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2000-2001 Double Pump Spring
& Summer Event Calendar--(Jan. 18, 2000)

We often get inquiries by e-mail for information about what the spring and summer event calendar will look like for the Double Pump events.  For those interested in what will be happening beyond the high school season, including what the summer recruiting schedule will look like.  One inquiry we often get is for the Double Pump event calendar.  Here's what we know so far, and this comes from Jan Bryant, so it's as good as a done deal when it comes to what's happening with the Pumps stuff . . .

Spring 2001

March 10-11:     Double Pump Senior HS Boys' Discovery Shootout  @ Lynwood HS

This one is for traveling teams and individuals alike.  We're not sure if they're going to use the "shootout" formula (no free throw shooting), or whether it will be regulation game time along with free throws, etc, but for those players whose teams have concluded their season, this is a good event to participate in.  This one takes place (according to the NCAA 200-2001 recruiting calendar for basketball) during one of the 50 "evaluation" days during which schools can watch athletes.  The "Open Evaluation/Contact"  period is the following weekend, March 16-22. 

March 17-18:    Double Pump HS Boys and JC Men's Shootout @ Cal State Dominguez Hills

Again, for travel teams and invididuals.  This event definitely takes place during an evaluation/contact period. Of course, the Rockfish Spring League will also be going on throughout March and April, so there may be some conflicts, but it is possible for players to participate in both events.  Coaches will be out in force this weekend.  The presence of some college coaches will, of course, be hampered by the fact that this is the first weekend of the NCAA tournament (first round games are scheduled March 15 & 16, while second round games are the 17th & 18th)

April 6, 7 and 8:   Dobule Pump "Pump N Run" Easter Tournament  @ Cal State Dominguez Hills

This event is for travel teams only and it take place during an "Open Evaluation/Contact" period (which runs from April 6 -April 20--with the exception of a four day "dead period" from April 9-12).  Most coaches will be out in force since the Final Four will have just finished (it's on April 2).

Summer 2001

The NCAA has mandated that June 1 through July 7 is going to be a "quiet period".  Of course there will still be the usual high school tournaments taking place during June, but things really get going in July.  Here's the summer schedule:

July 7-10:  Double Pump West Coast All Stars Camp--Session 1 @ Cal State Dominguez Hills

The first session of the camp is not usually as competitive as the second (when all the guys who are at ABCD or Nike camp return), but it's a great place for younger underclassmen and those top upperclassmen and rising seniors who aren't going to the two national camps to play.  Open Exposure period runs from July  8 through 14, so there will be a ton of college coaches in town swarming all over this one.  

July 11-14:   Double Pump West Coast All Stars Camp --Session 2 @ Cal State Dominguez Hills

Ditto for this session.  Also taking place during the NCAA Open Evaluation period. There will be a ton of coaches in town and this is the most competitive session of the camp before the mandatory NCAA-imposed summer "dead" period which will run this year from July 15-July 24.

July 25-29:  adidas Las Vegas Big Time Tournament

The adidas Big Time is the biggest and best, and it will commence with the first day of the last Open Evaluation period of the summer, which runs from July 25-July 30.  We've heard that the Big Time will be as big, if not bigger than last year's 300+ teams, given the increased demands of the coaches and players for exposure, given the limtations imposed by the NCAA with the new "dead week".

July 29, 30, 31 & August 1:   adidas Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament

Since only most of the teams will be finished with the Big Time by the 28th (only a handful of teams will still be contending for a title in the various divisions by the 29th) the adidas Double Pump Best of Summer will actually begin before the Big Time is finished. . . and likewise, since the championship of the Best of Summer historically only has a few coaches and fans on hand, the fact that it wil take place after the evaluation period ends on July 31, shouldn't present too much of a problem for most of the college coaches, who will have a solid three day window to view most players.

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