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No Nick Stiggers Commitment
To USC...Yet.--(Oct. 19, 2001)

Stiggers Interested, But No Commitment Yet

Last night we heard about a potential commitment to USC from junior power forward Nick Stiggers (6'-9" Jr. PF) from Hillcrest HS in Memphis, Tennessee.   Well, it turns out that this one was a bit premature, according to Nick's high school coach, John Anderson.  We spoke with Anderson this morning and he said that Nick has spoken extensively with the USC coaches, and the school is "No. 1 on his list right now" but there has been no commitment.   "He still wants to look around, take all of his visits and approach his recruiting just like any other kid would approach his recruiting," Anderson told us during a phone conversation this morning.

He said that Nick enjoyed being in California this summer, and liked his EBO teammates, and the opportunity to visit with some of the colleges around the state, and he also said that Southern California (both the school and the geographical region) are really at the top of Nick's list right now.  But Anderson also explained that he doesn't believe Stiggers is ready to commit just yet, thereby putting an end to his recruitment.

"He's really improving every day, and I'm with him every day," said Anderson. "He is already up to 6'-9" and has great potential. I'm working on his ball-handling and guard skills, and he has the potential to be a Magic Johnson-type of player if he keeps developing."

"He doesn't even know what else is out there, in terms of schools, so I don't think it's fair to say that he's 'committed' yet to USC.   He's really very interested, but I wouldn't call it a commitment," Anderson said.

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