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Montclair Prep's Derek Daniels
Stays In NY--(Aug. 28, 2001)

Looks like the rumor we heard about during the summer was actually true, and Derek Daniels (6'-8" Sr. PF) will not be coming back to Los Angeles this fall to play for Montclair Prep's football or basketball teams. Instead, according to confirmation printed today in the Los Angeles Daily News, Derek has decided to stay home in New York and not return to California.   While the Daily News piece by Gerry Gittelson was primarily about Daniels' football prospects, he was also their starting power forward-center, a huge-bodied guy who just ate up tremendous space in the paint and who had been developing a nice little spin post move.  Here's what the Daily News had to say:

Montclair Prep loses Daniels:

Derek Daniels of Montclair Prep, expected to be one of the state's top tight ends this seasons, has decided not to return to the Van Nuys campus for his senior season.

"It's a big loss.  I have 100 recruiting letters for him sitting on my desk right now," coach George Giannini said.

Daniels, a 6-foot-8, 320 pounder who caught nine passes and also started for the basketball team last year, is back home in New York, according to Giannini.

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