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Rockfish Fundraiser Correction--Still Set For
Saturday, August 11--(Aug. 9, 2001)

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LA Rockfish Fundraiser/Party
Plus Two BBall Games


Saturday, August 11, 2001


Santa Monica HS, Main Gym


Everyone & Anyone

When we first posted the announcement of the Rockfish Fundraiser a couple of days ago, we thought we'd incorporated the changes which Dave Benezra and Mark Mayemura had sent to us in their several e-mails, but this just proves that if things can get screwed up, they will.  We received an e-mail from Dave and Mark yesterday informing us of the following:

"There will be just 2 games, not 3."   Er, um, ok, that's what we thought we had posted, but let's be clear about it.   Two games, not three.  And the Alumni game will begin at 12:00 p.m. (noon) and the current high school players' game will follow at 2:00 p.m. with the buffet to follow thereafter.  Evidently there will not be a game for incoming freshmen.

We're also not sure if the following represents a change or not, but it is the current info we received on pricing:

"Ticket cost for games only: $15 per person
" Ticket cost for games + buffet: $20 per person, $35 for a couple, $45 for a family of 3, $50 for a family of 4, $60 for a family of 5."

See you there.

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