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International Basketball

At SoCalHoops, we've worked very hard to find sources and links to virtually every international basketball program on the planet. We've managed to locate sites for you from every continent (well, except for Antarctica, and if someone's got a program or website on Antarctic basketball, we've got a special offer just for you. . .). There are European sites, African, Asian, and Oceanic sites. We're still looking for basketball on the Indian sub-continent, so let us know if you find one.


Official FIBA-Server--The "Official" site of International Basketball. With Press Releases, Photo Gallery, Calendar Section (schedules), Results and Standings, International Rules, and a "FIBA Boutique" where you can buy merchandise.

African Basketball home of the "Premier Basketball League" from South Africa, and BSA (Basketball South Africa). "" is both a URL and the official name of this site. The South African professional league, is sponsored by Telkom, the national phone company. Featuring the Pietermaritzburg "Tuskers" (whose logo is an African Elephant), the Soweto Panthers, the Egoli Magic, the Capetown Kings and Capetown Eagles (yes, Capetown's big enough for two teams), the Tshwane Bulldogs, the Johannesburg Spartans, and the KwaZulu Marlins.

Australian Basketball


The Unofficial Australian NBL Site

Nothin' But Net--a new site which claims to be the "Australia's new home of basketball"-- some multimedia stuff, and lots of good new and information, from professional to international amatuer, to juniors. Very nicely done.

The Melbourne Tigers--different than the other site listed below, this appears to be a new site, which is going to focus on the Melbourne Junior youth teams. Wait to see how it develops, but it looks pretty nice.

The Australian Women's NBL

The Sydney Coca-Cola Kings-- The official NBL site for the Kings. With the Lakers colors, and the Kings logo, its pretty cool. With a page devoted to the WNBL team from Sydney, the Flames.

The Adelaide 36'ers-- another NBL site; nice design

The Brisbane Bullets--another NBL team site

The Canberra Cannons-- NBL site, heavy on graphics and music, slow to load, but pretty nice when you get there.

The Illawara Hawks-- NBL site of the home team from Wollongong.

The Melbourne Tigers--Nice NBL site. Lots of information, nicely designed (9/97: no longer being maintained with new information--still the old archives though)

The Newcastle Falcons--One of the better NBL sites. Very complete and nice graphics

The North Melbourne Giants-- appears to be an "unofficial" NBL site, with one of the strangest logos around-- they are the "Booze Less Giants". . . Only down under. . . The actual real logo simply says they are the "North Melbourne" Giants

The Perth Wildcats--Site of the 1990, 1991 and 1995 NBL Champions

The Southeast Melbourne Magic--an NBL site; frames and busy graphics, but very informative

The Townsville Suns-- yet another NBL site, simple and straightforward

Australian State Associations

Basketball NSW (New South Wales)-- The official site of the State Association for New South Wales. Information and links to state leagues, school leagues, amateur leagues, and the Sydney professional teams. Be sure to check out the Shootin' Hoops page, the magazine of NSW Basketball.

Basketball Canberra--The State of Canberra Association--Site devoted to mostly "U-10's through U-20's", i.e., juniors and youth league basketball, and Canberra's "elite", i.e., all-star teams for juniors.

Amateur Teams & Associations

Basketball Australia: The Official Home of Basketball in Australia: Nothin' But Net-- Amateur, juniors, olympics, international, NBL and NBA, WNBA, WNBL, and more. A very well done site.

Oz97 Men 22 and Under National Championship--nice site on this last summer's (or winter depending upon where you are) world competition.

The Geraldton Buccaneers of the SBL--The SBL is the Skywest Basketball League, part of the GABA (Geraldton Amateur Basketball Association league). This is a very well done site, with some great graphics.

Philippine Basketball

PBA- The Phillipine Basketball Association.

Canadian Amatuer & Semi Pro Basketball

Basketball Canada

The Winnipeg Cyclone--The Official website of the Winnipeg Cyclone, from the new International Basketball Association, the IBA (not the UBA). Coaching information, player and league info. The league starts play 12/8/97 and features 8 teams: The Wisconsin Blast in Green Bay, the St. Paul Slam, the Des Moines Dragons, the Winnipeg Cyclone, the Dakota Wizards in Bismarck, the F-M Beez in Fargo, the Black Hills Posse in Rapid City, SD and the Magic City Snowbears in Minot, ND. Site features player profiles, stats, kid's games, photos, dancers, ticket info, game schedules, team press and more.

Basketball Alberta--all levels of amateur play

Basketball Manitoba- Junior and Juvenile Youth Basketball

Basketball New Brunswick--Juniors and Youth

Philippine Basketball Association of Montreal

Ontario-- Blessed Sacrament YellowJackets "House" League

Ontario--Fort Erie Border Town Sports Basketball Club

Welland Minor Basketball Association--Welland, Ontario

European Basketball

European Cups

EuroCups ( from Osnabrück)--from JK's SportsPage; currently for 1997-98

EBPO European Champion League ( from Pau)--currently still on 1996-97

European League 1997-98--from UK; scores, standings and results; kept current

European Cups 1995/1996--for historical value; kept on an MIT server, links to Greek Hellas Server

European Cups 1996/1997--also from MIT server; no scores, but links to FIBA Server

European Basketball Servers (General)

Euroster--A very complete web server, with links and info, stats and scores on virtually every European team, pro and national, and data on Americans playing abroad. Also world-wide basketball links.

The European Basketball Server-- Complete Links to Every Country on the Continent

Primer on International Basketball from old and seemingly inaccessible page if you go through the "front-door" at, but still accessible here--only the text info andpage background--the small graphics are missing.

Official FIBA-Server--The "Official" site of International Basketball. With Press Releases, Photo Gallery, Calendar Section (schedules), Results and Standings, International Rules, and a "FIBA Boutique" where you can buy merchandise.


Austrian Basketball (EUROSTER)--Page from Euroster, with all the teams in both the Bundesliga "A" and "B", and the National Team roster. Basketball in Austria appears to be a "club" sport, with club teams divided into two different divisions (A and B). Club teams also sponsor "farm teams", junior teams, youth, and school age teams, and a "minis" league. The Euroster site, however, only focuses on the men's "major" teams, and provides standings in Austrian league play and stats. The men's league consists of the following teams (note: Links are to pages for each team on the Euroster Server):

Austrian Basketball
Bundesliga A Bundesliga B
UBC-Stahlbau Oberwart
UKJ Suba St.Poelten
96er Wels
UBC Mattersburg
BSC BOHA EW Furstenfeld
Basket Bears Kapfenberg
BK Klosterneuburg
UB Mollersdorf
UBBC Basket Swans Gmunden
Worthersee Piraten
TI/DSG Innsbruck
WAT Wieden
ABC Hali Dornbirn
ASKO Landskron
BBC McDonald´s Steyr
UBBC Gussing
ULG Wustenrot Salzburg

Some of the above clubs also have their own pages, or fan pages, with information on the other divisions of play (e.g., juniors, farm, youth, etc) on the web:

UBC-Stahlbau Oberwart-- Unofficial site for this Division "A" team.

BK Klosterneuburg (Dukes)-- This team plays in the Bundesliga "A." The team currently features Trent Jackson, and Shawn Fergus (Cleveland State).

96er Wels- Unofficial site--The "Red Wolves" fanclub site.

ABC Hali Dornbirn--Unofficial site for this Bundesliga "B" team. Features information on the Men's team, the "farm" team, juniors and youth league basketball. Very interesting site.

Union Basket Sport Club Graz -Official site--Bundesliga "B" team)

Basketball aus Loosdorf--Appears to be a junior/men's under 22 team. Actually, it's all in German, and I'll be darned if I can figure it out. Either it's about an amateur team or its about drinking beer, or maybe about a beer drinking team that likes to watch/play basketball (at least that's what it looks like since virtually every picture either features someone drinking, throwing up, or holding a beer bottle, and no player action shots, unless you consider the one of those two guys who appear to be about to kiss each other??). Strange. . . .

UKJ Tyrolia Wien--A junior and youth club team page, also features information on Bundesliga A and B, and information on the Junior and Tyrolian teams. Again, it's mostly in German. Team plays in the Tyrol-Vienna League with teams such as Wien/Avanti, the Vienna Magic, and WAT 14.

Union Basketball - Club Wien/AVANTI--A junior and youth (under-22, under 19, and youth) club team playing in the Tyrol-Vienna league.

The International Vienna Youth Basketball Tournament-- a mostly English language site, on "Basketball Vienna", featuring Tournament results for 1997, and a roster of participating teams in the International tournament, and the teams participating in the local Vienna youth leagues for Boys and Girls. Site also features a Tournament History page, with results dating back to 1990.


Belgian Basketball--Euroster Site. As with most European leagues, this one has many American and other foreign players. The "I" Division teams are professional and sponsored by major corporations; the "II" Division appears to be more of a "semi-pro" division. The site is very complete, featuring all of the rosters for all divisions, the National Team roster, a register of all foreign Import Players playing in the Belgian League, and a register of Belgians playing abroad. The site features all the Division I and Division II teams, standings, scores and schedules for the following teams (Note: links are to the Euroster Server team pages):

Belgian Basketball
Maes Pils Antwerpen
Atomics Brussels
Belgacom Quaregnon
Belgacom Aalst
Pepsi Spirou Charleroi
Brother Gent
Sunair BC Oostende
Siemens Gent
Power Wevelgem
Go Pass Pepinster
Echo Houthalen
Dr. Pepper Castors Braine
ABB Leuven
Hans Verkerk Bree
F. Ieper
BC Genston

Other Beligian Links:

BBC Good-Year Belgacom Okapi Aalst--The official site for this Division I team. Some of the links to various pages appear not to work.

Belgacom Quaregnon--The official site for this Division I team. It's great if you speak or read French, but for those who don't then you'll have to just look at the pictures.

Belgacom Quaregnon--The unofficial fan site for the Division I team. Graphics-heavy, but still loads quick enough not to be annoying. Again, it's all in French.

Belgian Basketball Web-from Alan T. Guinness. The site plays "Eye of the Tiger" so if you don't want to hear it, turn off your sound. Stats, News and Standings on the Belgian League.

Racing Basket Antwerpen--a pretty nice site on this team from Antwerp. Standings, news and teams. But none of it is in English, and the site proudly announces that it's an "all Flemish site". So if you don't speak Flemish, just look at the pretty pictures.

Cybel Basket--a totally French-language site, featuring links to Euroster, FIBA, and some information on the Belgian League, European Cups, standings, and stats.

Results Men--1995 Season Belgian League

Standings Men--1995/96 Season Belgian League


Bulgarian Basketball (EUROSTER)--This is the Euroster page for Bulgarian Basketball. Bulgaria is also the new home of Randy Duck (96' University of California Berkeley), who played behind Jason Kidd on the Cal 93' team that defeated Duke on it's way to the NCAA "sweet 16". Features information on all the teams in league competition, National Team Rosters, and European Cup team information.

Bulgarian Basketball Division I
Spartak Pleven
Slavia VIS-2Sophia
Therno More - Sodi Varna
Compact Dimitrovgrad
Ficosta Shumen*
Yambolgaz-92 Yambol
Vidachimik Vidim
Chernomorec Burgas
CSKA-4B Sophia
Balkan Botevgrad
Velbazd Kyustendil

*new team for Randy Duck (Cal 96')


Bosnian Basketball- Euroster Site featuring the National Team Rosters, a listing of Bosnian's playing abroad, and full information, schedules and scores on the Bosnian Division I Teams, including European Championship information. Teams competing in Division I are the following:

Bosnian Basketball
Division I
Sloboda Dita Tuzla
Bosna Sarajevo
Zenica Metalno
Cenex Sarajevo
Brcko 108
Termoelektrana Kakanj
Cesko'93 Sarajevo
Zmaj od Bosne Zivinice'78
KK Sarajevo
Novi Grad Sarajevo
KK Banovici
Lokomotiva Mostar
Brontjo Citluk


Croatian Basketball-- Euroster Site. Features information on the National Team roster, Croatians playing abroad, Import players on Croatian teams, and individual pages on each team in the Men's League. Teams for 97-98 (Note: Links are to Euroster team pages):

Croatian Basketball
Division I (97-98)
KK Zadar
Croatia Insurance Split
Croatia Line Rijeka
Benston Zagreb
Oriolik Slavonski Brod
Cibona Zagreb
Karlovac 1579
KK Zagreb
Olimpija Slavoning Osijek
Telecomp Vinkovci
Zrinjevac Zagreb
Sava Osiguranje Rijeka
Podravac Virje

Basketball in Croatia--from the Croatian Sports server; all in English, fairly well organized; predictions and results for all Division I teams, history of Basketball in Croatia, and links to FIBA.


Cyprus Basketball--from Kyros Hadjikyrou, currently a student at the University of Kansas; apparently the only source for Cyprus Basketball on the Web; even Euroster's server points to this page. This information is very out of date, from the 1995-96 season.

Czech Republic

Czech Basketball--from the Euroster Server. Features include the standard Euroster fare, including National Team Roster, Czech's Playing Abroad, Imports on Czech Teams, and individual pages on the teams in the Division I Men's League (Note: links below are to Euroster team pages):

Czech Republic Division I Men's Basketball League
Euroster Team Pages Other Official or Fan Sites
BK Decin
TJ BK Zas Zar nad Sazavou
ICEC Opava
USK Erpet Praha
BK Sparta Praha
Mlekarna Kunin Novi Jicin
Stavex Brno
Slavia Praha
Ostacolor BHC SKP Pardubice
Nova Hut Ostrava
ASK Chomutov
Usti nad Labem
BK/SCE Decin
Zas Zar nad S.
ICEC Opava
USK Erpet Praha

Ostracolor Pardubice

Usti nad Labem
Women's Czech League Teams
(Links are to Czech Basketball Site below)
IMOS Zabovresky Loko Texlen Trutnov
USK Erpet Praha Karlovy Vary
Kaucuk Kralupy Spartak Prerov
CZ Strakonice Aritma Libochovice
Lachema Brno Sparta Praha

Czech Basketball--in Czech (or Slovakian). . .all I know is that it's not in English, and I didn't understand a word of it. There is, however, a small logo of a "Union Jack" on the home page. Click on it to get the English language version. Features info on the Men's and Women's National Teams, Links to other Czech sites, CBF News, and Men's and Women's League teams and standings.

USK Erpet Praha--a fan page for this Division I Club, featuring both women's and men's division teams. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, you'll find an English version (look for the "Union Jack" again). The webmaster's writing doesn't translate terribly well, but it's passable. The team dates back to 1954, and presently competes in the "F" Division of the European Cup with Greece. For information contact the webmaster, Michael Kubucek.

Ostracolor Pardubice--a very stark page, featuring only a yellow background, and links to four or five internal pages of the site, on players, archives of past seasons, standings and schedules, and the "Ostracolor Cup".

Spolchemie Usti nad Labem--absolutely not understandable unless you read Czech. Nothing in English. There is, however, a very nice picture of the team, looking like an entire team of Vlade Divacs (before the trade that is), in their Laker-look-alike uniforms. Again, not a single English phrase and no translation available. However, if you do read Czech, there's lots of information on the team, and if you go to "Info Region" there's a very nice picture of the Czech area where this team plays. "Spolchemie" is the team's sponsor, a large chemical firm.


Danish Basketball--from Euroster. The standard Euroster fare is featured here: National Team Roster, Import Players, Danes Playing Abroad, and Division I Men's Basketball Team rosters, stats, schedules and news. Team are listed below (Note: Links are to Euroster pages):

Danish Basketball League 97-98
East Conference West Conference
Horsholm BK
Værløse BK
Horsens IC
BK Odense

Official Danish Sites and/or Fan's Team Sites:

Basketball Federation of Denmark--completely in Danish, but then what did you expect? Unless you speak Danish, there's not much you'll understand here. Nice site though.

Skovbakken--Danish men's and women's team site for the Skovbakken club, also featuring Elite Men's team. Entirely in Danish.

Vaerlose Basketball Club-- A Division I East Conference team site, which is mostly in Danish, but be sure to check the "Coach's Corner" on the navigation bar on the left: It leads to a page written by the coach which is in English, and gives a pretty good overview of the team and the players, including some American transplants, such as Eric Lytle and Stacey Johnson. Also be sure to check out the description of the trip to Berlin written by Coach Woodward; it's pretty funny. Actually, most of this site is pretty understandable. There's a "Gaestebog" (Guestbook), a page for the Sponserer (Sponsor), and other stuff mostly in Danish. Loads fast.

BK Odense-- The Official Site for this West Conference Team. Both Men's and Women's team information. Nice, clean design; reminds me of Danish furniture; spartan but functional.

Esbjerg--Appears to be a fan page for a Danish team. All in Danish, and not very functional. A couple of nice java applets though.

Greve Basket--A single web page for downloading a Chicago Bulls logo screen saver (at least that's what it says it is--in Danish). If you're pressed for time, or want anything with substance, forget it.

Holbæk--A club team page, entirely in Danish, featuring men's and women's information.

Hvidovre--only a single page, with the address, telephone number, and some other info (all in Danish) for this Division 3 team.

Jonstrup--a club team site, with information on juniors, "mini's" (presumably youth), men's and women's teams. All in Danish.

PiiBBK--only a single page, with no functional links for this (apparently) club team, with women's, men's and "old boys" divisions. Not very interesting.

Silkeborg KFUM--club team site. All in Danish, with fully functional links and sub-pages for team rosters and schedules. Links to other Danish sites as well as FIBA.

Silkeborg KFUM Streetbasket-- 1997 competition in Denmark.

Skjold Birkerod--A Danish Club team site, with pages for women's team, men's team, schedules and standings.

Terndrup--A single page for this club team, says it's "under construction" (isn't that annoying?), which has not been updated since 1995-96. All the workers must be on strike. Page contains information for contacting the team via mail and telephone.

Virum--Men's and women's Danish club team site; fully functional site, with rosters for all teams, schedules, standings, and links to other Danish and European sites.

Association of Basketball Coaches in Denmark--A very nice site, with an English version option. Not much content yet, but certainly promising. The Association was only recently formed in May, 1997, but they hope to establish a few clinics before the end of the year.


Estonian Basketball--The Euroster site, featuring information on the National Team, European Cup competition, Import Players (including Randy Edney--is he related to Tyus?), and all the Division I Teams:

Estonian Division I
BC Tallinn
Baltika Tallinn
BC Kalev Tallinn
KK Tartu
Kamee Tallinn


Finnish Basketball--From Euroster. Links, Finns playing Abroad, Imports, and Team pages.

Finnish Basketball Division I
Western Division Eastern Division
Forssan Alku
Tapiolan Honka
Forssan Koripojat
Torpan Pojat Helsinki
Salon Vilpas
Kisa Nokia
Piiloset Turku
KTP Kotka
NMKY Helsinki
NMKY Lahti
New Wave Helsinki
Hongikon Nuorisoseuran

Finnish Basketball Association--Official site; in Finnish.

Finnish Basketball League--Jani's Basketball Page--links to Finnish sites and past season results from Finnish competition, and links to Michael Jordan and Barkley pages. In English.

YMCA Lahti--Club sports pages for hockey, soccer and basketball from the Lahti YMCA. In Finnish.

Kouvot Kouvola--Unless you understand Finnish, this site is totally indecipherable. It does have a few .gif graphics of basketballs and some team logos.

Huima--Official for this club, with junior team information as well. Entirely in Finnish.

Torpan Pojat--Very nice site, all in Finnish, looks comparable to many NBA team sites.

Korihait--Finnish language site--articles on Basketball in Finland

Uusikaupunki Koripallo--A collection of Finnish Basketball links.

Honsu--Finnish language page. Team schedules, player profiles, and links to mostly other Finnish sites.


Basket en France

Le championnat de France

Basketball in France

Elan Béarnais Pau-Orthez Home Page


German Basketball Federation (Official Homepage)

Berlin Basketball Federation (inofficial)

Basketball Federation Schleswig - Holstein

Hamburg Basketball Server

German Basketball-Links from DINO - Sport

German Basketball-Links from WEB.DE

Basketball-Leagues (from Osnabrück)

Basketball-Leagues (from Bochum)

Alba Berlin

Alba Berlin II

Brandt Hagen

TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen


A1 Greek Championship 96-97

Basket In Greece

Hellenic Basketball

Galanis Sports Data

AEK Athen

Panathinaikos Athen

Panathinaikos Athen II

Panionios Athen

Apollon Patras

Olympiakos Piräus

Olympiakos Piräus II

Aris Saloniki

Iraklis Saloniki

Iraklis Saloniki II

PAOK Saloniki

PAOK Saloniki II

Great Britain

Britball Basketball News--complete links and information for British Basketball, including the Budweiser British League, the Irish leagues, Scotland, Wales....They're all here!

The Official Budweiser League Site--The CBA/NBA of Great Britain. This league has been around since the mid-80's and is now the premier professional league in Great Britain. The season runs from mid-September until late April or early May (including playoffs and championship game series). Teams play four 10 minute quarters, stop-clock (i.e., whenever a foul is called, time stops running). Teams are limited to 10 man rosters. Four team fouls per quarter allowed before the bonus. Uses a 30 second clock. In addition to competing in the Budweiser League, teams also compete for the Uni-Ball Trophy, the National Cup, the European Championship and the European Cup. The league features the following teams, with American players noted below (with links to those who have stats pages):

Peugeot Bullets Birmingham

American Players:

Tony Dorsey (6'7" U of N.Ala.)
Reggie Kirk (6'4" Fort Hays State)
HL Coleman (6'7" U of Wyo.)
Chris Haslam (6'11" U.of Wyo.)
Fabulous Flournoy (6'3", McNeese)

Chester Jets

American Players:

Sean Bell (6'5"Norfolk State)
Brian Lloyd (6'5" Brown)
Ricardo Leonard (6'8" Old Dom.)
Corey Jackson (6'7" BostonColl.)
Jonathan Stone (6'6" Colgate)

Converse Crystal Palace

American Players:

Jim Schwartz (6'3" Boston U)
Brett Speight (6'7" High Point U)
Dwayne Martin (6'3" Towson)
Rob Terry (6'5" Florida Tech)
Brad Wedel (6''8"Okla.Chr.U)

Derby Storm

American Players:

Shawn Smith (6'6" Va. Tech)
John Stevens (6'7", L.I. Univ)
David Attewell (6'8" Siena U)
Bryan Balser (6'6" Siena U)
Ted Berry (6'1" Ch.Newport U)
DeRon Rutledge (6'7" TexA&M)
Tom Sewell (6'5" Lamar U)

Leicester Riders

American Players:

Gene Waldron (6'3" Syra.U)
Geno Ford (5'8" Ohio U)
James Havrilla (6'11" W.Mich.)
Billy Singleton (6'7" St John's)
JaRon Boone (6'6" Nebraska)

adidas Greater
London Leopards

American Players:

Eric Burks (6'4" Charl.So.)
John White (6'7" So.Miss.)
Clive Harriott (6'4" UNC)
Robert Youngblood (6'7" So.U)
Mike Defoe (6'6" Tenn.St.)
Makeba Perry (6'10" Tulane)

Exide London Towers

American Players:

Tamir Berkovitch (6'4" E.Mich.)
Danny Lewis (6'2" Wayne St.)
Paul Deppisch (6'7" Stonehill)-
Keith Robinson (6'9" N.Dame)
James Hamilton (6'7" Iowa St.)

Manchester Giants

American Players:

Delme Herriman (6'7" Wright St.)
Jabbar Jones (6'8" Rider U)
Robert Churchwell (6'7" G.U.)
Michael New (6'9" N.M.St.)
Brett Larrick (6'4" Charl.So.U)
Michael Brown (6'1" Prov.Coll.)

Newcastle Eagles

American Players:

Leon McGee (6'3" W.Mich.)-
Greg Modzelewski (6'5" Ply.St.)
Chris Fite (6'9" U of Rochester)
Scott Wilke (6'10" Colo. U)
Carl Miller (6'7" S.Naza.U)
Chris Wright (6'9" New Haven)
Mark Boyd (6'7" USC)
Rob Phelps (6'5" Prov.Coll.)

Sheffield Sharks

American Players:

Deon Hames (5'10" Rider U)
Todd Cauthorn (6'8" Wm & Mary)
Mark Robinson (6'5" Ind.)
Wilbur Johnson (6'9" St Joe, PA.)
Chris Finch (6'4" F & Marshall)

Thames Valley Tigers

American Players:

Casey Arena (6'1" U of Maine)
Tony Holley (6'6" Troy State)
Jason Siemon (6'9" Mngsd Coll)
Dameon Page (6'6" Azusa Pac.)
John McCord (6'7" Cornell)

Watford Royals

American Players:

Pemble Bristol (6'4" Machias U)
Ray Schultz (6'8" La Salle U)
Jimmy Ratliff (6'8" Ohio State)
Joel Burns (6'2" W. Mich.)
Masai Ujiri (6'4" Montana St.)

ITT L&E Worthing Bears

American Players: Derek Izilein (6'10" USI University)

Basketball Association of Wales

Communicata Basketball Server

Eastleigh Trailblazers

London Towers

Manchester Giants

Sheffield Sharks

Sheffield Sharks II

Thames Valley Tigers Basketball Club


Hungrarian Basketball (EUROSTER)

Ferencváros Basketball Team Damen / Ferencváros Women's Basketball Team


Irish Basketball (EUROSTER)


Maccabi Tel-Aviv

Ironi Raanana

UNOFFICIAL Israeli Basketball Page

Hapoel Galil Elyon

Hapoel Jerusalem


Official League Server

Mirror in english language

Il basket Italiano

Italian League

Italian Basketball Players Associated

Women's basketball in Italy

Benetton Basket Treviso


Stefanel Olimpia Milano

Pool Comense 1872 - SFT Como

Montecatini Sporting Club-Panapesca Team

Virtus Roma

Televideo (Italian Videotext) p.230


Latvian Basketball (EUROSTER)


BBC Magic Woodchucks Schaan


Lithuanian Basketball League

Zalgiris Kaunas


Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Basketball


Macedonian Basketball (EUROSTER)


Siggiewi BasketballClub--Professional team from Malta; one American player, Tim Britt


BV Lely Amsterdam

Basketballvereniging Barons Breda

DAS Delft

Punch (Delft)

Donar Basketball Groningen

S.V.B.V. Saints Delft

EBC-PSV- Almonte (Eindhoven)

E.S.B.V. Tantalus Eindhoven

D.B.V. Arriba Enschede

Arrows'81 (Rotterdam)

BV Rotterdam Zuid (Rotterdam)

TSBV Pendragon Tilburg

Basketballvereniging Niels Stensen (Utrecht)

BV Orca's (Urk)

Students Basketball Utrecht



Norwegian basketball


Asker Basketballklubb

Tromsø Basketballklubb

Ulriken BK


Benfica Lisboan

FC Porto Basketball


Polnischer Basketball-Verband / Polish Basketball Federation

The Polish Basketball page


Basketball in Russia


Scottish Basketball Association-- Thanks to George Williamson for this link.


Slovakian Basketball (EUROSTER)

Schedule men


Slovenian Basketball (EUROSTER)

Basketball in Slovenia


ACB WWW Homepage

Liga de Baloncesta ACB

Liga ACB 1996/97

Spanish Women's Basketball

FC Barcelona

Valvi Girona

El Sport elperiodico

Spanish Women's Basketball--in English and Spanish

Temas De Basketball-- A spanish language page from, you guessed it, Spain. And believe it or not, they've listed SoCalHoops among the best internet basketball sites. Muchas gracias. Thanks to Juan Cuesta of Huelva, Spain for this one.


Swedish Basketball (in Swedish)

Plannja Basket

Skåne Basketboll Klubb

LUGI Basket

Maccabi Stockholm


Swiss Basketball (EUROSTER)

Meyrin Eagles - Wheelchair basketball in Switzerland


Turkish Basketball League

News and results

Alatan's Basketball Page

Galatasaray Home Page


Ukrainian Basketball (EUROSTER)


Yugoslavian Basketball (EUROSTER)

Chinese Basketball

The Cager International Basketball Association-- describes itself as the only server on Chinese Basketball

Korean Basketball

Korean Basketball League 97--in Korean only, no English translation

News about the USBL-Korean League draft--1997 Korean draft, very similar to the Philippine Basketball League's rules re: foreign players--check out who was drafted to go.

Japanese Basketball

The Japanese Basketball League--Mostly in Japanese, but thee are English versions of the pages too. Warning: This site loads very slowly, and appears to be designed so that it looks best in 1152 x 864 resolution, way too large for most users to view comfortably. Be patient and you will get to the "English Here" box. Once you click on it, you'll be taken to a page mostly in Japinglish. Be sure to visit the "JBL Beginners" page. for example, you'll find the following from one of the League's front office types about why the JBL was formed:

"In Japan, basketball can be learned in physical education and we know it gives anybody great time regardless the sex of the person. However, it seems only few people know this.

"We just would like you to feel easy to watch basketball games, and to have fan.
[sic] Only one time trip to gymnasium would be enough for basketball to fascinate you. "

Actually only a "one time trip" to this site will leave you fascinated at the way the Japanese culture views the sport and how it is promoted. The League features both a women's and a men's division. Be sure to check it out.

Middle East/Israeli Basketball

Israeli Basketball

The Swish Award

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