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Pump N Run & Double Pump At Big Time,
Sorting Out The Confusion--(July 24, 2001)

There seems to be much confusion about who is on which of the Double Pump-sponsored teams, and what each teams' name is.... We've seen messages posted on other sites and most of them have the teams wrong or have confused the names, so we'll try to sort it out.

Pump N Run:

This is Dana Pump's team, which will be coached by Aubrey McCreary and Mike "Nutty" McNulty.

It will have the following players on the roster:

CJ Watson (6'-2" Sr. PG)
David Gale (6'-1" Sr. PG)
Nik Caner-Medley (6'-7" Sr. F)
Richard Chaney (6'-5" Sr. G/F)
Brandon Rohe (6'-4" Sr. G)
Omar Wilkes (6'-3" Jr. G)
Brad Buckman (6'-8" Sr. F)
Matt McKinney (6'-8" Sr. F)
David Padgett (6'-11" Jr. F/C)
Martin Iti (7'-0" Sr. C)

Yes, Martin Iti will actually be with the team.  He arrived in Los Angeles late last week, spent one night in the San Fernando Valley and then stayed with friends in Orange County.  Last night, the team and coaches (as well as the other Pump team and coaches) were housed at the Rohe's house in Santa Margarita.   They will leave for Vegas this morning.

Double Pump All Stars:

This is David Pump's team, which will be coached by Howard Aubrey and Gilbert Arenas, Sr.

It will have the following players on the roster:

Lenny Collins (6'-5" Sr. F)
Kevin Stacey (6'-3" Sr. G)
Franklin Robinson (6'-3" Sr. G)
Fernando Sampson (6'-1" Sr. G)
Mike Roche (6'-7" Sr. F)
Baker Dunleavy (6'-5" Postgrad F/G)
Evan Moore (6'7" Jr. F/G)
Isaiah Allen (6'-3" Jr. G)
Lance Soderberg (6'-8" Sr. F)
Bobby Jones (6'-7" Sr. F)
Jake Collins (6'-2" Jr G)

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