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Dino Smiley Drew Summer League
Continues This Weekend--(Aug. 9, 2001)

Summer stuff, at least of the NCAA exposure variety is over (and since the NCAA is refusing to certify any exposure events this fall or spring unless they are "certified" by the high school governing authority, which in our case is the CIF, and that's not likely to happen), the concept of "exposure events" is about to take on a whole new dimension, and it may be two, rather than three-dimensional.  Which means that video scouting services will become all the more important.  One of the oldest services and best is, and one of the places that the folks at have been filming this summer, in addition to the Big Time and the Best of Summer, is the Drew Summer League.

Not many people know about the Drew League, at least not many people outside of LA's Crenshaw and Central districts, but it's been around a long time, and its a hotbed of talent.   And fortunately, the league still has a few more weekends remaining, so if you're starved to see some great action, check out the games at Drew Middle School in Los Angeles. l

We're not exactly sure who will be playing this weekend, but the league has featured a lot of local talent, including a lot of top high school, college and pro players.  The league began this summer way back in May, and it will continue to run every Saturday and Sunday at Drew Middle School in Los Angeles until August 25th.  There will be 5 games each day, and participating teams have thus far included groups known as "Team Champions", "Lance Express", "Top Dogz", "Gardena Express" and others like Da Ryders, Cheaters, Up & Coming, IEBP, Panthers, Westchester High School, Amer-I-Can, LA Magic, My Folcs, Posse Revised, Orange County Players and Fukai's Eagles.   Of course who actually shows up to play on these teams is half the fun because you just never know who you'll be seeing on any given day.

If you need more information about the Drew Summer League, you can contact Dino Smiley at (213) 397-5688.    And as an added bonus, if you want to see some selected videos of past games, you can contact, who will gladly sell you some tape of your favorite players.

See you there.

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