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LACC-Rockfish Spring League
Schedules & Rosters For This Weekend--(Mar. 22, 2002)

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LACC-Rockfish Spring League


Saturday & Sunday


March 23 & 24, 2002


Los Angeles City College


Top Players From SoCal

The LACC-Rockfish Spring League will resume playing again this weekend and all games will be at Los Angeles City College, which is located at  855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90029-3516.   

The LACC-RSL is a unique spring league, different than any other league in the SoCal region.  It's so different in fact that Division I coaches (as well as all D-II, III, NAIA and JUCO coaches) have been receiving word from LACC Head Coach Mike Miller that the event is available to coaches for spring evaluations, because each of the players participating is actually an enrolled student at LACC and receives one unit of college credit for the course.  Thus players participating are actually playing at an institution at which they are enrolled, and no different than a coach visiting their high school campus (where students are also enrolled), in our view this should qualify under the new NCAA bylaws.  We've heard varying reports from several sources about whether D-I coaches will be in attendance or not, but remember, the NCAA is now out of the certification business for the spring, and they've stated that (a) players can be viewed either at events which are sanctioned by a high school or two year association, or they can be viewed on their own campuses where they are enrolled.   Whether D-I coaches show up this weekend or in the future is something that only time will tell, but Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO coaches have always been permitted to attend, and we expect to see more than a few there this weekend checking out some of the best players in Southern California.

Here's the Saturday March 23, 2002 schedule:

Time LACC Men's Gym   LACC Women's Gym
10:00 a.m. H-Squad v. Dolphins  
11:30 a.m. Dolphins v. Swordfish  
12:00 p.m.   Hammerheads v. H-Squad
1:00 p.m Orcas v. Inland  
1:30 p.m   Swordfish v. Barracudas
2:30 p.m. Inland v. Hammerheads  
4:00 p.m. Bluefins v. Orcas  
5:30 p.m. Barracudas v. Bluefins  

The women's gym is about 300 yards away from the Men's gym, right next to the tennis courts on Heliotrope.  There is plenty of on-campus parking, but if you park on the street on Saturday, be sure to feed the meter otherwise you'll be ticketed.

On Sunday, March 24, all of the games will be in the LA City College men's gym.  Here's the schedule:

Time LACC Men's Gym
9:00 a.m. Dolphins v. Swordfish
10:30 a.m. Orcas v. Dolphins
12:00 noon IEBP v. Hammerheads
1:30 p.m. Swordfish v. Orcas
3:00 p.m. Hammerheads v. Belmont Shore
4:30 p.m. Barracudas v. IEBP
6:00 p.m. Belmont Shore v. Bluefins
7:30 p.m. Bluefins v. Barracudas

LACC is easily reached from anywhere.   It's about three blocks north of the Hollywood Freeway (the 101).  Exit at Vermont and head north.  The school is located on the west side of Vermont, between Melrose on the south and Santa  Monica Boulevard on the north.  If you go past Santa Monica, you've gone too far.... There is on-campus parking.  Just remember that if you park on the street on Saturday, you'll have to feed the meters or pay the consequences.

There is an admission charge of $ 3 (good all day), but it's worth it.   We don't have the complete rosters for the "outside" teams (like IEBP, Inland, H-Squad, or Belmont Shore), and sometimes quite frankly, it seems that neither do the guys who run those teams either, but at least the Rockfish's own team rosters are somewhat settled now.  Here are the players we know about who should be there this weekend, all except for the players at MLK, Compton Centennial and anyone else who is on one of the team participating in the State Finals.   

10 Brian McFadden, 6'1, junior, Mayfair HS (Lakewood)
11 Chris Tarne, 6'2, senior, Crescenta Valley HS (La Crescenta)
12 Ralph Miley, 6'2, soph, Calvary Chapel HS (Downey)
14 Dino Wilburn, 6'2, senior, Pasadena HS
15 Anthony Phillips, 6'3, junior, Pasadena HS
21 Josh Flynn-Brown, 6'3, junior, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
22 Arturas Lazdauskas, 6'5, frosh, Hollywood HS
30 Jonathan Heard, 6'6, soph, Manual Arts HS (Los Angeles)
32 Michael Earl, 6'7, junior, Diamond Ranch HS (Pomona)
33 Brandon James, 6'4, frosh, Kennedy HS (Granada Hills)
42 MacKenzie Clark, 6'8, senior, Pasadena HS
50 Paul Meynen, 7'0, senior, Redondo Union HS (Redondo Beach)
Jamal Bell, 6'0, soph, Manual Arts HS (Los Angeles)

1 Michael Gordon, 5'7, frosh, Centennial HS (Compton)
10 Jaime Lester, 6'1, soph, Victor Valley HS (Victorville)
11 Jimmy Goffredo, 6'1, junior, Crescenta Valley HS (La Crescenta)
12 Billy Hofman, 6'1, junior, La Canada HS
14 Marquise Dubose, 6'0, frosh, Dorsey HS (Los Angeles)
21 Hanif Madyun, 6'3, frosh, Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles)
24 Donald Wilson, 6'4, senior, Dorsey HS (Los Angeles)
33 Phillip Okonma, 6'9, junior, Antelope Valley Christian HS (Lancaster)
42 Andrew Bruckner, 6'9, junior, Valencia HS
44 Joseph Street, 6'8, soph, Burbank HS
Chris Childress, 6'6, junior, Mayfair HS (Lakewood)
Chris McRae, 6'5, junior, Carson HS
Bobby Weinberger, 6'2, Harvard-Westlake HS (Studio City)

1-Jarrod Tennant, 5'10, junior, Culver City HS
11-Jeremy Childs, 6'0, frosh, Los Alamitos HS
14-Robbie Haynes, 6'2, soph, Los Alamitos HS
15-Paul Porter, 6'2, junior, Bishop Amat HS (La Puente)
22-Frank Robinson, 6'3, senior, Sylmar HS
24-Gabriel Pruitt, 6'3, soph, Centennial HS (Compton)
30-Jeremy Haggerty, 6'5, senior, Canyon HS (Canyon Country)
31 Robert Swift, 7'0, soph, Garces HS (Bakersfield)
33 Kurt Graeber, 6'8, soph, Peninsula HS (Rolling Hills Est.)
35 Jonathan Todd, 6'8, senior, Chaminade HS (West Hills)
44 Sam Hein, 6'6, frosh, Saugus HS

1 Jelani Hicks, 5'8, frosh, Laguna Blanca HS (Santa Barbara)
10 Marcus Carter Jr., 6'3, frosh, Alta Loma HS
11 Enrico Tucker, 6'0. soph, University of San Diego HS (San Diego)
12 Philip Friesen, 6'2, frosh, Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
14 Lorenzo Keeler, 6'2, soph, Escondido HS
15 Bear Simerson, 6'3, soph, Cathedral City HS
21 Joel Smith, 6'4, senior, Lompoc HS
30 Mark Lovein, 6'8, junior, Esperanza HS (Anaheim)
33 Stefan Talmadge, 6'7, frosh, Dos Pueblos HS (Goleta)
35 Alan Wiggins, 6'7, junior, Poway HS
42 Jacob Johnson, 6'4, senior, Etiwanda HS (Rancho Cucamonga)
44 Gary Hamilton, 6'9, senior, Dorsey HS (Los Angeles)
Christopher Booker, 6'2, soph, Cleveland HS (Reseda)

1- Brian McTear, 5'9, frosh, Crenshaw HS (Los Angeles)
15- John Liam Stapleton, 6'3, junior, Crespi HS (Encino)
21- Kyle Brucculeri, 6'7, soph, Los Alamitos HS
22- Ray Reese, 6'4, frosh, Carson HS
24- Dawin Whiten, 6'3, soph, Monroe HS (North Hills)
30- Justin Hawkins, 6'6, junior, Mayfair HS (Lakewood)
32- Jeffrey Comminey, 6'2, junior, Millikan HS (Long Beach)
33- Jason Gilzene, 6'6, junior, Fairfax HS (Los Angeles)
35- Austin Waggener, 6'8, junior, Culver City HS
42- Oscar Edwards, 6'4, junior, Price HS (Los Angeles)
44- Khalif Ford, 6'0, junior, Diamond Bar HS
Stefan GIlling, 6'2, frosh, Ayala HS (Chino Hills)
Terry Sims, 6'3, junior, Diamond Bar HS

1 -Kyle Gibson, 6'0, frosh, Dorsey HS (Los Angeles)
11- Jordan Warren, 6'4, frosh, El Camino Real HS (Woodland Hills)
12- David Gale, 6'1, senior, Buckley HS (Sherman Oaks)
14- Matt Sargeant, 6'3, soph, Ocean View HS (Huntington Beach)
15- Drew Gibson, 6'0, junior, Dorsey HS (Los Angeles)
21- Brandon Turner, 6'3, soph, Brentwood HS (Los Angeles)
22- Gavin Lee, 6'5, senior, Bishop Montgomery HS (Torrance)
24- Mickey Gonzales, 6'7, soph, Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton)
30- Tony Gonzales, 6'6, junior, Sunny Hills HS (Fullerton)
44- Todd Wolfson, 6'8, junior, El Camino Real HS (Woodland Hills)
Chukwuma Awaji, 6'2, soph, Murphy HS (Los Angeles)
Kevin Gardner, 6'7, senior, Peninsula HS (Rolling Hills Estates)
Evan Harris, 6'7, soph, Harvard-Westlake HS (Studio City)

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