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Pete Newell "Big Man" Camp In Hawaii:
The Best & Biggest--(Aug. 13, 2001)

If you're in Hawaii this week, from the 13th through the 17th, and you see some really "big" guys hanging around the beach, there's nothing to be worried about.  It's just the 24th Annual Pete Newell "Big Man" Camp which takes place each year in Honolulu.  And this year there will be plenty of talent on hand, both pro and college, and this camp is renowned for being one of the best proving grounds for potential pro players to demonstrate their talents.  The Newell Big Man Camp has been legendary, but for mere mortals like us, it's always tough to find out who is going to be there, what's happening at the camp and other assorted details.  Well, now everything you wanted to know about the Newell Big Man Camps is available online (click the link above).  At the official website, you'll find a camp history, a roster of present and past players, including a complete list of this year's participants, a listing of the camp staff, schedules, and a few words as well about Coach Newell's contributions to the game.

This year's participants include all of the following:

College Players

Wale Adeyemi   6'-9"   Scottsdale CC
Ardo Armpalli   6'-10"   Marshall
Chris Baert   6'-9"   St. Mary's
Brady Bennett   6'-8"   Cal State San Bernardino
Brian Boddicker   6'-8"   Texas
Scott Brakebill   6'-8   SW Missouri State
Sylvere Bryan   6'-10"   Tampa
Wil Campbell   6'-8"   Alabama Birmingham
Chris Christofferson   7'-2"   Oregon
Hee-Chul Chun   6'-8"   KBL
Kyle Dalvit   6'-11"   Western Washington
Willie Davis   6'-8"   Hawaii Chaminade
Jeke Dederer   6'-10"   UC Riverside
David Emslie   6'-11"   Santa Clara University
John Flippen   7'-2"   Baylor
Christopher Garnett   6'-11"   West Virginia
Kim Adams   6'-8"   Arkansas State
Tim Johnson   6'-11"   UOP
Jason Klotz   6'-10"   Texas
Chad Koenen   6'-10"   SW. State U
David Korfman   7'-2"   UC Irvine
E.J. Littlw   6'-6"   Montana State
Ross Mills   6'-11"   UOP
Matt Ochs   6'-8"   Nevada
Chris Oliver   6'-10"   Sonoma State
Mike Palm   6'-10"   Western Washington
Hun-Keun Park   6'-8"   KBL
Sean Paul   6'-9"   Nevada
Jared Reiner   6'-11"   Iowa
Cortney Scott   6'-6"   Iowa
Troy Selvey   6'-8"   Sacramento State
Haim Shimonovic   6'-10"   Hawaii
Andy Slocum   6'-11"   Texas A&M
Corey Thompson   6'-8":   Lewis & Clark CC
J.R. Van Hoose   6'-10"   Marshall
Travis Watson   6'-7"   Virginia
Kolin Weaver   6'-9"   Arkansas State
Corey Williams   6'-8"   Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Glen Worley   6'-7"   Iowa
Chris Young   6'-9"   Michigan

Pro Players

Chris Mihm   Cleveland Cavaliers
Shawn Bradley   Dallas Mavericks
Donnell Harvey   Dallas Mavericks
Dan McClintock   Denver Nuggets
Rodney White   Detroit Pistons
Ben Wallace   Detroit Pistons
Zelijko Rebraca   Detroit Pistons
Antwan Jamison   Golden State Warriors
Troy Murphy   Golden State Warriors
Stromile Swift   Memphis Grizzlies
Jason Collins   New Jersey Nets
Jake Tsakalidis   Phoenix Suns
Alton Brand   Phoenix Suns
Ruben Boumtje Boumtje   Portland Trailblazers
Zach Randolph   Portland Trailblazers
Malik Rose   San Antonio Spurs
Seo Jang Hoon   Korean League

So, if you're in Hawaii and tired of just lying around the beach, head over to the Kekuhaupi'o Gymnasium on the famous campus of the Kamahameha Schools near downtown Honolulu and check out who is likely to be among the pros in the NBA in the near future. And if you can't be in Hawaii, check out the website.

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