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Compare & Contrast: The SCIBCA Polls
& SoCalHoops Rankings--(Jan. 10, 2001)

The premise of this article is a little silly, but since a lot of people have been attempting to reconcile, compare and contrast our SoCalHoops rankings with those produced by SCIBCA, we thought we'd produce comparison charts for each of the divisions.   Not that there's much point in all of this, because, after all the SCIBCA poll is a composite, consensus sort of thing, where groups of coaches and media members vote on their picks, and the votes are then compiled, sorted and a poll is produced, whereas the SCH polls are really not "polls" at all, but just our own singular representation of one person's opinion. . .(ok, we've had some help, but the names will be withheld to protect the innocent. . . )

Also keep in mind that what we're talking about with "rankings" of high school teams is about as far from "science" as you can get. . . it's part art, part math, part personal preferences, and a lot of popularity contest all blended together. . . Kind of like making sausages and legislation, most people would shudder to think how this stuff really happens. . . As we've said before, it might be just as good to have three monkeys sitting at computers or put on a blindfold and throw darts. . . eventually it would probably be just as "good" and just as "accurate".    Of course there's no such thing as "accurate" when it comes to such things, but "good". . . well that's a different story.

All of this may be silly, but it does give high school basketball nuts and recruiting fans something to talk about during the season besides who won and who lost, and it's kind of fun as long as you don't get too seriously disturbed or delusional about what the topic is. . . in other words, have fun with this stuff but don't get stressed out about whether a team "should" or "shouldn't" be ranked by either SCIBCA or SoCalHoops in one spot or another. . . .

Also keep in mind that it's a little hard to compare rankings between the official SCIBCA polls and our own SoCalHoops rankings, for the simple reason that we have chosen, at least in the larger enrollment divisions, to go 20 teams deep, whereas SCIBCA's poll only runs 10 team deep (although it does have an "other" category), so it's a bit hard to say whether we missed on a team or didn't. . . .  

Lastly, despite the requests on the message board from some folks who want us to "compare and contrast" our rankings (i.e., by setting forth the reasons why we placed a team in one particular spot in contrast to where a group of 10 or 20 high school coaches may have voted a particular team), well . . . we're just not going to do that.  Nope.  Too time consuming, and not worth, as they say, the powder to blow it up. 

Now for the scorecard stuff you'll see below:  Like the "game theory" of handgrenades and horseshoes, close is good.  Sure exact matches are the best, but the way we look at it, if both polls have included the same schools as somewhere within the overall top selections (i.e., anywhere from 1-20) that's pretty darn good. . . and where that's occurred, we've kept track of it as a "hit".  Schools not picked by SCH but appearing on the SCIBCA poll, or vice-versa, are "misses".  From our perspective, the way we figure it, if we even had a team in the SCH Top 20/15/10 which garnered enough votes to make the CIF SCIBCA poll, we'll consider that a "Hit". . .  On  the other hand, if the coaches and media voted for a team that we missed entirely, we'll count that as a "Miss" and vice-versa. . .Doesn't mean one or the other is "right" or "wrong". . . just different. Anyway, here's how the two compare. . . or is it contrast?   We never could get that straight. . . .

Division I-AA

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Upland (14-1) 1. Upland Hit.
2 Oxnard (14-3) 2. Eisenhower Hit.
3 Arroyo Grande (16-2) 3. Long Beach Poly Hit.
4 Long Beach Poly (10-5, 2-0) 4. Arroyo Grande Hit
5 Ayala (12-2) 5. Jordan Hit.
6 Eisenhower 10-4 6. Ayala Hit.
7 AB Miller (12-4) 7T. Ontario Hit.
8 Canyon Springs (8-6) 7T. Fontana Hit.
9 Fontana (9-5) 9. Canyon Springs Hit.
10 Peninsula (10-5) 10. Capistrano Valley Miss.
11 Jordan (11-7) Oxnard Hit.
12 LB Millikan (12-5) AB Miller Hit.
13 Ontario (9-5) Etiwanda Miss.
14 Esperanza (8-8) Peninsula Hit.
15 Lakewoood (8-8) Leuzinger Hit.
16 Fountain Valley (9-7) Rialto Miss.
17 Downey (8-8)    
18 Leuzinger (8-6)    
19 Arcadia (11-5)    
20 Paramount (11-6)  

Scorecard:    SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 13  SCH Misses:  3;   SCIBCA Misses: 7    

Division I-AA

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 El Toro (15-1) 1. El Toro Hit.
2 Crescenta Valley (12-3) 2. Crescenta Valley Hit
3 San Clemente 11-2 3. Glendora Hit
4 Glendora (14-2) 4. Thousand Oaks Hit
5 Warren (13-3) 5. San Clemente Hit
6 Loyola (10-3, 1-0) 6. Mission Viejo Hit
7 Thousand Oaks (11-4) 7. Rancho Verde Hit
8 Mission Viejo (11-5) 8. Murrieta Valley Hit
9 San Gorgonio (10-6) 9. Warren Hit
10 Righetti (10-7) 10. Valencia/V Miss
11 Aliso Niguel (10-6) Others:  
12 Rancho Verde (9-7) Cajon Hit
13 Cajon (9-6) JW North Miss
14 Quartz Hills    
15 Montclair (9-6)    
16 Murrieta Valley (9-5)    
17 Irvine (9-8)    
18 Camarillo (9-8)    
19 Silverado (8-7)    
20 San Gabriel (9-7)    
Scorecard:  SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 10;   SCH Misses: 2;  SCIBCA Misses: 9

Division I-A

No SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/010 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Mater Dei 1. Mater Dei Hit
2 Corona Centennial 2. Centennial/C Hit
3 Villa Park 3. Villa Park Hit
4 Simi Valley 4.T Claremont Hit
5 Canyon Anaheim 4T. Simi Valley Hit
6 Mira Costa 6T. El Dorado Hit
7 Claremont 6T. Woodbridge Hit
8 Ventura 8. Temescal Canyon Hit
9 El Dorado 9. Ventura Hit
10 SB Pacific 10T. Pacific Hit
11 Temescal Canyon 10T. St John Bosco Hit
12 St. John Bosco Other:  
13 Woodbridge Arlington Hit
14 Riverside Poly Newport Harbor Hit
15 Arlington Trabuco Hills Miss
16 Newport Harbor    
17 Damien    




20T Foothill    
20T Troy  

Scorecard:  SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 13  SCH Misses: 1  SCIBCA Misses: 6

Division II-AA

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Dominguez 1. Dominguez Hit
2 Santa Margarita 2. Inglewood Hit
3 Santa Barbara 3. Santa Margarita Hit
4 Pasadena 4. Santa Barbara Hit
5 Inglewood 5. Agoura Hit
6 Chaparral 6. Elsinore Miss
7 Westlake 7. Cathedral City Hit
8 Cathedral City 8. Chaparral Hit
9 Brea Olinda 9. Gahr Miss
10 Bellflower 10T. Brea Olinda Hit
11 Laguna Hills 10T. La Serna Hit
12 Agoura Others:  
13 Paso Robles Pasadena Hit
14T La Quinta (LQ) Moorpark Hit
14T Moorpark La Quinta/LQ Hit
15 Norte Vista Paso Robles Hit
16 La Serna Sonora Miss
17 Valencia (P) West Torrance Miss
18 Rim of the World Bellflower Hit
19 Victor Valley    
20 South Torrance    
Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 14   SCH Misses: 4; SCIBCA Misses: 6

Division II-A

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Mayfair 1. Mayfair Hit
2 Muir 2. Redondo Hit
3 Ocean View 3. Ocean View Hit
4 Redondo 4. Muir Hit
5 Artesia 5. Artesia Hit
6 Compton 6. Bishop Amat Hit
7 Dos Pueblos 7. Monrovia Hit
8 Monrovia 8. Dos Pueblos Hit
9 Bishop Amat 9. Charter Oak Hit
10 Newbury Park 10. Fullerton Miss. . .
11 Diamond Ranch Others:  
12 Magnolia Wilson/HH Hit
13 HH Wilson Palm Desert Hit
14 Servite Bonita Hit
15 Charter Oak Compton Hit
16 Rosemead Newbury Park Hit
17 Palm Desert Magnolia Hit
18 Bonita La Habra Miss
19 Atascadero Los Altos Miss

Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 15  SCH Misses: 3; SCIBCA Misses: 3

Division III-AA

This one is easy and there's no comparison (or contrast either) because evidently the people responsible in this division didn't report their results. So there's no SCIBCA Division III-AA poll.  Don't believe us?  Check it out at this link. . . maybe they'll update it later, maybe not. . .  As a result, all we've got to work with is our own poll.

Division IV-AA

Among the message board posters, this division seems to be the most controversial in terms of reconciling our SCH picks with those of the SCIBCA panel. . . and all we can say to that is that there's no accounting for taste. . . remember, this isn't a science, and it's just an expression of opinion, and in our case, if anyone disagrees, that's what the message board is there for. . . and this seems to be our worst "hit or miss" score since we only went 10 (actually 11) deep whereas the SCIBCA poll actually went 16, there were, just by numbers alone, 5 more spots we purposely didn't fill with teams.   Both polls agree on at least 10 teams as being deserving of being in the top 16, it's just a question of the ordering.  Guess we've gotta see more of the D-IV teams. . . 

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Crespi 1. Crespi Hit
2 St. Paul 2. Murphy Hit
3 La Salle 3. Northwood Hit
4 Marshall (Pasadena) 4. St Paul Hit
5 Murphy 5. La Salle Hit
6 Twentynine Palms 6. Valley Christian/C Hit
7 Rosamond 7. Oak Park Miss
8 Valley Christian-Cerritos 8. Orange Lutheran Miss
9 Northwood 9. St Bonaventure Hit
10T Kern Valley 10.Marshall Hit
10T St. Bonaventure Others:  
    Twentynine Palms Hit
    Duarte Mis
    Rosamond Hit
    Big Bear Miss
    Beaumont Miss
    El Segundo Miss
Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 10   SCH Misses: 5; SCIBCA Misses: 1

 Division IV-A

Another somewhat controversial division for some people. . . but less so than Division IV-AA.  Taking each top 10, SCH and SCIBCA agree on 6 out of 10 for inclusion, but just not on the order. . .

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Crossroads 1. Crossroads Hit
2 St. Monica 2. St Monica Hit
3 Calvary Chapel Santa Ana 3. St Bernard Hit
4 St. Bernard 4. LA Baptist Hit
5 Maranatha 5. Cathedral Miss
6 Providence 6. Maranatha Hit
7 LA Baptist 7. Calvary Chapel/SA Hit
8 Silver Valley 8. Mojave Miss
9 Loma Linda 9. St Joseph Miss
10 Mary Star 10. Desert Christian/L Miss
    Brentwood Miss
    Providence Hit
    Loma Linda Academy Hit
    Salesian Miss
Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 8 SCH Misses: 6; SCIBCA Misses: 2

Division V-AA

SCH picked 7 more teams than SCIBCA's poll, but there is just about universal agreement on the teams selected by each for inclusion among the top 10, and then with only slight differences in the order of ranking. . . a lot of people criticized our selection of Serra over Pac Hills, particularly since Serra lost to Pac Hills by 16 last week, and the SCIBCA gods have spoken on that one, reversing our ordering.  Here's the scorecard and comparison chart

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Verbum Dei 1. Calvary Chapel/D Hit
2 Calvary Chapel Downey 2. Verbum Dei Hit
3 Serra 3. Pacific Hills Hit
4 Buckley 4. Buckley Hit
5 Pacific Hills 5. Kilpatrick Hit
6 Yeshiva 6. Serra Hit
7 Chadwick 7. Arrowhead Christian Hit
8 Kilpatrick 8. Western Christian Hit

Western Christian

9. Chadwick Hit
10 Ribet 10T. Yeshiva Hit
11 Desert 10T. Ribet Hit
12 Bell Jeff Holy Martyrs Hit
13 Pasadena Poly Montclair Prep Hit
14T Campbell Hall Desert Hit
14T Arrowhead Christian Academy Ontario Christian Miss
15 Oakwood    
16 Bishop Diego    
17 Holy Martyrs    
18 Rolling Hills Prep    
19 Montclair Prep    
20T Flintridge Prep    
20T St. Anthony    
Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 14 SCH Misses: 1; SCIBCA Misses: 5

Division V-A

Finally, this is a division that we can only do our best to guess at. . . .put that blindfold on and throw those darts. . . still there was some agreement between the two polls.

No. SCH Rankings 1/7/01 SCIBCA Rankings 1/8/01 SCH Hit or Miss
1 Price 1. Price Hit
2 Stoneridge Prep 2. Antelope Valley Christian Hit
3 Tarbut V' Torah 3. Tarbot V’Torah Hit
4 North County Christian 4. Stoneridge Prep Hit
5 Antelope Valley Christian 5. Desert Christian/Bermuda Dunes Hit
6 Orangewoood Academy 6. West LA Baptist Hit
7 Hesperia Christian 7. Cornerstone Christian Miss
8 Rio Hondo Prep 8. Calvary Chapel/Redlands Hit

Bloomington Christian

9. North County Christian Hit
10 Desert Christian--Bermuda Dunes 10. Orangewood Hit
11 Valley Christian --Santa Maria Others:  
12 West Los Angeles Baptist Ambassador Christian Miss
13 Big Pine Hesperia Christian Hit
14 Calvary Chapel--Redlands Rio Hondo Prep Hit
15 Hillcrest Christian--Thousand Oaks   Miss
Scorecard: SCH/SCIBCA Hits: 11 SCH Misses: 2; SCIBCA Misses: 1

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