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adidas Double Pump Best of Summer--
7/31 Day 3 Bracket Play Schedule--(July 31, 2001)

bestsum1.gif (6136 bytes) What:  adidas Double Pump "Best of Summer"
Who:  124 Top Travel and HS Teams
When: July 29-Aug. 1, 2001
Where: LMU & Lynwood HS

This schedule is admittedly incomplete, because it was done late last night and we didn't receive it until this morning, after it was too late to post.... but it ought to be useful to those who will be visiting LMU tonight to see some of the action.  We'll have the results and scores and an update later tonight.   This is admittedly pretty raw, and we haven't taken the time to convert it all to nice, pretty tables, so you'll just have to scan across the page to find games you're interested in seeing.  More updates later.

187 9:00am LMU 3 1st Pool F vs 2nd Pool U Minnesota Select Maroon vs Dallas Dirty Dozen Black Winner to G236
188 9:00am LMU 4 1st Pool Y vs 2nd Pool E West Valley Basketball Club #1 vs Long Island Panthers Winner to G236
189 9:00am LMU 5 1st Pool P vs 2nd Pool W Beach Ball Select vs Amer I Can All Stars Winner to G237
190 9:00am LHS 1 3rd Pool F vs 3rd Pool U Hoop Sessions vs South Phoenix Winner to G271
191 9:00am LHS 2 3rd Pool AA vs 3rd Pool E Omaha Tournament Gold vs International Hoops Winner to G271
192 9:00am LHS 3 3rd Pool P vs 3rd Pool W FOH WI #2 vs Minnesota Select White Winner to G272
193 10:10am LMU 1 1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool J Texas Blue Chip #1 vs Fairfax County Stars Winner to G237
194 10:10am LMU 2 1st Pool M vs 2nd Pool R FOH WA #1 vs Bball Intercity Hoops Winner to G241
195 10:10am LMU 3 1st Pool H vs 2nd Pool X Nebraska Bison Runza Red vs Las Vegas Select Winner to G241
196 10:10am LMU 4 1st Pool L vs 2nd Pool DD Rotary Select Seattle vs Laguna Select Winner to G242

197 10:10am LMU 5 1st Pool T vs 2nd Pool N Jackrabbits vs KC Act Running Rebels Winner to G242

198 10:10am LHS 1 3rd Pool J vs 3rd Pool C Baltimore Bombers #2 vs CABC Winner to G272

199 10:10am LHS 2 3rd Pool R vs 3rd Pool M Texas Tornados vs IEBP #3 Winner to G269

200 10:10am LHS 3 3rd Pool H vs 3rd Pool X Tru Playaz BB Club vs Texas Slam N Jam #2 Winner to G269

201 11:20am LMU 1 1st Pool I vs 2nd Pool CC Double Pump All Stars vs H Squad #2 Winner to G243

202 11:20am LMU 2 1st Pool O vs 2nd Pool F Rockfish #1 vs Colorado Select Blue U17 Winner to G243

203 11:20am LMU 3 1st Pool K vs 2nd Pool P H Squad #1 vs Team Texas Select Winner to G244

204 11:20am LMU 4 1st Pool G vs 2nd Pool Q FOH WI #1 vs IEBP #1 Winner to G244

205 11:20am LMU 5 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool AA __________________ vs Stop Six #1 Winner to G245

206 11:20am LHS 1 3rd Pool L vs 3rd Pool DD BWBA Purple vs Colorado Select White U 17 Winner to G275

207 11:20am LHS 2 3rd Pool T vs 3rd Pool N ARC Corona vs Canyon Winner to G275

208 11:20am LHS 3 3rd Pool I vs 3rd Pool CC Calgary Trojans vs Team Texas 16’s Winner to G276

209 12:30pm LMU 1 1st Pool X vs 2nd Pool D Ft Worth Lions vs Team Texas White Winner to G245

210 12:30pm LMU 2 1st Pool R vs 2nd Pool BB Portland Elite Legends vs Student Athlete Broncos Winner to G249

211 12:30pm LMU 3 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool EE Brewster Heights Packing vs Sheldon Huskies Winner to G249

212 12:30pm LMU 4 1st Pool E vs 2nd Pool A Rockfish #3 vs _________________________ Winner to G250

213 12:30pm LMU 5 1st Pool N vs 2nd Pool B Double Pump AZ All Stars vs Ike Cadets Winner to G250

214 12:30pm LHS 1 3rd Pool S vs 3rd Pool O Inland Valley Jaguars vs San Diego Cougars Winner to G276

215 12:30pm LHS 2 3rd Pool K vs 3rd Pool Z Colorado Select White U16 vs Cleveland BB Club 17U Winner to G277

216 12:30pm LHS 3 3rd Pool G vs 3rd Pool Q West Valley BB Club #2 vs Tucson Just Hoops Winner to G277

217 1:40pm LMU 1 1st Pool S vs 2nd Pool C Tucson Heat #1 vs Santa Margarita Winner to G251

218 1:40pm LMU 2 1st Pool V vs 2nd Pool L Oregon NIKE vs Houston Hardballers Winner to G251

219 1:40pm LMU 3 1st Pool D vs 2nd Pool T Eastern WA Elite #2 vs DC Assault Winner to G252

220 1:40pm LMU 4 1st Pool W vs 2nd Pool I New York Gauchos vs Sam Rines All Stars Winner to G252

221 1:40pm LMU 5 1st Pool Z vs 2nd Pool M MLK Colorado Hawks vs Rockfish #2 Winner to G253

222 1:40pm LHS 1 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool Y __________________ vs FOH WA #2 Winner to G278

223 1:40pm LHS 2 3rd Pool D vs 3rd Pool X Newark Rams vs Texas Slam N Jam #2 Winner to G278

224 1:40pm LHS 3 3rd Pool BB vs 3rd Pool V _______________________ vs IEBP #2 Winner to G279

225 2:50pm LMU 1 1st Pool BB vs 2nd Pool H _______________________ vs Portland 3 Point Winner to G253

226 2:50pm LMU 2 1st Pool Q vs 2nd Pool Z Texas Slam N Jam vs Salt Lake Metro Winner to G257

227 2:50pm LMU 3 1st Pool AA vs 2nd Pool V Gateway BB Club #1 vs North Texas Rice Owls Winner to G257

228 2:50pm LMU 4 1st Pool CC vs 2nd Pool K Martin Brothers vs Villa Park Winner to G258

229 2:50pm LMU 5 1st Pool J vs 2nd Pool O Arizona Heat #1 vs Emerald City Pioneers Winner to G258

230 2:50pm LHS 1 3rd Pool B vs 3rd Pool EE Gateway BB Club #2 vs Nor Cal Elite Winner to G279

231 2:50pm LHS 2 4th Pool E vs 4th Pool A Dakota Schoolers II vs ___________________ Winner to G280

232 2:50pm LHS 3 4th Pool N vs 4th Pool B Westside Blazers vs Tucson Heat #2 Winner to G280

233 4:00pm LMU 1 1st Pool U vs 2nd Pool S A Touch of Class vs Minnesota Select Gold Winner to G259

234 4:00pm LMU 5 1st Pool DD vs 2nd G Baltimore Bombers #1 vs Houston Lynx Winner to G259

235 4:00pm LMU 3 1st Pool EE vs 2nd Pool Y Pump N Run vs Colorado X-Press Winner to G273

236 4:00pm LMU 4 Winner G187 vs Winner G188 ______________________________________ Winner to G260

237 4:00pm LMU 2 Winner G189 vs Winner G193 ______________________________________ Winner to G260

238 4:00pm LHS 1 4th Pool S vs 4th Pool C Lynwood vs Emerald City Hoopaholics Winner to G284

239 4:00pm LHS 2 4th Pool V vs 4th Pool L Eastern WA Elite #1 vs Cleveland BB Club 16U Winner to G284

240 4:00pm LHS 3 4th Pool D vs 4th Pool T Diamonds in the Rough vs Stop Six #2 Winner to G283

241 5:10pm LMU 1 Winner G194 vs Winner G195 ______________________________________ Winner to G261

242 5:10pm LMU 2 Winner G196 vs Winner G197 ______________________________________ Winner to G261

243 5:10pm LMU 3 Winner G201 vs Winner G202 ______________________________________ Winner to G265

244 5:10pm LMU 4 Winner G203 vs Winner G204 ______________________________________ Winner to G265

245 5:10pm LMU 5 Winner G205 vs Winner G209 ______________________________________ Winner to G266

246 5:10pm LHS 1 4th Pool W vs 4th Pool I Texas Blue Chip #2 vs Sktwalkers Winner to G283

247 5:10pm LHS 2 4th Pool M vs 4th Pool Z Team Alaska vs Oakland Hot Shots Winner to G289

248 5:10pm LHS 3 4th Pool BB vs 4th Pool H ________________vs Dallas Dirty Dozen White Winner to G289

249 6:20pm LMU 1 Winner G210 vs Winner G211 ______________________________________ Winner to G266

250 6:20pm LMU 2 Winner G212 vs Winner G213 ______________________________________ Winner to G267

251 6:20pm LMU 3 Winner G217 vs Winner G218 ______________________________________ Winner to G267

252 6:20pm LMU 4 Winner G219 vs Winner G220 ______________________________________ Winner to G268

253 6:20pm LMU 5 Winner G221 vs Winner G225 ______________________________________ Winner to G268

254 6:20pm LHS 1 4th Pool Q vs 4th Pool R Dakota Schoolers I vs ____________________ Winner to G285

255 6:20pm LHS 2 4th Pool AA vs 4th Pool P Arizona Heat #2 vs BWBA Red Winner to G285

256 6:20pm LHS 3 4th Pool CC vs 4th Pool K Hunting Park Warriors vs _________________ Winner to G290

257 7:30pm LMU 1 Winner G226 vs Winner G227 ______________________________________ Winner to G274

258 7:30pm LMU 2 Winner G228 vs Winner G229 ______________________________________ Winner to G274

259 7:30pm LMU 3 Winner G233 vs Winner G234 ______________________________________ Winner to G273

260 7:30pm LMU 4 Winner G236 vs Winner G237 ______________________________________ Winner to G281

Tuesday, July 31, 2001 (Continued)


261 7:30pm LMU 5 Winner G241 vs Winner G242 _____________________________________ Winner to G281

262 7:30pm LHS 1 4th Pool J vs 4th Pool O Benchwear Bruins vs ___________________ Winner to G290

263 7:30pm LHS 2 4th Pool U vs 4th Pool F FOH WA #3 vs Red Storm Winner to G288

264 7:30pm LHS 3 4th Pool DD vs 4th Pool G Aztec Warriors vs Triple Threat Winner to G288

265 8:40pm LMU 3 Winner G243 vs Winner G244 _____________________________________ Winner to G282

266 8:40pm LMU 1 Winner G245 vs Winner G249 _____________________________________ Winner to G282

267 8:40pm LMU 4 Winner G250 vs Winner G251 _____________________________________ Winner to G286

268 8:40pm LMU 2 Winner G252 vs Winner G253 _____________________________________ Winner to G286

269 8:40pm LMU 5 Winner G199 vs Winner G200 _____________________________________ Winner to G300

270 8:40pm LHS 1 4th Pool Y vs 4th Pool EE ICP Basketball vs East Anchorage Winner to G295

271 8:40pm LHS 2 Winner G190 vs Winner G191 _____________________________________ Winner to G293

272 8:40pm LHS 3 Winner G192 vs Winner G198 _____________________________________ Winner to G293

273 9:50pm LMU 1 Winner G235 vs Winner G259 _____________________________________ Winner to G287

274 9:50pm LMU 2 Winner G257 vs Winner G258 _____________________________________ Winner to G287

275 9:50pm LMU 3 Winner G206 vs Winner G207 _____________________________________ Winner to G300

276 9:50pm LMU 4 Winner G208 vs Winner G214 _____________________________________ Winner to G294

277 9:50pm LMU 5 Winner G215 vs Winner G216 _____________________________________ Winner to G294

278 9:50pm LHS 1 Winner G222 vs Winner G223 _____________________________________ Winner to G292

279 9:50pm LHS 2 Winner G224 vs Winner G230 _____________________________________ Winner to G292

280 9:50pm LHS 3 Winner G231 vs Winner G232 _____________________________________ Winner to G297

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