 19, 20 & 21, 1999
Who:  68 High School Teams
From All Over The US
17 SoCal-based High School teams
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Holiday Prep Classic
Team Profiles
Millenium Cup Bracket
Gold Cup Bracket
Silver Cup Bracket
Bronze Cup Bracket
Complete Scores--Day One
Complete Scores--Day Two
Holiday Prep Classic
Monday, 12/18
Tuesday, 12/19
Wednesday 12/20
Thursday, 12/21
Box Scores--Day One
SoCalBox Scores

Our friends at FastBreak, who also do the Official Holiday Prep Classic website, have been posting just about everything you'll need to follow this tournament.

Here's the schedule in each bracket for just the SoCal teams:

Millenium Cup

Game 57  


Dur Main  

Sylmar, CA vs St Mary's, AZ   

Millenium Quarterfinal

Game 61  


Dur Main  

Clear Lake, TX vs Mater Dei, CA   

Millenium Quarterfinal

Game 69  


Dur Main  

LA Fremont, CA vs Oak Hill, VA   

Millenium Quarterfinal


Gold Cup

Game 56  


GV Aux  

Lincoln Prep, CA vs Las Vegas, NV   

Gold Consolation QF

Game 70  


GV Main  

Crescenta Valley, CA vs Green Valley, NV  

Gold Quarterfinal


Silver Cup

Game 43  


GV Main  

Capistrano Valley, CA vs Denver East, CO  

Silver Quarterfinal

Game 47  


GV Main  

Payson, UT vs Rancho Bernardo, CA   

Silver Quarterfinal

Game 48  


GV Aux  

Cleveland, CA vs N. Hollywood, CA   

Silver Consolation QF


Bronze Cup

Game 38  


Dur Aux  

Harvard-Westlake, CA vs Silverado, NV  

Bronze Consolation QF

Game 41  


Du Main  

Daniel Murphy,CA vs Canyon,CA   

Bronze Quarterfinal

Game 46  


Dur Aux  

Alameda, CA vs Venice, CA   

Bronze Outbracket

Game 49  


Dur Main  

Valley Center, CA vs Montclair Prep, CA  

Bronze Quarterfinal

Game 50  


Dur Aux  

Eldorado, NV vs San Clemente, CA   

Bronze Outbracket

Game 53  


Dur Main  

LACES,CA vs Lodi, CA  

Bronze Quarterfinal

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