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Big 1st Annual Rockfish Fundraiser Set For
Saturday, August 11--(Aug. 7, 2001)

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LA Rockfish Fundraiser/Party
Plus Two BBall Games


Saturday, August 11, 2001


Santa Monica HS, Main Gym


Everyone & Anyone

No, this isn't strictly speaking a recruiting article, but it's for a good cause and an organization that has, over the years, helped a lot of people with their college recruiting.  On Saturday, August 11, the Los Angeles Rockfish organization will hold their first fundraising event; they tell us that this will be an annual event that will take place every August.

The event will start with two basketball games at Santa Monica HS played in the main gym. The first game is tentatively scheduled to start at 12 pm and will feature players new to the program, freshmen and young players who are interested in playing in the program. The second game is tentatively scheduled to begin at 2 pm will feature older current Rockfish players and "other alumni."   We're not sure who the alums will be, but they  probably will not include any current college players.  While Dave Benezra and Mark Mayemura had originally planned to have some of their more well-known current college players featured in one of three-planned games, NCAA rules didn't quite prohibit it, but they were so daunting as to make it just impractical--so there will be just the two games.  What the heck, it's summer.... And if you're a Utah fan, we're guessing that there will be some players participating (Tim Drisdom, for example) who will make you really happy to be there.   Not sure about Bryant Markson though--his knee may keep him out of the game, and we're also not sure whether Richard Chaney will play since he's not technically a fishie....But there will be plenty of other familiar faces on hand so it's definitely going to be worth coming out to watch.

Following the second game, at approximately 4:00 pm, there will be an informal buffet held outside of the gymnasium that will last until the sun goes down.  From there, everyone is one their own, but in Santa Monica in the summer, there's no shortage of good weather and fun...the beach, Third Street, the Pier, Malibu.....hey, forget the basketball, let's just eat and drink!.

Since this is a fundraiser to help promote the fish, Dave Benezra and Mark Mayemura tell us that they have scaled ticket prices thusly: "For people who wish to attend any or all of the games and not stay for the buffet, it's $15.00 per ticket. For people who want to partake in the buffet as well, prices are as follows: $20.00 for one person, $35.00 for a couple, $45.00 for a family of three, $50.00 for a family of four, $60.00 for a family of five. We will also have sales at the door for day of game purchases." We're also told that "The buffet will likely be chicken and a couple of sides (drinks extra)." 

Dave sent us an e-mail explaining the event's purpose: 

"We are doing this for two reasons. Our club can use the money to defray travel expenses. Hopefully, we make some money this first time around. We would like to be able to spread it among all Rockfish travel team players so that we can cut the cost of the Las Vegas trip, for example.

"Secondly, this is a way for the parents and players and alumni to get together in one place and get to know each other, ask questions about the program, etc., in addition to people who are interested in the program being able to see a little of what it's all about."

Dave also noted that "People who are interested in purchasing tickets are welcome to drive us crazy by calling us at: 818/ 783 - 2244, or 818/ 783 - 2212. We will give them whatever information they need. However, due to time constraints, we don't have the time to accept checks by mail or to be able to guarantee that their tickets will arrive on time via mail-so it is now strictly day of game sales.  Again, purchase of a ticket entitles the buyer to attend any and/or all of the games.Our goal this year is to sell 1000 tickets-and eventually, 3000 tickets."

As always, we'll be there....

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