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Players Transfer....Maybe--(July 1, 2001)

Through the past several weeks, we've seen players from a lot of schools playing this summer for newer, different schools, i.e., not the schools where they were enrolled this past academic year.  Some of these guys will actually enroll at new schools, others are just trying out new situations before making up their minds.  Here's what we've heard:

Compton Dominguez is in a huge state of flux right now,   and it is apparent that Russell Otis, who was fired last year after being charged with committing lewd acts upon a former player, charges of which he was acquitted, will not return to that school.  Rumors have been persistent throughout the spring (i.e., since the acquittal) that he would apply for the Lynwood job, which apparently has happened.  Our sources tell us that Lynwood has decided to keep the job posted open a bit longer, looking for other qualified candidates.  Whether as a result of the fact that Otis will not return to Lynwood, or other factors, kids at Compton Dominguez have been playing everywhere.  We've heard that just about everyone on the team has filed multiple transfer request forms, but these are the latest sighting and rumors about where these guys will wind up, or where they've been playing the past few weeks:

Darius Sanders (6'-5" Sr. F) has been playing with Compton Centennial.

Jamal Wallls (6'-6" Sr. F) has left Crenshaw and is now playing with Manual Arts.

Samir Hernandez (6'-7" Sr. F) is also rumored to be leaving Dominguez and will reportedly enroll at Gardena Serra.

Bobby Jones (6'-7" Sr. F) is rumored to be leaving Dominguez and is said to be thinking of enrolling at Long Beach Poly.

Travon Free (6'-6" So. F) has left Dominguez as well, and the coach at Verbum Dei has said he will enroll there in the fall.

Matt Sargent (6'-3" So. PG) of Pasadena Poly has apparently transferred (and we assume moved as well) to Ocean View in Huntington Beach.   We heard from Matt this morning, and he confirmed that he transferred, and he also now says that he's playing the point for OV, and has grown to 6'-3" (we had reported that he was 6'-1" and a SG).  

Derek Daniels (6'-8" Sr. F) from Montclair Prep is rumored to be returning to New York, and our sources tell us that he's already left the State and returned home;  whether its for a vacation or more permanent, only time will tell.  Likewise, the two Yugoslavian players reportedly returned home for a visit;  whether they will have the same immigration problems as were experienced by Charlie Rodriguez (since student visas are only good for one year stretches, according to most immigration lawyers we've spoken with) also remains to be seen. 

Inglewood:  We haven't had any rumors of transfers in or out of Inglewood, but they have not been playing anywhere this summer as a team, no summer league, no tournaments, nothing.  Apparently the word is that Inglewood has a new principal and he or she didn't care for the way things were being done, so no summer program.  Pat Roy and and his longtime assistant Harvey Pelz will have their hands full keeping everyone together, and this certainly won't help Inglewood when it comes to getting kids to transfer in....

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