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SoCalHoops is pleased to present links and news for all 29 NBA Teams. During the camps, pre-season and season, we'll have news and features for you, especially for SoCal based teams, the Lakers and Clippers. If there's a special feature you'd like to see, drop us a note by e-mail.

Weekly News & Features from from, a digest of weekly facts, features and links --The official site of the National Basketball Association, with news, features, links and team rosters, player histories and biographies, rules, and trivia. In short, if you want to find something on the NBA, then this is the place.

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Stadium & Arena Seating--seating, photos, and information on every arena, including professional, college, Canadian Stadiums and Arenas, World Arenas, and Olympic venues

TicketMaster Box Office--boy, I just hope they realize that I'm not Microsoft, and that this site is not run for profit...Anyway, here goes... a link to TickeMaster's Box Office Site, for all your ticket needs.

Basketball Jones--NBA humor, Rodman "hair swap" and more

American Baksetball Association-

An historical look back to the old ABA--catch the latest news on the 30th year Reunion Events. A great site.


Sports Legends Fantasy Camp-- This really belongs on the "Camps" page, but what the heck, that's mostly for younger players, and it might not really be seen there. This "Fantasy" (or nightmare--take your pick given that it's in Dallas in the middle of August), is for Adults 30+ only. Those who attend get to play with Artis Gilmore, Otis Birdsong, George Gervin, JoJo White, Bobby Jones, Scott Wedman, Calvin Murphy and Alex English, and a bunch of other guys. Fee includes Rebok apparel, bag, shoes, and other stuff. Camp in Dallas, Tx, August 6-9, 1998. The camp boasts an NBA trainer, an NBA training facility, and most importantly, an NBA certified physician. For $2,000 for only 4 days, that'd better be really good medical treatment.


The New Southern California Basketball

Basketball Halls of Fame

And History Sites

There are more Basketball Halls of Fame than you'd probably imagine. We've tried to collect them all in one place for you here. If you know of a website that features Hall of Fame material or is of historical significance to the game, then drop us an e-mail.

Hall of Fame Sites The Basketball Hall of Fame--The official site of the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts

The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame-- visit the cradle of hoop hysteria from the home of Hoosier Hoop Madness

Basketball History and Nostalgia

A History of College Basketball--great page, with stats, records, conferences, teams and more

Reprint of Tampa Bay Tribune Article: Dr. J, Ice recall ABA's fun times
By MARTIN FENNELLY/Tampa Tribune Columnist

NBA at 50-- The 50 Greatest Players in the NBA

NBA at 50-- The Top 10 Greatest Coaches in the NBA

NBA at 50--The Top 10 Greatest Teams in the NBA

NBA at 50--The 10 Greatest Games in NBA History

NBA at 50--The NBA's Greatest Moments in History

NBA at 50-- Jordan Tops the Poll of Greatest Players

The Original Rules of Basketball--see how the game has changed--from the Women's Hall of Fame

The Current Rules of Basketball--a comparison of NBA, College and FIBA Rules from USA Basketball

American Baksetball Association-- an historical look back to the old ABA


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