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SoCal Players Look East At Ivies,
Patriots & Others--(Aug. 27, 2001)

Quite a few SoCal players are looking at several Ivy League and Patriot League schools, and the schools continue to look back. The Ivies and Patriots are looking at big men and guards trying to stock up on players for next season.   Among the bigs, three of Orange County's most productive big men are getting some serious looks from some seriously-minded schools who are known for great academics as well as solid athletic programs. Tony Melum (6'-6" Sr. F/G), Bryce Prather (6'-9" Sr. F) and Kevin Edmunds (6'-7" Sr. F) have all either set up home visits and/or are planning campus visits to several Ivy and Patriot schools. Newport Harbor's top rising senior wing forward Tony Melum hasn't set up any home visits yet, but he is continuing to receive interest from some of the top Ivy League schools, including Yale and Brown.   According to Dinos Trigonis at, who also coaches the Belmont Shore travel team that Tony played for this summer at the Big Time Tournament,  Tony is also receiving interest from several Patriot League schools as well, including Lehigh, Army and Navy.   Tony will likely visit Yale and Brown sometime this fall.  Kevin Edmunds, who has played with both Belmont Shore and the H-Squad, has set up a home visit with Army, as has Prather. According to Trigonis, Prather has also set up in-home visits with Yale, Cornell and UC Davis.  Other bigs getting looks from the Ivy include Redondo Union's Paul Meynen, who in addition to several west coast schools (including Pepperdine where his former high school coach, Jim Neilsen is now an assistant) has Columbia, Dartmouth, and Yale on his list, or at least he did as of last month. 

Among guards and wings getting looks from Ivy and Patriots earlier this summer from SoCal were players like Rockfish's Daryl Pegram (6'-7" Sr. F) who attended prep school last year who was said to be looking at Penn and Princeton in mid July.  We haven't talked with our Rockfish friends lately, so we have no idea if Pegram is still considering either at this time. David Gale (6'-1" Sr. PG) from Buckley has Yale, Princeton, Penn, and several Patriots, including Colgate, and a few others like Drexel, Tulsa, on his list,  and this summer also took an unofficial visit to Columbia and will likely visit a few Ivy's this fall, and is working out home visits with several of the schools.   Patrick Haddan (6'-1" Sr. PG) from Woodbridge in Irvine is also receiving looks from Yale, Penn, Cornell and Princeton, in addition to other east coast schools like Marist, Richmond, and several west coast schools like Pepperdine, Loyola Marymount, and several others.    Brandon Rohe (6'-4" Sr. SG), from Santa Margarita Catholic HS, who has already been offered a scholarship by Georgia coach Jim Harrick, is also getting solid interest from several other east coast schools as well as some WCC, and we'd guess that even though a few of the Ivies like Cornell would love to have him (his brother Jake plays there), the chances of him playing in the Ivy League are probably remote.  His Santa Margarita teammate Jake Collins (6'-4" Sr. G/F) though is reportedly wide open right now and is also receiving interest from several Ivy League and Patriot schools

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