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LA Rockfish On Their Way
To Gibbons TOC--(May 22, 2002)

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We just got off the phone with Mark Mayemura, who was only slightly less-harried than was Dave Benezra, who had absolutely no time to chat, but we did manage to get from Mark a roster for the Rockfish No. 1 team, which is headed to North Carolina this weekend (actually, they'll be leaving tomorrow morning) to attend the annual Bob Gibbons "Tournament of Champions."   It appears that the teams from California will be few and far between, but they will be good nevertheless.  In addition to the Rockfish's No. 1 squad (the Rockfish also have four other teams which are headed to Fresno for Mats' tournament), the Gibbons Tournament will also have the combined forces of H-Squad and Belmont Shore playing together as one team (we don't have a roster, so it would be speculation at best), and SCA (coached either by Pat Barrett, Tommy Lewis or Ollie Goulston...we're not exactly sure at this point) will also be there.    Again, we can guess at the roster, but what would be the point of that.  

With the Rockfish, we don't need to guess, and if you're going to Gibbons, here's who you'll see playing for Rockfish:

Robert Swift   7'-0" So. C   Bakersfield Garces
Kirk Graeber   6'-8" So.  F   Peninsula
Perrin Johnson   6-7" Jr. G/F   Claremont
Allan Wiggins, Jr.   6'-7" Jr. F   Poway
Justin Hawkins   6'-6" Jr. G/F   Mayfair
Joel Smith   6'-6" Jr. G/F   Lompoc HS (Brewster Academy, NH)
Jonathan Heard   6'-6" So. G/F   Manual Arts
Gabriel Pruitt   6'-3" So. PG   Compton Centennial
Jimmy Goffredo   6'-0" Jr. SG   Crescenta Valley
Matt Sargent   6'-3" So. G   Ocean View HS
Lorenzo Keeler   6'-2" So. G   Escondido
Bryan McTear   5'-9" Fr. PG   Crenshaw

The Rockfish's first game will be on Friday night against the Derek Smith All Stars and then they'll play the Jackson (Mississippi) Panthers and the Atlanta Celtics on Saturday before the start of the single-elimination aspect of the tournament.  Good luck to the Rockfish, and we'll try to keep in touch throughout the weekend.

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