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1997 Tounaments & Events

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July 1997

Fairfax-Goodman Classic July 1-4, at Fairfax High: Sixteen high school teams

Carson Grand Finale July 1-5, at Carson/Compton Highs: Twenty-four high school teams.

Superstar Camp July 6-9, at UC San Diego--before the Nike and adidas camps, it used to be the big deal--still pretty good

Double Pump/adidas West Coast All-Star Camp I July 7-10, at CS Dominguez Hills

Servite Classic-- July 11-13, at Servite High: Sixteen high school teams.

Adidas Big Time Tournament, July 15-20-- call Double Pump, Inc., at 1-800-678-0935 for details--played in Las Vegas at Durango High--games all day and night, with 80 teams

California State Games, San Diego, CA. July 17-20--youth games for all sports, including amateur and junior boys and girls basketball teams.

July 18-20 Mens and Women's JC Double Pump Camp, Cal State Dominguez Hills

Slam-N-Jam NIT--July 19-24, at Long Beach State: More than 48 all-star and club teams from all over the USA

Pump-N-Run Classic--July 21-25, at Cal State Dominguez Hills: Approximately 40 all-star/traveling teams from across the country--run the same time as the Slam-N-Jam, but easy to see both

Sports Challenge International- National Basketball Championships-- July 20-26, 1997 Daytona Beach Florida--Tournament for Juniors, High School, AAU, 12-14 and 15-18 for Boys and Girls

July 21-25 Best of Summer Tournament, Long Beach City College

1997 Summer Showdown at Cal State Dominguez Hills-- July 25-27--preview report from West Coast Hoops web site

Basketball Congress International--July 26-30, Colorado Springs Air Force Academy--teams from all over the US will play here

Southern California Showdown--July 25-27, Dominguez High

Slam-N-Jam Las Vegas Grand Finale--July 27-30, at Cheyenne High

JCC Maccabi Team Los Angeles Basketball Tournament-July 27-31, Los Angeles--held at Birmingham High. Teams from LA, Long Beach, Phoenix, El Paso, San Francisco

Varsity Summer Finale-- July 30-Aug. 2, Artesia High

August 1997

Seattle Maccabi Youth Games, Aug. 17-21, Bellevue, Washington

Adidas Streetball '97--3-0n-3 World Tournament

Southwest Airlines 3-on-3 Hoop-It-Up Tournaments

AAU Nationals--Boys 1997

10 and Under - Walt Disney World, FL August 9 - August 16
11 and Under - Cocoa Beach, FL July 26 - August 2
12 and Under - Salt Lake City, UT July 19 - July 26
13 and Under - Memphis, TN June 29 - July 5
14 and Under - Walt Disney World, FL July 5 - July 12
15 and Under -Kingsport, TN July 5 - July 12
16 and Under - Greensboro, NC July 20 - July 26
17/18 and Under -Walt Disney World, FL July 21 - July 26
19 and Under - Charlotte, NC (AAU Olympics) July 28 - August 9

AAU Nationals-Girls 1997

10 and Under- Orlando, Florida August 1 - 9, 1997
11 and Under-Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN  July 4 - 12, 1997
12 and Under- Oklahoma City, OK July 2 - 12, 1997
13 and Under- Orlando, FL July 11 - 19, 1997
14 and Under-Amarillo, TX  July 18 - 25, 1997
15 and Under-Shreveport, LA  July 18 - 25, 1997
16 and Under-Chattanooga, TN June 27 - July 6, 1997
17 and Under- Chattanooga, TN June 27 - July 6, 1997
18 and Under- Chattanooga, TN June 27 - July 6, 1997

September 1997
California Events:

This tournament, put on by Belmont Shore and Dino Trigonis, features some of the best high school basketball talent in California and from around the U.S. Teams will be mostly from SoCal, but will also feature some teams from out of state (Arizona, Texas, Philly), and Central Valley and Bay Area teams as well. Michael Miller's West Coast Hoops has lots of information on this tournament, including reviews of the games and the players at the tournament.

When: Friday, September 19 (Pool Play Tournament)
Saturday, September 20 (Pool Play Tournament)
Sunday, September 21


Long Beach City College

Long Beach Wilson High

Lakewood High.

Directions from L.A.:

Long Beach City College: 405 South to Clark Avenue,
turn left (North) and go past the Stadium on your left
and turn left (West) on Lew Davis Drive
or on Carson Street.

Long Beach Wilson High: 405 South to Clark Avenue,
turn right (South) and go to Anaheim Street, turn right
(West) and go to Ximeno Avenue, turn left (South) to
the school at the corner of Ximeno and 7th Street.

Lakewood H.S.: 405 South to Bellfower Blvd., turn left
(North) and go all the way to Harvey or Centralia and
turn right (East); the gym is in the back of the school
and Centralia is the better bet.

From the South: Just reverse that first turn.

All of the sites are very close together (1 mile from LBCC to
Lakewood and 3 miles from LBCC to Wilson).

Schedules & Rosters (subject to change due to recruiting period, player no-shows, etc.)

Friday, Sept. 19, 1997:
At Long Beach CC:

4 p.m.: The Hood (Tayshaun Prince, Keith Kincade, Walter Small, Jason Thomas, Michael Carson, Keith Brooks, Tyson Chandler) v. BWBA I (Bob Gottlieb's team)
5:15 p.m.: Team Reebok/Compton (David Hamilton, Tito Maddux, DeAundre Moore, Milton Riley, Reggie Howard, Robert Ringer) v. Carson B-Ball (Carson High?: Charles Wilkerson, Larry Davenport, Donald Dulay, Mike Cortez and Marques Duncantel).
6:30 p.m.: Belmont Shore (Andrew Zahn, Marcus Moore, Flinder Boyd, Eric Knight, Josh Fisher, Chris Stevens) v. ARC-Blazers (this is the ARC JR team).
7:45 p.m.: Top Prospects I (Tony Bland, David Bluthenthal, Albert Miller, Brandon Granville, Chris Osborne, C.J. Williams) v. Pac West (Mike Stowall, Nate Hair, Josh Garrett, Kelly Kramer)
9:00 p.m.: Las Vegas Stars (Vance Lawhorn, Jimmy White) v. San Diego Dons (Unihigh: David Abramaowitz, Ron McMillan, Kam Walton, Chris Walton)
10:15 p.m.: Houston Hoops (Rashard Lewis, George Williams, Broderick Hicks, Alton Ford, Adam Hall, nasty team) v. Slam-N-Jam (Long Beach Jordan: Craig Calloway, Darren Peterson, etc.).
At Long Beach Wilson High:
6:30 p.m.: ABC (Anthony Garrison, Felix Lang Stanley Thorne, JR, Brandon Hawkins, Tony Booker)
v. Future Stars Elite (Larry Johnson, Dekker McKeaver, Ryan Forehan Kelley).
7:45 p.m.: North Riverside (Nick Gosserand, James Taylor) v. Top Prospects II (E.J. Harris, Lou Wright, Jacob Durrette, Ismael Torres, Tommie Johnson).
9:00 p.m.: Central Cal Express (Greg Jefferson, Tony Freeman, Nick Jones, Jay Richardson) v. ICAN All-Stars (?).
10:15 p.m.: Hilltoppers (Lamar Lawrence, Chris Williams, Cayce Cook, Marvin Perez, Jesse Boyd, John Parker) v. IEBP (Chris McMillian, Damon Jackson, Isaac Williamson, Glen Summerall, Gary Colbert).
At Lakewood High:
5:15 p.m.: Belmont Shore II (?) v. K&E Bulls.
6:30 p.m.: L.A. Rockfish I (Brian Wethers, Jeffrey Berokoff, Bradley Jackson, ShanTay Legans, Rafael Berumen, Scott Long, BJ Lafitte, Drew Gaulden) v. BWBA II (Jimmy Miggins, Eric Estevan, Marqui Worthy, Zamiro Bennem, Kyle Dodd).
7:45 p.m.: Team Los Angeles (Ronell Mingo, Johnny Hardwick, Sean Stroud) v. LA Rockfish II (Devin Montgomery, Justin Beach, Shelton Diggs, Janus Norman).
9:00 p.m.: Bay Area Ballers (Senque Carey, Darrell Tucker, Phil Jackman, Luke Whitehead (?)) v. ARC (Casey Jacobsen, Matt Donohue, Eric Rowher, Chris Christofferson).
10:15 p.m.: Arizona Stars (Richard Jefferson, Donnell Knight) v. USA (Noel Felix, Aerick Sanders, Davon Johnson, Felipe Williams).
Saturday, September 20, 1997:

At Long Beach City College:
9 a.m.:
10:15 a.m.:
11:30 a.m.:
12:45 p.m. :
2:00 p.m.:
3:15 p.m.:
4:30 p.m. :
5:45 p.m.:
7:00 p.m.:
8:15 p.m.:
9:30 p.m.:
Compton v. ABC
Top Prospects I v. LA Rockfish II
LA Rockfish I v. USA
Arizona Stars v. BWBA II
Houston Hoops v. ICAN
Bay Area Ballers v. IEBP
Philly Hoops v. EBO
Belmont Shore v. San Diego Dons
The Hood v. North Riverside
Houston Hoops v. Central Cal Express
Belmont Shore v. Las Vegas Stars
At Lakewood High:
9 a.m.:
10:15 a.m.:
11:30 a.m.:
12:45 p.m.:
2:00 p.m.:
3:15 p.m.:
4:30 p.m.:
5:45 p.m.:
7:00 p.m.:
8:15 p.m.:
9:30 p.m.:
Carson v. Future Stars Elite
EBO v. K&E Bulls
Philly Hoops v. Belmont Shore
The Hood v. Top Prospects II
ABC v. Carson
Las Vegas Stars v. ARC-Blazers
Top Prospects I v. Team Los Angeles
LA Rockfish II v. Pac West
Arizona Stars v. LA Rockfish I
EBO v. Belmont Shore
Philly Hoops v. K&E Bulls
At Long Beach Wilson High:
9 a.m.:
10:15 a.m.:
11:30 a.m.:
12:45 p.m.:
2 p.m.:
3:15 p.m.:
4:30 p.m.:
5:45 p.m.:
7:00 p.m.:
8:15 p.m.:
9:30 p.m.:
Central Cal Express v. Slam-N-Jam
Pac West v. Team Los Angeles
Pac West v. Inland
North Riverside v. BWBA
Compton v. Future Stars Elite
?? v. Hilltoppers
BWBA I v. Top Prospects II
Slam N Jam v. ICAN
Bay Area Ballers v. Hilltoppers
San Diego Dons v. ARC-Blazers
October 1997:
California Events:

Los Angeles, CA: Slam-N-Jam Super Frosh-Soph Tournament.
October 25 and 26, 1997, at Compton and Carson Highs, Slam-N-Jam will host. The Saturday play will feature pool play at both locations, and the playoffs will be held Sunday at Carson. Play will begin Saturday at 9:00 a.m. Call Issy Washington for details (310) 532-0622.

Other States:

Chicago, Illinois : 22nd Annual All- Mexican-American Basketball Tournament
When: Oct. 4-5, 1997 The Tournament is sponsored by the Latino Youth Center Teams: Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California will all participate. Entry Fee Required. Register by 9/14/97. For info: Phil Coronato, Tournament Director/ El Centro de la Causa (312) 733-6575, Pager (312) 851-2530, or email at

Boston Mass: New England High School Sports Basketball Showcase
When: October 19, 1997 (for girls) and October 20 (for boys) at Western New England College, Springfield. Call 508-620-7990.

Boston Mass: Greater Boston Monarchs Girls AAU Tryouts
When: Oct 19-20 for ages 12-16 at Norwood Junior High School. Call 255-7063.

Boston Mass: Preseason clinic - Saturdays 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Canton High
When: Oct. 25 (and Nov. 22) for boys and girls in grades 5-9. Call 617-828-1809 or 508-285-7076.

Independence, MO: Sugar Creek Optimist Girls Basketball Tournament
When: Oct. 25-26 at NewMark Middle School, Grades 5-8. Fee $125, three game guarantee.
For information, call Mark at 478-4466 (home) or 818-4148 (pager).

Boston Mass: Boston Revolution tryouts
When: Oct. 25 (and Nov. 1) at Norwell High for 14-year-olds girls. Call 617-740-2880.

Boston Mass: Bay State Magic AAU tryouts
When: Oct. 26, noon at Weymouth Middle School, Pleasant St. For girls born in 1986 and 1987. Call 781-848-1679.

Boston Mass: Girls 3 on 3 Tourney
When: Oct. 25, noon-5 p.m. at Higgins Junior High, Peabody for age groups: high school, junior high and grammer school. Call 617-231-2876.

November 1997
California Events

Orange County, CA: NJB Halloween Classic
First Week in Nov., 1997. Featuring Boys and Girls Teams, Ages 11-14. Games played in Orange and Villa Park. Contact: Bob Chenowith, (714) 974-2290

Los Angeles/Gardena, CA: Gardena All-Star Tournament
Nov 14-16 (Fri-Sat). For boys and girls 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U. Played at various gyms in Gardena. Contact Phyllis (310) 217-1842 or Jamal (310) 361-2951

Ventura, CA: Ventura Holiday Invitational I
November 22 and 23 (Sat & Sun). For Boys 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades, and Girls 7th and 8th grades. Played in the Ventura area. For more information contact Chip Tarleton (805) 641-3484

Los Angeles, CA: 5th Annual 4 D Stars Thanksgiving Tournament
When: Nov, 28-30, 1997. At South Bay High Schools. A completed registration fee and roster must be sent by November 15, 1997. there will be no verbal entries. AAU & Club Teams, Boys Ages 9-14; Girls 5th/6th grade, 7th/8th grade brackets. Entry fee: $285.00 for Boys teams; $185.00 for Girls' teams; Three Game Guarantee. Individual and Team Awards. Contact: Reinaldo Henry, P.O. Box 5023, Torrance, CA, (310) 320-1346

Los Angeles, CA: Slam-n-Jam Early Bird Classic
When: Nov. 28, 29, 30, 1997. Boys and Girls Club Teams, Grades 4-8. Games are played in the Carson/Torrance area. Boys division: $295 entry fee, 3 game minimum. Separate divisions for grades 4-8. Girls division: $295 entry fee, 3 game minimum. Separate divisions for grades 6-8. This is one of the oldest traveling all star team tournaments in California. Contact: Issy Washington, 19621 Galway St., Carson, CA., (310) 532-0622

Other States

Boston Mass: Bentley College Women's Coaches Clinic
When: Nov. 2, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Call 781-891-2996 or 2779.

Independence, MO: Sugar Creek Optimist Basketball Tournament
When: Nov. 1-2 at New Mark Middle School for boys and girls, grades 5-7. Three game guarantee,
fee $125. Deadline Oct. 29. For information call Mark at 478-4466 or 818-4148 (pager).

Bangor, Maine: Maine Coaches Clinic
When: Nov. 8, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. at the Eastern Maine Vocational Technical College, Bangor, Maine. Call 207-872-1990.

Boston Mass: Buddies Hoop Mountain Classic
When: Nov. 7-9 at Reading High for high school and AAU teams. Call 508-993-6973.

Independence, MO: Mid-town Optimist of Independence Basketball Tournament
When: Nov. 7-9 for 5-7 grade girls and boys. Fee $150. Deadline Oct. 29.
Contact Mark Waterbury at 796-2894 or 796-3493.

Boston Mass: Hoops for Hunger Tournament
When: Nov. 8-9 at St. Francis of Assisi Gym/Parish Center, Medford. Three-on-three, junior high, senior high and adult divisions. Call 617-396-3400 or 617-395-0402.

Independence, MO: The Blue Springs Preseason Basketball Classic
When: Nov. 15-16 for boys and girls grades 4-7. Fee $150, three game guarantee.
For more information, call Brad Barnhart at 229-7360.

Boston Mass: Coaches Clinic
When Nov. 8, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at Curry College, Milton. Call 617-333-2200.

Boston Mass: Fall Tourney
When: Nov. 15-16 at Gov. Dummer Academy, Newburyport for ages 12-16. Call 617-231-2876.

Independence, MO: The Palmer Junior High P.T.S.A. Invitational Basketball Tournament
When: Nov. 21-23 at Palmer. Boys and girls, grades 4-7; Fee is $150, three game guarantee.
Deadline Nov. 14. For more information, call 836-9319.

Boston Mass: Preseason clinic - Saturdays 4:30-6:30 p.m. at Canton High
When: Nov. 22 for boys and girls in grades 5-9. Call 617-828-1809 or 508-285-7076.

Boston Mass: Hoop Mountain Girls Shootout
When: Nov. 29-30 at Gordon College. Call 978-777-5653

Independence, MO: BlueSprings High School Basketball Boosters Thanksgiving Classic
When: Nov. 28-30 at Brittany-Hill and Georgeff-Baker Middle School. Boys and girls, grades 3-7.
Fee $150, three game guarantee. For more information, call Brad Mayfield at 229-6849.

December 1997:
California Tournaments

Redondo Beach/Los Angeles, CA: 46th Annual Pacific Shores Tournament
When: Dec 1-6, 1997 at Redondo and Mira Costa High Schools. The tournament will feature some top teams in SoCal, including Redondo (Andrew Zahn, Marcus Moore, Tyler Hoffman) Fairfax (Flinder Boyd, Joe Schipp) Serra (Aerick Sanders), Long Beach Jordan (Craig Calloway), and others. Pool play at both schools, finals at Redondo High School. Call Coach Jim Nielsen at Redondo for information (310) 798-8665 ext. 2047. For complete brackets check here.

Los Angeles, CA: 1st Annual Reebok-Compton Prep Tip-Off Classic
When: Dec. 1-2, 1997 is scheduled to be held at Compton College. Dec. 1: Jordan High vs. Inglewood at 6:30 p.m. and Artesia vs. Crossroads at 8:30 p.m. Dec. 2: Dominguez vs. Perris at 6:30 p.m. and Compton vs. Bishop Montgomery at 8:30p.m. All four teams are rated among the CIF Southern Section's top 25.

Los Angeles/Simi Valley, CA: 13th Annual Simi Valley Basketball Tip Off Classic
When: December 2-6, 1997. This tournament will be held at both Simi and Camarillo Highs for the pool play; finals will be at Simi. Schools attending and games scheduled for 1st rounds are: At Camarillo High: Chatsworth High v. Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks)-- 3:00 pm; Canoga Park v. Santa Paula--4:30 pm ; Monroe v. Camarillo--6:30 pm ; Chaminade v. Santa Barbara--8:00 pm ; At Simi Valley High: Simi JV v. Granada Hills-- 3:00 pm; El Camino Real v. Hart-- 4:30 pm; North Hollywood v. Simi Valley--6:30 pm ; Palmdale v. Newbury Park--8:00 pm

Los Angeles/Cerritos, CA: Annual Gahr-Cerritos Basketball Tournament
When: December 2-6, 1997. This tournament will be held at both Gahr and Cerritos Highs for the pool play; finals will be at Gahr. Schools attending and games scheduled for 1st rounds are: At Gahr High: Tuesday 12/2: Norwalk v. Royal 6:00 pm, Pioneer v. Gahr 7:30 pm; Wednesday 12/3: Wilson v. Gardena 6:00 pm; Centennial v. Artesia, 7:30 pm At Cerritos High: Tuesday 12/2: Huntington Park v. Mayfair, 6:00 pm, Millikan v. Cerritos, 7:30 pm; Wednesday 12/3: Bellflower v. Narbonne 6:00 pm, St. John Bosco v. Durare 7:30 pm; quarterfinals Thursday 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm both locations, semifinals 4:30 and 7:30 pm both locations; finals Saturday 12/6 at Gahr.

Anaheim, CA: The John Wooden Classic Tournament
December 4, 1997--high school tournament; December 6, 1997 College Classic.
Games will be played at the Pond in Anaheim. The High School tentative schedule has Los Alamitos (23-4) vs. DeMatha; Mater Dei (32-3) vs. Crespi (9-16); and Glendora (26-3) vs Ayala (24-5)
. UCLA will play Georgia and New Mexico will play Stanford in the college exhibition. Call the Pond or a ticket broker for ticket prices and availability. Or check the John Wooden Classic website for further information.

Santa Monica, CA: The 35th Annual St. Monica Classic
When: Dec. 4-6, 1997 Location: St. Monica's (Not Santa Monica High, which is a different school, but which plays in the tourney. Opening round games on December 4 are: 3:30: Culver City v. Los Angeles High , 5:00: Hamilton v. Santa Monica High, 6:30: Laguna Blanca v. St. Monica High, 8:00: Taft v. Crossroads. Friday's games will be at the same times. Consolation finals will be on Friday, and the Championship semis will follow Friday. Championship games on Saturday. For further information, contact St. Monica Coach Scott McDowell.

Nordhoff-(Moorpark-Ojai-Santa Paula), CA: Nordhoff Boys Basketball Tournament
When: Dec. 4-6, 1997 Location: Nordhoff High School. Teams will be mostly from the Frontier League (host Nordhoff), the Channel League (Channel Islands, Hueneme), Tri-Valley League (Fillmore), and Condor League (Thacher), and others. Contact Nordhoff High for times and location.

Thousand Oaks, CA: 26th Annual Thousand Oaks Rotary Invitational
When: Dec. 8-12, 1997 Location: T.O. High School. Teams: Harvard-Westlake, Grant (LA), Thousand Oaks (varsity and jv), Oak Park, Dos Pueblos, Newbury Park, and Echuca High from Bendigo, Australia. Tournament schedule and rosters are here.

Westlake Village, CA: The Westlake Boys Basketball Tournament
When: Dec. 8-13, 1997 Location: Westlake High School. Tournament will feature games between teams from Westlake, Calabasas, Moorpark and others. Call Westlake High School for further information.

San Bernardino, CA: Rialto-Eisenhower High School Tip-Off Tournament
When: Dec. 9-12, 1997 Locations TBA. Room for additional teams as of 10/21/97: Rialto, Eisenhower, San Gorgonio, Montclair (as in town of Montclair, not the Van Nuys prep school), La Quinta, East Valley, Victor Valley. For details contact Rob Williams, Rialto A.D. at 909-421-7500 (ext. 613) or Marty Sipe, boys' basketball coach at 909-421-7500 (ext. 687) at Rialto High School.

Oxnard-Ventura, CA: The Channel Islands High School Basketball Tournament
When: Dec. 10-12, 1997 Location: Channel Islands High School, Ventura, CA. Tournament will feature games between teams from Channel Islands, Hueneme, Oxnard and other local teams. Call Westlake High School for further information.

Fillmore-Moorpark, CA: The Fillmore High School Basketball Tournament
When: Dec. 10-12, 1997 Location: Fillmore High School. Tournament will feature games between teams from Fillmore, Nordhoff, Carpinteria, and others.

Southern California: 2d Annual ABC Pre-Christmas Classic
When: Dec. 13-14, 1997 (Sat-Sun). For boys 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Played in the Southern California area. Last year was an excellent tournament, and this one should be better. For information contact Mike Lewis at (310) 523-1588

Los Angeles/Chatsworth, CA: Chaminade Christmas Classic
When: Dec., 15, 17, 18, 19, 1997. The Chaminade Christmas Classic is held at Chaminade College Prep, and it is for Boys Varsity teams. There is a three game guarantee, with awards for the champion, second place and the consolation champion, as well as individual awards for all tournament, best three point shooter, and the player with the most hustle. Other teams in the tournament include, Van Nuys, Malibu, Marshall (LA), Campbell Hall, El Camino. For further info contact Coach Jeff Young:

Los Angeles, CA: Washington High-Pacific Open Tourney
When: Dec., 19, 20, 22, 1997. Where: Washington High School, Los Angeles. Teams include: Washington (BJ Lafitte, Curtis Slaughter), Manual Arts (Cuentin Witherspoon, Ricky Duff, Brandon Moore, Johnny Hardwick), Gardena, Leuzinger High, South Gate, Jefferson High, Lynwood High (Sam Hilliard??, Keon Floyd,??), and Roosevelt High.

Los Angeles/Chino Hills, CA: 1997 Ayala Dogfight Tournament
When: Dec. 19, 20, 22, 23 (Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue). Tournament will feature Ayala (Jock May, Shane Unrein, Roman Dolven, A.T. Simmons, Jay Espinoza, Chasen Jones, Ekene Agwuene, Daniel Sherman, Dave Winans) Crossroads (Santa Monica) (Isaiah Fox, Felipe Williams, Chad Gordon, Devrin Anderson, Mischa Taylor, Steve Johnson, Adam Shimolian, Kristofer Lofgren, Robert Cave, Martin Usher, Daniel Utsinger) Los Angeles Fremont (Ronell Mingo) Rialto (Marquis Revels, Byron Brock, Derek Pounds, Josh Burnett, Greg Peterson, Andre Adams, Josh Payne, David Joyner) Rim of the World (Lake Arrowhead), San Pedro High, Bell Gardens, and Montebello. Ruben S. Ayala High School is located at 14255 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills. You can call (714) 627-3584 for further information on the Tournament.

San Diego, CA: Christmas Shoot Around
When: Dec. 19, 20, 21 (Fri, Sat, Sun). For boys and girls 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grades, Junior Boys (must have high school eligibility). For further information contact Jimmy Brooks (619) 485-5558.

UC Santa Barbara, CA: EYC Pre-Christmas Tournament
When: Dec. 20 - 21 (Sat-Sun). For boys 5th , 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Played at UCSB. For further information contact Cliff Lambert at (805) 564-5495.

Ventura, CA: Ventura Holiday Invitational II
When: Dec. 20 - 21 (Sat - Sun). For boys 5th , 6th, 7th, and 8th grades; girls 7th and 8th grades. Played in the Ventura area. For further information contact Chip Tarleton at (805) 641-3484.

Ventura, CA: Ventura High School Classic
When: Dec. 22-23, 26-27 At Ventura High School, featuring games between teams from Agoura, Buena High, Calabasas, Santa Clara, and Westlake Highs. For further information contact Ventura High School

Los Angeles, CA: 4th Annual 4"D" Stars /NJB Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament
When: Dec 27, 28, 29, 1997. Boys Age: 9&U-14&U; Girls: 5th/6th Grade, 7th/8th Grade; Played at South Bay High Schools. Hosted jointly by National Junior Basketball and 4 "D" All Stars. Completed Registration fee and rosters are due by December 8, 1997. First 16 teams per age group will be entered. In years past in addition to tournament competition, the event has featured 3-point contest, free-throw shoot-out, coaches dinner, and special gifts for each player. Cost: $285 for Boys' Teams; $200 for Girls' Teams. Contact: Reinaldo Henry at (310) 320-1346, or Dennis Murphy, National Junior Basketball, 555 N. Parkcenter Dr. Suite 130, Santa Ana, CA., (714) 541-4450.

Santa Paula, CA: Santa Paula Christmas Tournament
When: Dec. 26, 27, and 29, 1997: At Santa Paula High School. Featuring games between teams from Santa Paula, Hueneme, Oak Park, Oxnard and others. For information contact Santa Paula High School.

Los Angeles. CA: La Salle-Temple Tip-Off Tournament
When: December 26-30, 1997. Hosted by La Salle High School and Temple High. Pool play at both gyms, Championship round at La Salle. So far the roster of teams includes the following: Marshall (Pasadena); Santa Fe; Mid City Magnet (could be a very tall and fast group of guys, but they are generally a mystery until the season starts); Temple City; Franklin; Bosco Tech; Reseda (coached by Dave Enowitz); Alhambra; El Monte; Montclair Prep (coached by Howard Abrams, featuring Rocky Steryo (6'-3" G), Jed Hall (6'-8" C), Jason Anderson (6'-9" F), Micah Cohen (5'-10" G), Carlese Clark, Kevin Bentley, and Greg Jones, 6'-7" 14 year old freshman); Montebello; Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, coached by Rob DiMuro); Village Christian, and defending State CIF Champions Harvard-Westlake.

Long Beach/Los Angeles: The Best in the West Tournament
When: Dec. 26-30, 1997 at Long Beach City College. This year the field is expanded to 36 teams. This is considered one of the most prestigious December prep tournaments in California. The BIW's top four seeds are Westchester, Long Beach Poly, Artesia and Compton. Dominguez, which did not win the event last season (it was won by Harvard-Westlake) is skipping the BIW to play in the Slam Dunk to the Beach National Holiday Invitational, a post-Christmas tournament (with, among others, Alameda St. Joseph-Notre Dame) in Delaware.

Redondo Beach/Los Angeles: Redondo Union High Sea Hawk Classic
When: Dec. 26-30, 1997 at Redondo Beach Union High School. Teams featured will be Bellflower, Bishop Montgomery-Torrance, Eastlake-Seattle, WA, Redondo Union, South Torrance and Torrance High. For further info contact Jim Nielsen, Redondo Union High School, 631 Vincent Park Redondo Beach, CA 90278, telephone (310) 798-8665, ext 2047 or (310) 798-1616 (fax).

Los Angeles/Santa Clarita: 26th Annual Hart High Holiday Classic
When: Dec. 26-30, 1997 at Hart High School, Santa Clarita, CA. Teams featured will be: Bell-Jeff (Ruben Douglas, Mike West, Chris Jones, Peter Swing, Lou Casino, Chris Ageuia); Beverly Hills; Canyon (Jerreme Suarez, Mike Reardon, Justin Orefice, Jimmy Cox, Everett Bryson, Alex Estevez); Cleveland (Kent Dennis, B. Smith, S. Smith, Randolph); Daniel Murphy; Glendale; Hart (J.T. Stotts, Jeff Whitmore, Greg Pitzer, Jerry Owens, David Neill, Scott Hunt, Kelly Weldon); Hollywood; Royal; San Fernando (Devon Montgomery, Tyrone Purnell, Luis De La Rosa, Sean Atkins, Mike Page, Reggie Kinlaw, Bryson Atkins); Sanger (near Fresno); Simi Valley (Angelo Mosesso, Branden Foster, Branduinn Fullove, Brett Michel, Bryan Zumo, Ian Boys, Kurt Mjoen, Mike Collado, Rafael Berumen, Shaun Michel); Sylmar; West High (Chehalis, Washington); West Bakersfield; Valencia (Fabian Leon, Jerrohn Jordan, Eskias McDaniels, Mark Sison, Matt Pawlak, Royce Minor, Manuel White, Jason Richardson). This should be an interesting 16 team format. For further information contact David Hamilton, Tournament Director, (805) 295-3000.

Santa Barbara, CA: The Santa Barbara Holiday Classic
Dec. 26-27, 29-30 at Santa Barbara High School. The Dons will play host to teams from Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Channel Islands, Dos Pueblos, and San Marcos. For further information contact Santa Barbara Coach Jeff Lavender.

Other States

Ketchikan, Ark: Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic
12/27/98 - 12/30/98   This eight team tournament is for boys ages 16-18, (high school). Teams still needed. Tournament organizers will fund up to $2,000 for travel costs for visiting teams. Players are housed with local families. Contact: Ed Willburn

Ft. Myers, FL: Barnett Bank/City of Palms Classic
December 18- 22, 1997 at Bishop Verot High School. Very large tournament featuring some of the best in Florida over the holiday break. Pool play will be featured Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the Playoff rounds will be held on Monday and Tuesday, with the Championship games being played on Tuesday, 12/22. A long and large tournament, it will feature last year's CIF Regional Finalists, San Diego Uni High, with the Walton brothers, David Abramowitz and teams from LA, including powerhouse Compton Dominguez. Here are the preliminary schedules for the early matchups: Thursday, December 18th - New Smyrna Beach H.S. (FL) vs Parkview Baptist High, Baton Rouge, LA at 5:35 PM; Hamilton High, Memphis,TN vs Mariner High, Cape Coral,FL at 7:45 PM; Dillard High, Ft. Lauderdale, FL vs Robinson High, Tampa, FL at 9:30 PM. Friday, December 19th - Loser Game #1 vs Loser Game #3 at 2:00 PM; Sarasota (Riverview) FL vs North Charleston H.S., SC at 3:45 PM; St. Patrick High, Elizabeth, NJ vs Canterbury High, Ft. Myers, FL at 5:45 PM; Slidell H.S., Slidell, LA vs Compton Dominguez, CA at 7:30 PM; Roger Bacon High, Cincinnati, OH vs Freedom High, Morganton, NC at 9:15 PM; Douglass High, Atlanta, GA vs San Diego University High, San Diego, CA at 11:00 PM. Saturday, December 20th - More elimination games Sunday, December 21--No Games Monday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 22nd--playoffs and Championship game.

St.Louis, MO: 17th Annual Coca-Cola/KMOX Shootout
Dec. 11, 1997, at the Kiel Center in St. Louis. A premier High School tournament, featuring the following teams at the following times: 9:30 AM Edwardsville, IL vs. Ladue H.S., St. Louis, MO; 11:00 AM Baldwin-Lafayette, MO vs. Galesburg H.S., IL; 12:30 PM Paintsville H.S., KY vs Byfield Gov. Dummer High, MA; 2:00 PM Gilault H.S., Waterloo, IL vs Bishop Brady, Concord,NH; 5:00 PM Pembroke Hill, Kansas City, MO vs. Fenwick High, Oak Park, IL; 6:30 PM Lincoln H.S., Lincoln IL vs. Vincent High, Milwaukee, WI; 8:00 PM Whitney Young High, Chicago, IL vs. Dillard High, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 9:30 PM Centralia H.S., Centralia, IL vs Mariner High, Cape Coral, FL

Las Vegas,NV: Reebok Holiday Prep Classic
December 19-23, 1997 This is a very prestigious tournament. Last year featured a classic showdown between the Collins twins of Harvard-Westlake, and Tracy McGrady's Mt. Zion team. Mt. Zion won, but only by 4 points. This year's tentative roster of teams includes some of the top teams in California, and some of the top teams from across the country: Archbishop Spalding, (Severn, Md); Baldwin High, (Pittsburgh, Pa); Bartlett High, (Anchorage, Ak); Basic High (Henderson, Nv); Bishop Gorman High (Las Vegas, Nv); Brittania Secondary, (Victoria, BC); Centennial Secondary, (Coquitlam, BC); Central High (Little Rock, Ark); Cimarron-Memorial High (Las Vegas, Nv); Clark High (Las Vegas, Nv); Compton High (Compton, Ca); Dunbar High (Lexington, Ky); Las Vegas Durango High, (Las Vegas, Nv); East High (Denver, Co); Metairie East Jefferson High (Metairie, La); Reno Galena High (Reno, Nv); Mayfield Graves County High (Mayfield, Ky); Green Valley High, (Henderson, Nv); Harvard-Westlake School (Studio City, Ca); Inglewood High (Inglewood, Ca); Jesuit High, (Carmichael, Ca); Las Vegas High, (Las Vegas, Nv); Lincoln High (San Diego, Ca); Lithonia High (Lithonia, GA); Long Beach Poly High (Long Beach, Ca); Long Branch High, (Long Branch, NJ); Los Angeles High (Los Angeles, Ca); Manual High School, (Denver, Co); Mercersburg Academy, (Mercersburg, Pa); Mountain View High (Mesa, Az); Mt. Zion Christian, (Durham NC); Newbury Park High School, (Newbury Park, Ca); Pacific High School (San Bernardino, Ca); Peninsula High School (Rolling Hills Estates, Ca); Pittsburg High (Pittsburg, Ca) Pleasure Ridge Park High, (Louisville Ky); Ponderosa High (Park, Co); Poway High School (Poway, Ca); Rancho Bernardo High (San Diego, Ca); Rangeview High, (Aurora, Colo.); Redemptionist High (Baton Rouge, La); Rice High School (New York, NY); Salmen High (Slidell, La); Simi Valley High School (Simi Valley, Ca); Stone Mountain High (Phoenix Az); St Thomas High (Houston, Tx); Upper St. Clair High School (Upper St.Clair, Pa); Washington High, (Fresno, Ca), Westchester High (Los Angeles, Ca); Western High (Las Vegas, Nv); Westlake High (Austin, Tx); Woodlinville High School (Woodlinville, Wash).

Lewes, Delaware: Slam Dunk to the Beach National Holiday Invitational
December 26-30, 1997. Tournament will feature teams from Delaware, Maryland, D.C. area, New Jersey and Philadelphia, including the following: Cape Henlopen, Del; Milford High, Del; William Penn High, New Castle, Del; Indian River High, Frankford, Del; Wilmington-Saint Mark's, Delaware; Hodgson Del; Calvert Hall, Towson, Md; Neumann High, Phil, Pa; Gonzaga High, Wash., DC Baltimore-St. Frances High; Easton Hig, Md; Wilmington-Salesianum, Del; Loyola-Baltimore, Md.; Georgetown- Sussex High, Del; Wilmington-Brandywine High, Del; Plymouth Whitemarsh High; Troy High School, Troy, Ohio; Catholic High, Towson, Md; Richland-St. Augustine, NJ; Lakewood Ohio's St. Edward; St. Vincent Pallotti, Laurel, Md; Alameda-St. Joseph, Ca; Compton Dominguez, Compton, Ca; Baltimore's Dunbar High; Paintsville High, Paintsville Ky.; Hagerstown-St. Maria Goretti High, Hagerstown, Md; Greenville- A.I. Dupont High, Greenville, Del; Cape May-Middle Township High, Cape May, Del; and more.

New Location for the ARC Los Angeles Christmas Challenge:
Las Vegas, NV: ARC/Slam-N-Jam Las Vegas Christmas Challenge
When: December 27-30, 1997. American Roundball Corporation and Slam-n-Jam have now combined to bring you a phenomenal Christmas holiday classic. Games will be played at Cheyenne High School and Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas. Expect approximately 150 to 200 teams. $395 fee includes four game guarantee. Boys Ages 10-14 and Girls: 5th-6th grade division and 7th-8th grade division. Age is determined as of September 1, 1998, according to AAU standards. Tournament, formerly held in Los Angeles, will feature many of the best L.A area traveling all-star teams, and other teams from around the country. Contact: Rich Goldberg (818) 995-3761 or Issy Washington (310) 532-0622.

St. Petersburg, Fla: Keswick Suncoast Classic
Site: Keswick Christian High School Campus Gymnasium
Dec. 27, 29, 30, and 31, 1997 Additional information call (813) 393-9100 extension 623, Tournament Director: Michael Wells. Participants 1997: Keswick Christian (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Berkeley Prep. (Tampa, Fl.), St. Petersburg Catholic (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Shorecrest Prep. (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Clearwater Central Catholic (Clearwater, Fl.), University High School (Palm Harbor, Fl.), Lakeside Christian (Clearwater, Fl.), Gibbs High School (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Trinity Christian Academy (Deltona, Fl.), First Academy (Orlando. Fl.), Indian Rocks Christian (Largo, Fl.), Canterbury School (St. Petersburg, Fl.), Russell County High School (Russell Springs, Ky.), King City Secondary School (King City, Ont.), Grand River Collegiate Institute (Kitchener, Ont.), Essex District High School (Essex, Ont.)

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