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It's That Time Of Year; The HS Previews
Are Coming--(Sept. 28, 1999)

For the past two years we've featured high school team profiles.  We're going to do it again.  A lot of people think we're nuts, because it is very hard work.  We have to contact all the coaches, find out who is on the roster (or, more properly, at this time of year, find out who is going to be on the roster, because the high school season is still about two months away).   So a lot of this is really hit or miss. But we're going to try to get as many profiles up as possible.

We want everyone to understand, there are more than 400 programs in Southern Section alone, more than 50 in City Section, and countless others in San Diego and Central Sections, all of which compete for spots in the Southern Regional State Championship Tournament for the right to represent the southern half of the State in the State Finals.  There is no way we can cover every single team, or even a majority of them.  If we started writing today, and wrote 24 hours a day from now until the end of the high school season we'd never cover all of them.

So we're going to cover those teams that we think are noteworthy, for one reason or another.  Everyone may not agree with our assessments, or our school selections.  We would ask high school coaches to help us in completing these previews:  Get us your rosters, tell us about your players, send us a schedule, let us know what tournaments you'll be playing in this season. High school coaches can write to us at, and leave us the information by e-mail or you can leave a phone number and we'll get right back to you.  A lot of coaches know us, and are familiar with the process.  We'd like to make it as painless for everyone as possible, so if you want to take your time and write some of the information yourself and then send it to us, it will speed the process significantly.  There's nothing magical about having us write up a review because many times, coaches know their own players better than we could ever hope to.

But having said that, we do intend to feature the teams that we think will be the top contenders in each section and each division within a section for a championship.  Not all of them will make it, but a few lucky ones will still be around come late March when they'll meet again with the NorCal champions at the ARCO arena in Sacramento (unless of course, the CIF decides to move the title games back to SoCal for a change. . . ).

We hope you enjoy the previews.  We'll try to have a couple each day, time permitting.  This is a long process, so if you don't see your favorite team one day, check back again the next day.  You never know who's coming up next.


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