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Mission v. Marmonte Challenge,
Big City Brawl & Spot Up Challenge--(Jan. 7, 2001)

The concept of the Saturday "extravaganza" is taking on a life of its own, and this past Saturday, there were three such events taking place around SoCal.  The three events were the "Big City Brawl" at College of the Canyons, the Spot-Up Challenge at Lynwood HS, and the "Mission v. Marmonte Challenge" at Crespi, and the real challenge was finding a way to see the games, and alternatively, if you couldn't be in three places at once, trying to find a place where the results would be available.   And while we are resourceful (large pat on our own backs), not even SoCalHoops could get all the scores from all the events. Here's what we know:

Big City Brawl @ College of the Canyons

This event was supposed to feature the following lineup:

12:30 p.m.  Narbonne v. LACES
2:00 p.m.   Dorsey v. Canoga Park
3:45 p.m.  Chatsworth v. North Hollywood
5:15 p.m.  LA Fremont v. Corona Centennial
7:00 p.m.  Verbum Dei v. Washington Prep
8:30 p.m.  Washington Union v. Sylmar

Unfortunately, we couldn't make it out there, so we had to rely on newspaper, e-mail and message board accounts of what took place.  We know that the much anticipated LA Fremont v. Corona Centennial matchup never occurred and we want to apologize to everyone who may have made the trip out there, but no one, and we mean no one, told us about any change in the schedule   Curiously, the first game of the day, from everything we could discover, reportedly took place at LACES and not at College of the Canyons. . . at least that's what the both the Daily Breeze and the LA Times reported.In any event here are the three scores we do know about:

Narbonne 64, LACES 48--Junior guard Uzoma Mmeje scored 8 of his game-high 22 points in the second quarter as the Gauchos improved to 12-3 with the win.  Mmeje also had 5 rebounds while Reggie Simms had 12 points and 7 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals.  Brannon Nichols also scored 12 points for Narbonne, which opens Marine League play Wednesday night at home against Banning. Beto Delgado 11 for the Gauchos.

Canoga Park 52, Dorsey 52-- We don't have any real idea what took place in this game, but it obviously was a tough one.  Canoga Park was led by Cecil Brown with 22, while Dorsey was led by Gibson with 11 and he was the only player in double figures for Dorsey (12-3).  Canoga Park improved to 7-8 with the win.  Other scorers for the Hunters were: Witherspoon 5, Burch 6, Manary 2, Burnett 6,

North Hollywood 70, Chatsworth 65--North Hollywood (10-4) was led by Kenny Hauser with 16 points and 10 rebounds, Gus Ruiz who also had 16 and 10, and David Danipour with 16.  Kim had 6, A. Ruiz 6, Nathan Stern 5, Jenkins 3 and James 2.   Chatsworth (9-6) was led by Shayne Berry with 18, Johnson 18, Vineyeard 14, Brandon Robinson with 10, Vu 3 and Davis 2. 

We didn't get the rest of the scores, as no one bothered to report them to the papers or post them on the message board.  Sorry, maybe someone will let us know what happened with the rest of the games.

Mission v. Marmonte Challenge @ Crespi HS

This one was run well. . . .we don't want to say it was "better" than the Big City Brawl, but at least all the games took place, and they were relatively on time,  and all the scores were reported.    And, as a real bonus, there were some really exciting finishes, including two huge surprise upsets.  We attended a couple of these games (didn't see the two biggest ones of the day, Simi v. Crespi and TO v. Notre Dame because we were at the USC v. Washington game at the Sports Arena), but here's what happened:

Agoura 48, Calabasas 46--Another buzzer-beater, but this time it was Agoura who pulled it out in the end.  In the first game of the day at the Mission v. Marmonte Challenge at Crespi in Encino, the Chargers (12-2) got a share of revenge for the one point loss to Calabasas in the Chaminade tournament last week, as Jamie Patton of Agoura hit a 10-foot shot at the buzzer to lead Agoura to the win.  Adam Allegro led the Chargers with 14 points. Adam Malatesta scored 19 points for the Coyotes (5-11).  Other scoring: Agoura:   Johnny Gray 7, Spaulding 0 and 6 steals, Cornwell 14 and 8 rebounds, Allegro 14 and 8 rebounds, Campbell 4, Patton 5, Senkpeil 0, Delson 0, Breines 2, Joffe 0, Keglevic 2. ; Calabasas--Malatesta 19, Woodert 0, S., Saunders 7, Justin Fenchel 3, Holm 8, Ahmadian 3, Schroli 2, Entin 4.  Cal--16  9  7  14--46;  Agoura--6  16   14  12--48; 3-Point goals — Calabasas 4 (Malatesta 4). Records — Calabasas 5-11. Agoura 12-2.

Alemany 68, Royal 66--The second game of the day saw the Indians of Mission Hills get 33 points from senior Evan Cline, enough to get by the Royal Highlanders of Simi Valley (1-13), who were led by Robert Davis with 16.    Not a pretty game, but close and exciting. Royal had a chance to win the game, but a couldn't get off a 3-point shot before the buzzer. Royal has had two-point losses in four of its last seven games. Royal--Pechette 3, Hendershot 12, Lawrence 3, Davis 18, Johnson 7, Neal 2, Cormick 11, Vondrak 12;  Alemany --Surratt 7, Hanaseth 3, Cline 33 and 6 steals, Ingram 6, Ambrosio 4, Zamora 8, Edwards 7.   Royal--11   23  14  18--66;  Aolmany--13  21  20  14--68.   3-Point goals — Royal (Johnson). Alemany (Cline, Zamora). Fouled out — None. Rebounds — Royal (Davis 14). Total fouls — Royal 21, Alemany 16. Record — Royal 1-13.

Westlake 76, Harvard-Westlake 53--The third game of the day saw the Harvard-Westlake Wolverines continue their slide as they lost decisively to Westlake.   The Warriors (6-6) received balanced scoring from Adam Mazarei (16 points), Kole Anderson and Tyler Adamczyk (14 points each) in the 23 point pounding of the Wolverines.  The game started out fairly even in the first quarter, as Weslake was not able to mount much of offensive challenge, and in fact the Wolverines led at the end of the first quarter, 17-16.   But then Kole Anderson and Adam Mazarei heated up and Westlake's big guns came in to outscore HW 25-9 to take a 41-26 lead at the half.  The first half was marred by some questionable officiating again, the second HW game we saw where a ref was just determined to leave his imprint on the outcome, although it had no real effect this time.  Early in the second quarter, Westlake's Tyler Adamczyk was streaking out on a fast break, and slammed home the only dunk of the quarter.  With two defenders trailing, he did the only sensible thing, and grabbed the rim for safety for perhaps a nanosecond and then dropped to the floor safely.   Tweeeet.  The ref whistled a technical, sending HW's Craig Weinstein to the line for two, but he uncharacteristically missed. That was just one of several chances at the line that the Wolverines had in the second quarter to stop the carnage, but surprisingly the missed 7 straight free throws, allowing the margin to widen at what was a critical point, and they never recovered.   HW:  Scott 9, Weinstein 14, Taylor 10, Gilman 1, Weinbeger 4, Shook 1, Matthies 2, Chung 1, Wizenberg 3, Coffey 9.   Westlake--Mazarei 16 and 8 asisists, Anderson 14, Cain 2, Entriken 10 and 8 rebounds, Amoroso 2, Dehner 2, Graham 5, Young 1, Adamczyk 14 and 11 rebounds, Duplessie 10. Harvard-Westlake drops to 6-9 with the loss and they have now lost three straight.    HW--17 9  14  13--3;  Westlake--16  25  16   19--76.

Newbury Park 54, St. Francis 52--  The fourth game saw Aaron Bobik score 10 of his game-high 16 points in the fourth quarter as Newbury Park (11-4) beat St. Francis, 54-52.  Bobik was 6 of 7 from the free throw line as NewburyPark outscored St. Francis, 22-16, in the final quarter.  Bobik also had 13 rebounds and six assists. Chris Randall added 12 points and Adam Carlson had 11 points and 15 rebounds. Nick Vann made two 3-point field goals and a steal in Newbury Park's fourth-quarter run. St. Francis (52) — Gonzalez 3, Mitchell 13, Mason 16, Jenkins 10, Sciarra 4, Miller 6. Newbury Park (54) — McLemore 2, Bobik 16, Vann 10, Flores 3, Randall 12, Carlson 11  St. Francis--15  13 8, 16--52;  NP--13   10  9  22--54; 3-Point goals — St. Francis (Mitchell, Mason 2, Jenkins). Newbury Park (Vann 2). Fouled out — Mason, Miller. Rebounds — Newbury Park (Carlson 15, Bobik 13). Assists — Newbury Park (Bobik 6). Total fouls — St. Francis 17, Newbury Park 17. Record— Newbury Park 11-4.

Thousand Oaks 81, Notre Dame 57-- In what was meant to be one of two "headline" games, Thousand Oaks shocked Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks, who many have been touting as the best team in the region, proving that anyone can beat anybody else on any given night.  Kyle Kegley scored 27 points, including 4 three pointers,  and Dave Anderson added 20 on Saturday night to lead the Thousand Oaks High boys' basketball team past Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks 81-57 in the inaugural Mission-Marmonte League Challenge at Crespi High. Thousand Oaks (11-4) played a near-perfect game against Notre Dame (14-2) as the Lancers blew it open in the third quarter, scoring 28 points. The first half was fairly close, and at the end of the first quarter TO led by just three, 19-16.  They widened the lead to 6 by outscoring the Knights 22-19 in the second quarter, but then blew the doors off with a 28-9 third quarter advantage to take a lead of 69-44 at the end of the quarter.  Cody Pearson had a completely sub-par performance and was held to just four points.  TO scoring: Mihalsky 2, Anderson 20, Mossman 1, Rex 5, Kegley 27, Olson 15, Myers 11;  ND:   Luderer 20, Johnson 2, Pearson 4, Barwick 8, Smith 13, Hennesy 6, Figueroa 3, Sanchez 1.   TO--19  22  28  12--81;  ND--16  19   9  13--57.

Crespi 67, Simi Valley 52-- In another shocker for most who follow basketball in the San Fernando Valley region, Crespi (12-3) had a surprisingly easy time handling Simi Valley last night as Andrew Moore scored 24 points including 4 three-pointers.  Dustin Villepigue seemed to be the only player who the Celts had to worry about, and he still managed to get 26 points for Simi Valley (13-3). Jered Weaver had eight points but the usually reliable Ryan Bradshaw was held scoreless. Simi only had one lead in this game, early in the first quarter with the score 7-6. Simi Valley (52) — K.C. Bellefontaine 5, D. Bellefontaine 7, Martin 3, Masredgian 1, Weaver 8, Villepigue 26, Chin 2. Crespi (67) — Anderson 2, Ellis 8, Anyanwu 11, Moore 24, Koslowsky 3, Shiebler 9, Angel 2, O’Dwyer 8.  Simi Valley--13  10  15  14--52;  Crespi--20  17  17   13--67;  3-Point goals — Simi Valley 4 (K.C. Bellefontaine, D. Bellefontaine 1, Martin 1, Weaver 1), Crespi 8 (Moore 4, Schiebler 1, Koslowsky 1, Ellis 2.

Spot-Up Challenge @ Lynwood HS

Finally, the Spot-Up Challenge had to be one of the oddest events, with all the boys games scheduled early on a Saturday morning, and as a result, they were all sparsely attended.  The event didn't even feature the teams and games that we were told would be playing, at least we couldn't find scores for most of them.  We had heard that the event was supposed to feature Glendora v. Lynwood at 9:00 a.m., Claremont v. Rowland at 10:30 a.m., Pasadena v. Fontana at noon, and Price v. Ontario at 1:30 p.m.  Evidently there were some changes in the schedule, because here's what was reported as having occurred at Lynwood in the 2nd Annual Spot-Up Challenge: 

Eisenhower 57, Santa Monica Crossroads 52-- This game was reported by the Riverside Press-Enterprise, and here's what they had to say:   "Sean Marshall had 17 points and 12 rebounds to lift Rialto Eisenhower over Santa Monica Crossroads in the Spot-up Challenge at Lynwood High.  EISENHOWER (57) -- Marshall 17, Hart 14, Dukes 8, Rouzan 7, Acker 5, Lewis 2, Sams 2, Proctor 2. CROSSROADS (52) -- Locke 12, Abrahams 11, Fox 9, Rush 6, Richards 5, Hall 2, Foreman 7. Halftime score -- Eisenhower 27-22. Three-point goals -- Rouzan, Marshall, Foreman. Total fouls -- Eisenhower 22, Crossroads 12. Fouled out -- Sams.   Records: Eisenhower 11-4."

Price 72, Ontario 71-- Got the score, but no details.

Claremont 55, Rowland 23-- The only place that we could find a score was in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and here's what they had to say:  "Micah Lombard was named the game's MVP in scoring 15 points and grabbing 11 rebounds for Claremont (13-4). Sean Terrell added 11 for the Wolfpack, which will face Chino on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.  CLAREMONT (55) White 2, Terrell 11, Aaron 6, McDermont 2, Mohammed 9, Wilburn 4, Wilson 2, Lombard 15, Maxwell 4. ROWLAND (23) Barnes 13, Wong 5, Tucker 2, Tien 1, Edwards 2. Claremont 14 12 16 13 --  55 Rowland 5 6 2 10 -- 23 Total fouls: C 14, R 9. Fouled out: none. Technical fouls: none."

Inglewood 70, Leuzinger 62-- Game details were reported by the Daily Breeze: "D'Angelo Collins had 26 points and 21 rebounds to lift Inglewood to a 70-62 victory over Leuzinger in a Bay League game that was played as part of the Spot-Up Challenge at Lynwood. Ray Reed finished with 15 points and Kevin Davis had nine for Inglewood. An thony Davis and Otis Hankins each scored seven for Inglewood, which improved to 13-4 overall and 3-0 in league. Brandon Dixon led Leuzinger (0-3 in league) with 19 points while Jonathan Smith and Lamont Smith each scored 10. "

Bishop Montgomery 60, Compton 44-- This one was also reported by the Daily Breeze:  "Derrick Craven scored 24 points and grabbed 11 rebounds to lift the Knights (13-2). Errick Craven had 19 points and 10 rebounds while DeVaughn Peace had 12 points and six rebounds."  Sorry, no other details.

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