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4D All Stars Basketball

Contact: Reinaldo Henry
P.O. Box 5023
Torrance, CA
League plays throughout the year, for boys and girls youth ages 7-14 and high school players and club teams; 4D also puts together select all-star traveling teams which participate in AAU, BCI and other events such as Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament and others. Well organized and well run, even if their website still isn't operational.  4D and Hoopmasters (another youth league program) sponsors several tournaments, including some of the following, 4D Martin Luther King Day Tournament4D Stars Spring Holiday Classic , 4 D Stars Labor Day Tournament, 4 D Stars Thanksgiving Tournament, Holiday Classic for Boys

ABC Hoops

Contact: Michael Lewis
20109 Eddington Dr.
Carson, CA 90746
Travel all-star teams compete locally and in Las Vegas at the Double Pump events, Fullcourt Press Tournaments, and various exposure events, including the Big Time Tournament. 

Amer-I-Can All Stars Basketball Club

Contact: Rock Johnson
PO Box 11348
Carson, CA 90749
Travel all-star teams at the high school, youth and college level.  Play in the Big Time, at Double Pump events, Fullcourt Press events, and various Nike events (e.g., Drew Summer League, Real Run, Say No, etc).

Belmont Shore Basketball Club

Contact: Dinos Trigonis
3104 Theresa Street
Long Beach, CA 90814
(562) 223-0190
Travel all-star teams, instructional clinics for young players, elite and all-star high school tournament teams.  Directed by Dino Trigonis, publisher of FullCourtPress recruiting newsletter. Team players participate in events such as the FullCourt Press All *West Camps, and tournaments such as the Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic Tournament, Slam N Jam NIT, Bob Gibbons Tournament and others, and leagues such as Rockfish Spring League.  Sponsored by Pangos.

Double Pump Pump N Run All Star Traveling Teams

Contact: Double Pump Inc.
Invitation-only travel all-star teams participate in exposure events, such as Rockfish Spring League, Double Pump Spring and Fall Shootouts, Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament,  adidas EBO Spring Tournament, adidas Las Vegas Big Time Tournament.   No tryouts.  Strictly by invitation and word-of-mouth only.

Hoop Masters

Contact: John Fischer
Telephone: (310) 207-0108
email address:
11969 B Walnut Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Hoop Masters is an AAU Youth Basketball Club with travel teams for boys and girls ages 7-17 based in West Los Angeles, California.  They promote  an extensive program consisting of basketball clinics for all ages, travel teams and college bound workouts.

Issy Washington's Slam-N-Jam Basketball

Contact: Issy Washington
19621 Galway St.
Carson, CA
(310) 532-0622
One of the oldest and strongest leagues in metro LA, the league features regular fall and spring competition, and summer and fall tournaments, including the Slam N Jam National Invitational Tournament at Cal State Long Beach which features many of the top Nike-sponsored teams in the country. Here are some of the tournaments sponsored by Slam N JamPresidential Invitational Tournament, AAU Southern Pacific Assoc. Championships, Slam-n-Jam National Invitational Tournament, Slam-n-Jam Early Bird Classic,
Annual ARC-Slam-n-Jam Las Vegas Grand Finale

Los Angeles Rockfish/Rockfish Spring League

Contact:  Mark Mayemura or Dave Benezra
(818) 783-2244
PO Box 461389
Los Angeles, CA 90046
NCAA Spring exposure and development league, showcasing the best basketball talent in SoCal.  League participation is by invitation only.  Attended by most high profile college programs. Many players go on to Division I college scholarships. Following the spring league, travel teams are formed which compete at most of the biggest and best high-profile tournaments and exposure events throughout the country, including the adidas Las Vegas Big Time, Spiece Run N Slam, EBO Spring and Fall Tournaments, Double Pump Best of Summer, and more.

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Orange County Maccabi Basketball

Separate teams for Los Angeles, Orange County, and Long Beach; ages 13-14, 15-16 boys, 16-U girls.
Teams participate in National Tournaments at the US Maccabi Games, featuring teams from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and other west coast locations.   Sites of the games change each year.  For further information, contact the JCCA (Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County).

Top Prospects Inc. (TPI Basketball)

D'artgnan Stamps
(310) 641-9039
High quality all-star calibre travel teams, high school boys' teams participate in top tournaments in SoCal, including Slam N Jam NIT, Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic, and others. TPI King Day Tournament

Total Impact Basketball Club/West Coast Superflo

Contact: Sam Alipio
(310) 669-5740
(310) 371-0375 (evenings)
P.O. Box 7874 Torrance, CA 90504

Sam Alipio runs the Total Impact Club team basketball program, featuring traveling teams, playing AAU tournaments, BCI, ARC Spring Leagues, and many high profile exposure events. Sam is also affiliated with the West Coast Superflo program.  For details on West Coast Superflo, visit the West Coast Superflo website or contact Eric Jensen at

Ultra Student Athletes (USA Basketball)

Contact: Coach Larry Gray
Phone: (310)-216-0545 Fax: (310)216-7686

5650 Windsor Way, Suite 102
Fox Hills, CA 90230

JV and High School Varsity All-Star teams participate in league play and tournaments in SoCal, and attend tournaments both domestically and internationally. A complete program offering educational tutoring, computer classes, SAT and college prep advisory services, study skills classes, and more in addition to top quality basketball competition. 

San Fernando Valley/Ventura

American Roundball Corporation (ARC)

Contact: Rich Goldberg
(818) 995-3761
Regular league play at various gyms around San Fernando Valley Leagues form quarterly. All-star traveling teams compete nationally and locally at various tournaments, including tournaments sponsored and promoted by ARC, including the following eventsSuper Hoops Spectacular Tournament, Arc- Slam-N-Jam Las Vegas Christmas Challenge,
Annual ARC-Slam-n-Jam Las Vegas Grand Finale, ARC/Slam-n-Jam Bay Area Basketbrawl

Blue Eagle Basketball Club

A program of four traveling and league teams for boys (as of 1999, they were 14-U, 13-U, 11-U & 10-U) run out of the West San Fernando Valley. Goal is to get middle school players ready for high school basketball. Quality run program, excellent website, and good coaching. Sadly, the website has no voice phone number or snail-mail address, but if you're reading this, you must have access to a computer, so e-mail "Coach Ernie" at the above address. They also participate in the ARC leagues, so Rich Goldberg certainly knows how to reach the program. Check the ARC site above.

Double Pump Pump N Run All Star Traveling Teams

Contact: Double Pump Inc.
Travel all-star teams participate in exposure events, such as Rockfish Spring League, Double Pump Spring and Fall Shootouts, Double Pump Best of Summer Tournament,  adidas EBO Spring Tournament, adidas Las Vegas Big Time Tournament, and other events.

Orange County

Aliso Niguel National Junior Basketball

Formed in 1993, Aliso Niguel National Junior Basketball is a chapter of National Junior Basketball. The league uses Aliso Niguel High School for its activities. Boys and girls in grades 3-8 living in Aliso Viejo or north Laguna Niguel are eligible to play in the league. This organization is run solely by volunteers from the local community that typically have children that play in the league. It is directed by a board of volunteers who are elected by the membership.

Future Stars Basketball Club

623 S. Santa Fe Ave, Suite B
Vista, CA
(619) 726-4408 or
(619) 969-0727

Dream Classic Tournament
Future Stars Springtime Jamboree
Springtime Jamboree Tournament 

National Junior Basketball

Contact: Dennis Murphy
National Junior Basketball
555 N. Parkcenter Dr. Suite 130
Santa Ana, CA
(714) 541-4450 or
Bob Chenowith
(714) 974-2290
Located throughout California, primarily SoCal, the NJB program features leagues and teams playing in literally hundreds of cities and separate locations, all affiliated through the NJB National organization. NJB in California also sponsors several summer leagues, and development leagues under the "All-Net" rubric for 6th, 7th & 8th graders. Sponsor several tournaments, including: NJB Halloween Classic
, NJB-4D All Stars Holiday Classic for Boys

West Orange County Slam Youth Basketball Association

Contact: President Don Small or Vice President James Matthews
PO Box 2654
Anaheim, Ca 92814


YSA Basketball

Contact: Dennis Banks
453 West 7th St. Suite 10
Long Beach, CA
(310) 437-4205
Youth basketball club teams. Also sponsor a summer tournament. YSA/Sixers Summer Jam

Central Valley- Bakersfield-Fresno

805 Sports Express All-Star Basketball

Contact: George Albanez
805-962-4300 (fax)
1469 Lou Dillon Lane #B
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Club travel team which participates in summer tournaments throughout California, including events such as Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic, Double Pump Best of Summer and other events. Program for developing and all-star high school players in the Santa Barbara-Ventura County area.

Elite Basketball Organization (EBO)

Contact: Darren "Mats" Matsubara
One of the premier adidas sponsored basketball programs in California. Travel teams compete in the biggest high profile events, and virtually every player on the EBO travel roster last year was a top 100 Division I college recruit.  Sponsor two tournaments, a Memorial Day Spring tournament and a fall tournament for other all-star and travel teams by invitation only, which are attended by many division I college coaches. Team also participates in the adidas Las Vegas Big Time Tournament and the Double Pump Best in the West. 

San Diego

High Five America (San Diego)

Contact: Rle Nichols or Dave Axelson
(619) 536-3211 Ext. 114
(619) 536-5199
High Five America
c/o The SportCenter at USIU
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego, CA 92131
E-mail: or
High Five America sponsors youth development leagues, high school level leagues,  summer camps, tournaments, a basketball school, college level teams which compete against some of the top Division I teams during the Fall pre-season, and through their facility on the campus of USIU in Scripps Ranch, also host the Nike National Summer Championships which attracts some of the top teams from across the country. Depending upon what area you are interested in, here are the phone numbers:
619-536-3211, the extensions are:  1. Tournaments - x104 for Gene Hellicker and/or x114 for Dave Axelson;  2. Camps - x115 for Ben King;  3. Leagues - x111 for Pete Contreras;   4. Club Director - x112 for Kyle Armstrong

Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

Contact: Michael Brunker, Executive Director
Jackie Robinson Family YMCA
151 YMCA Way
San Diego, CA 92102

Located in Southeastern San Diego (I-805 and Imperial Avenue), the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA features year-round leagues and traditional holiday tournaments for boys and girls ages 4-18, including the Amateur Athletic Union - Pacific Southwest Association Basketball Championship. Facilities include indoor gymnasium (capacity 400) and lighted outdoor (Rucker League style) basketball court.

San Bernardino-Riverside

Inflight Elite

Contact: Mike Livaccari
Phone 909-699-7361
Fax: 909-676-7361
31389 Corte Montiel
Temecula, CA 92592
Travel and exposure basketball teams, participate in events such as Double Pump Shootouts, adidas Las Vegas Big Time, and other tournaments throughout SoCal.

Inland Basketball

Contact: Elvert "Koolaid" Perry
Travel and exposure teams for high school boys and prep all-stars.   Teams play in high profile events such as Rockfish Spring League, Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic, adidas

Inland Empire Basketball Program (IEBP)

909-549-2594 (Pager)
909-340-0300 (Fax)
Contact: Keith Howard
750 Cottonwood Street
Corona, CA 91719
High profile all-star teams featuring some of the top college prospects and developing high school stars from the Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario and Inland Valley areas.  Teams participate in Rockfish Spring League, Double Pump Spring and Fall Shootouts, Double Pump adidas Best of Summer Tournament, Long Beach Fall Hoops Classic and many other college exposure showcase events.

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