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SoCalHoops Class Of 2000:
Top Shooting Guards--(Oct. 29, 1999)

We've selected the top players that we know about for the Class of 2000; we've divided each position into three rough groups:  The "Best", which is the first group of Top 20 players, which are guys who will, in our view be most likely to get D-I scholarship offers, ranging from the high-majors to low D-I, and we think many of them will sign by the time the spring signing is concluded;   the second group is the "Next Best" which is a group of players who we believe might get D-I offers, but some could be D-II, or D-III players;  the third group is the "Best of the Rest" among the top high school players at the position.  This latter group of guys could possibly get college scholarship offers too, a few at the D-I level, but more of them would be likely to get to the D-II and D-III levels.  Of course there will also always be those who (whether we think they are D-I material or not) will fail to qualify and wind up going the JUCO route; some might even end up in prep schools doing a 5th year to enhance their recruiting. 

But the general idea behind the lists, at least for the seniors, is that most of these guys by now have been identified and recruited to varying degrees by the college coaches, and most of them have the skills, athleticism, and experience to be considered college prospects.   Those who have already committed as of the date of this list above, are identified as such and the college selection is listed in red.  We'll continue to update this as news of commitments or signings take place.

We are going to continue to be somewhat unconventional and will not use numerical rankings. Why not use numerical rankings?  Because college coaches make their own evaluations, and the point of our lists is not to "rank" players, but to get the word out about players to those who are in a position to actually recruit them, i.e.,  the college coaches.  Most club coaches, high school coaches, recruiting services, and other players already know about the guys listed here, and likewise, everyone's got an opinion of who is "best" or "better" than the next guy.  The only opinion though which really counts is the college coaches', so we'll leave the "ranking" to them. 

A couple of guys have been dropped from our prior listings, notably Solomon Brown (6'-2" SG) formerly from Savanna HS and David Popoola (6’-3" SG) formerly of Westchester HS, who are both now at prep schools in the East, and Lou Wright, (6-6  SG), brother of former Clipper Lorenzen Wright who was traded to Atlanta.  Lou formerly attended Westchester, but moved back to   Memphis, Tennessee, with the family when his brother was traded. All three of these players would have been ranked in the Top 20, but since they are no longer from SoCal any longer, we've not listed them.

We cannot claim to have seen every player in SoCal in the senior class, but we've seen most of the top players. The list include players from Fresno in the North, to San Diego in the South, i.e., the entire SoCal region.  Each player is listed at his primary position. If you don't see a player on a list where you'd expect, look at another position because he may be listed elsewhere.   Lastly, if we've left a player off the list, it may or may not be an oversight, but if you think someone deserves to be on the list who isn't shown, just let us know.  Here are the Top Shooting Guards in SoCal in the Class of 2000:

SoCalHoops Top 20 Senior Shooting Guards
(Class of 2000) 

Deshawn Anderson (6'-3" Sr. SG) Fresno Washington Union--uncommitted
Jason Breland (6’-4" Sr. SG) Westchester HS--uncommitted
Kevin Brown (6'-2" Sr. SG) Westchester--uncommitted
Doyle Cole (6'-5" Sr. SG) Gardena Serra--uncommitted
Branduin Fullove (6'-4" Sr. SG) Simi Valley High--UCSB
Michael Hall (6'-4" Sr. SG) San Bernardino Pacific--Pepperdine
Damon Jenkins (6'-2" Sr. SG) Dos Pueblos--uncommitted
Larry Johnson (6'-4" Sr. SG/SF) Dominguez--uncommitted
Tommy Johnson (6'-4" Sr. SG) Los Angeles Crenshaw--Wash.St.
Deverion Mackey (6'-4" Sr. SG) Marshall Fundamental--uncommitted
Steve Moore (6-3 Compton Dominguez--uncommitted
James Profit (6'-6" Sr. SG) San Diego Serra--uncommitted
Lamar Ruffin (6’-5" Sr. SG) Murrieta Valley--uncommitted
Ronald Ruffin (6'-4" Sr. SG) Chatsworth--uncommitted
Steve Scoggin (6'-0" Sr. SG/PG) Mater Dei--uncommitted
Scottie Stern (6’-4" Sr. SG) Fairfax--uncommitted
Jon Steven (6'-5" Sr. SG) Anaheim Esperanza--uncommitted
DeShawn Stevenson (6'-5" Sr. SG) Fresno Washington Union--Kansas
William Waggoner (6'-3" Sr. SG) La Mesa Helix--uncommitted
Omar Weaver (6'-7" Sr. SG) Compton Centennial--Missouri

SoCalHoops Next Top 20 Senior Shooting Guards
(Class of 2000)

Tracey Cathey (6'-2" Sr. SG) Morningside--uncommitted
Ryan Dillon (6'-3" Sr. SG) Victory Valley--uncommitted
Montel Duhon (6’-4" Sr. SG) Venice HS--uncommitted
Jason Grier (6'-2" Sr. SG) Heritage Christian--uncommitted
Sidney Hampton (6'-3" Sr. SG) Valley View--uncommitted
Chris Hooks (6'-2" Sr. SG/SF) Harvard-Westlake--uncommitted
Dylan Mathis (6'-5" Sr. SG) Redondo Union--uncommitted
Christian McGuigan (6'-3" Sr. SG/SF) Mater Dei--uncommitted
Steve McMaryion (6’-4" Sr. SG) Palisades--uncommitted
Graham Miller (6'-3" Sr. SG) Glendora --uncommitted
Ryan Mollins (6'-5" Sr. SG) Redondo Union--uncommitted
James Phillips (6'-4" Sr. SG) Temecula Valley --uncommitted
Ron Prettyman (6'-2" Sr. SG/SF) Los Alamitos--uncommitted
Franklin Thomas (6'-3" Sr. SG) Hueneme--uncommitted
Ismael Torres (6'-2" Sr. Sg) Fairfax--uncommitted
Dwayne Trotter (6’-4" Sr. SG) Morningside--uncommitted
Jontae Vinson (6'-5" Sr.SG/SF) Lynwood--uncommitted
Damiel Ware (6’-5" Sr. SG) Riverside Arlington HS --uncommitted
Ryan Wilbur (6’-4" Sr. SG) Brea Olinda--uncommitted
Felipe Williams (6'-3" Sr. SG) Crossroads--uncommitted
Matt Winter (6'-2" Sr. SG) Heritage Christian--uncommitted
Mike Yildiz (6'-0" Sr. SG) Bell-Jeff--uncommitted

SoCalHoops Best of the Rest Top Senior Shooting Guards
(Class of 2000)

Jason Angell (5'-10" Sr. SG)Oxnard Santa Clara
Akachi Azubuike (6'-0" Sr. SG) Fullerton
Andrew Bloomfield (6'-2" Sr. SG) LA Baptist HS
Tracey Cathey (6'-1" Sr. SG) Morningside
Tory Cohn (6'-2" Sr. SG) Beaumont
Andrew Contreras (5'-9" Sr. SG) San Gabriel HS
Art D'Egidio (6'-1" Sr. SG/SF) Chaminade
Jason Davis (6'-3" Sr. SG) Glendora
Damien Derrico (6'-4" Sr. SG/SF) Sylmar
Lionel Dixon (6'-4" Sr. SG/SF) JW North
Charles Gibson (6'-2" Sr. SG) Canyon Springs
DeAndre Gipson (6'-2" Sr. SG) Buena Park
Damien Gilchrist (6'-0" Sr. SG) JW North
Ronald Gray (6'-1" Sr. SG/SF) Taft
Justin Greene (6'-0" Sr. SG/SF) USDHS
Trey Harper (6'-0" Sr. SG/SF) Ambassador Christian
Oliver Haworth (6'-1" Sr. SG/SF) Highland
Andre Johnson (6'-0" Sr. SG/PG) Carson
Marqui Jones (6'-4" SG) Fairfax
Karim McDougal (6’-4" Sr. SG) Rancho Cucamonga
Edward McKinney (6'-1" Sr. SG) Inglewood
Steve Miller (6'-3" Sr. SG) Anaheim
Gene Myvette (6'-4" Sr. SG/SF) Littlerock
Anthony Naylor (6'-3" Sr. SG/SF) Southwestern Acad.
Senian Norman (5'-10" Sr. SG) Inglewood
Lucas Pace (5'-10" Sr. SG/SF) Capo Valley
Tarus Parish (6'-1" Sr. SG) Colton
Adam Pastor (6'-0" Sr. SG/PG) Buckley
Lonnel Penman (6'-3" Sr. SG) Long Beach Poly
James Phillips (6'-3" Sr. SG) Temecula Valley HS
Chris Prins (6'-4 Sr. SG) Christian HS
Allan Purnell (6’-3" Sr. SG) Savanna HS
Jeff Souther (6'-1" Sr. SG) Canyon Country Canyon
Logan Steinhauer (6'-0" Sr. SG/PG) West Torrance
John Ward (6'-0" Sr. SG/SF)AB Miller
Brent Wethers (6’-1" Sr. SG) Murrieta Valley HS
George Williams (5'-11" Sr. SG) Santa Monica

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