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Team Dada Still In At Big Time;
Belmont Shore Rosters-(July 24, 2001)

Our bad......In our earlier article this morning reporting about the adidas Las Vegas Big Time which starts tomorrow, we noted that with Evan Burns remaining at Fairfax to play in their tournametn instead of playing with his club team, "Team Dada" at the Big Time, that his absence spelled the demise of Dada and that they were evidently no longer in the touranment.... We just checked the pool assignments for Vegas and discovered that while Burns' absence has now apparently caused the tournament organizers to re-evaluate whether Dada belonged in the Open Pools (the top 56 teams), they are still very much in the tournament, and will be playing in Pool GG as team 4, along with Bonanza (a local Vegas HS team), Randolph Blue (a team from Wisconsin) and the E. Ohio All Stars (no, this isn't the team with LeBron James, at least we don't think so...).  We would still expect to see Bob Burns and Ruben Sanchez (Sr.) coaching the team, but who else will be playing for Dada is a mystery right now other than perhaps Matt Llewellyn.  Guess we'll have to check out their games and the official roster to find out....

And speaking of Team Dada, while there had previously been a sponsorship connection to Dinos Trigonis' Belmont Shore, it now appears that  both teams have completely severed ties.   In case you hadn't noticed, Dinos' Fullcourt Press website recently changed its URL from "" to".    We've heard some rumors about why this has occurred, but none of that is really very important, at least not for public consumption.   In any event, Belmont Shore will be at the Big Time and Dinos sent us an e-mail a couple of days ago with his rosters, and they look loaded, even if they will be missing Harrison Schaen (6'-8" Jr. F) who attended Nike Camp but played with a foot injury which will keep him out of the tournament.  Here are the rosters Dinos sent us:

Belmont Shore will consist of:

Trevor Ariza 6'8" Jr. Westchester (Los Angeles CA)
Marcedes Lewis 6'7" Sr. Poly (Long Beach CA)
Jamaal Walls 6'7" Jr. Prep School TBA
Tony Melum 6'6" Sr. Newport Harbor (Newport Beach CA)
Wesley Washington 6'3" Jr. Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA)
Ashanti Cook 6'2" Sr. Westchester (Los Angeles CA)
Patrick Haddan 6'1" Sr. Woodbridge (Irvine CA)
Carlos Rivers 5'10" Sr. Poly (Long Beach CA)

** Harrison Schaen 6'8" Jr. Mater Dei (Santa Ana CA) (is injured)

Belmont Shore's pool play schedule is as follows:

July 25 3:40pm Hunting Park (PA) @ Green Valley Main
July 26 9:00am Long Island Pathers (NY) @ Green Valley Aux
July 26 7:40pm Ft. Worth Lions (TX) @ Durango Main

Belmont Shore Gold will consist of:

Travone Free 6'8" Jr. Dominguez (Compton CA)
Spencer Foster 6'6" Sr. Glendora (Glendora CA)
Trayvon Williams 6'5" Jr. Fontana (Fontana CA)
Dominic Freeman 6'4" Sr. Millikan (Long Beach CA)
Robert Neyland 6'4" Sr. La Canada (La Canada CA)
Jamaal Hall 6'3" Sr. Muir (Pasadena CA)
Giovanni St. Amant 6'3" Sr. St. John Bosco (Bellflower CA)
Mike Mehanna 6'2" Sr. Glendora (Glendora CA)
Larry Monroe 5'10" Sr. Glendora (Glendora CA)

Belmont Shore Gold's pool play schedule is as follows:

July 25 11:40am Oklahoma Warriors @ Chapparal HS
July 25 7:40pm Chico Tarheels (CA) @ Chapparal HS
July 26 2:20pm Firm (TX) @ Chapparal HS Aux

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