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Even though we're constantly evolving, and have given our site a new look, SoCalHoops still has the same great features, links and content you've grown used to seeing, but now we're going to bring you more developed content, from youth, preps, club, college and the pros: More news, more reports, more player and coach interviews, more team reports. . . . We want to hear from you: Let us know what you think. If there's a feature you'd like to see, or a link you want included, let us know by sending an e-mail to, or post it up on our Message Board. Enjoy.

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[Youth Basketball]
Youth BBall
LA All Stars

Youth Leagues for
Boys & Girls

Boys' Leagues
Girls' Leagues
Club Teams, Traveling Teams,
Leagues & All-Star Pages

Southern Cal Leagues
So Cal Youth Leagues &

Complete Listing of the best
So.Cal. Leagues & Tourneys
and National and State
Championship Events

Other Youth Pages
Club Teams
Individual Team Pages
Park Leagues
Find a league & sign up.

Games, Games, Games!
Special Events
& Tournaments

National, state and local
youth, prep, all-star &
top recruit events & tourneys

AAU Boys 1997 Nationals
AAU Girls 1997 Nationals
Calendar of '97 Tournaments- All Ages

Rules, Rules, Rules!
Rules & Officiating
Youth, High School, College
& Professional Rules of BB

[High School Basketball]
High School BB
SoCal Youth Leagues

Cal High School
& Prep Teams

SoCal H.S.Previews
All the news on SoCal
teams and players!
SoCalHoops' "Prep
Talk" Message Board
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So.Cal Boys' H.S
LA, Southern Section, &
San Diego CIF Basketball
Central Cal Boys' H.S
Central Valley & Coast
CIF Basketball
No.Cal Boy's H.S.
Northern Cal, North
Coast CIF Basketball
California Girls' H.S.

National H.S. Links

Boys' High School
State & National Listings
Girls' High School
Individual Teams & Leagues

The Summer Grind!
Summer Camps
Listings & Reviews of the
best (& worst) summer camps
Proof that there is no "off-
season" anymore!

Message Boards!
Prep, H.S. &
Recruiting News
, College,
Pro & AAU Stuff...Post It Up

Rules & Officiating

[Coaching & Recruiting]
Coaching & Recruiting

Advice from the Pros!

Coaching Links
Links to resources for coaching
strategies, playbooks, tips &
advice! Youth to the Pros

See who's being recruited to
play for the pros & colleges!

Books & Videos
Reviews & Links for coaches & fans

Coaching Software
Get the latest technology for
designing plays, stats & more

The Health Game
Sports Medicine
Sports Nutrition
Sports Psychology

Eat right! Feel Good! Play
Smart! News & info on getting
& staying fit.

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff
Merchandise & Clothing
Uniforms, shoes, & hot stuff
Basketball Equipment
Ball, Hoops, Courts, Stuff

[News & Wire Services]
News Services

News, Scores, Standings
Recruiting News Reports
From scouts & news services
Online News Services
ESPN, CBSSports, & More
Online Magazines
News & reports from the Mags
Online Newspapers
All the local news from your favorite
Internet/Usenet News &
Basketball Message Boards

links to every known discussion
newsgroup and message board on
the web!

Other Folks' Sites
Hot Site of the Month!
Reviews of the best and worst links
Hot Site Archives
Ghosts of Hot Sites of the Past

Virtual Basketball!
Fantasy Basketball
Leagues, stats & drafts
Basketball Trading Cards
Manufacturers, Dealers, Price Guides
Merchandise & Clothing
Computer & Video Games

Reviews and links to the best in
game technology and gaming

[Men's College Basketball]
College BBall

Men's College Hoops
Men's Conferences
All the Division I Schools
Signings & sightings of the top
College Message
-Post your thoughts here

Official College Sites
Individual Team Pages
Division I Teams. More sites
added daily!

Men's Division II
Men's Division III

Smaller college sites
NAIA Basketball
Every Region, Conference and
team in the NAIA

Southern Cal JC's
Every SoCal Juco Team!

Junior Colleges
JUCO News & Events!
JUCO Division I
JUCO Division II
JUCO Division III

Canadian Colleges &
all the schools
and conferences in the CIAU

Amateur Teams

[Women's College Basketball]
College BBall

Women's College

1997-98 NCAA
Final Four

The official NCAA Site!

All the Conference
and Team Sites

ACC Conf.
Atlantic 10 Conf.
Big East Conf.
Big Ten Conf.
Big Twelve Conf.
Big West Conf.
CAA Conf.
Pac Ten Conf.
SEC Conf.
Southland Conf.

Women's Division I

Individual School Sites
Women's Division II
More added daily to the list!

Women's NAIA
All the "small college" women's
teams and conferences!

[Professional Basketball]
Pro Basketball

Official Sites

National Basketball Assn.
Teams, News, Conferences,
Standings & More from the NBA

Continental Basketball
All the teams & official sites
Recruiting News

Professional prospects & signings

Women's Leagues
Women's NBA
Get the latest on the new league
American Basketball League

Can't wait till it starts? Check it out

Player & History Pages
NBA Player Page Links
Fan & "official" NBA player sites
The "Old" ABA
Nostalgic for the old league?
Relive the good old days of the
red, white & blue ball.

Exhibition Teams
Visit the Harlem Globetrotters &
Harlem Wizards!

Hall of Fame & History Links

[International Basketball]
International BBall
Maccabi BB
[Maccabi Basketball]

Basketball Around
the World

European Cups
Official sites of Europe's best
European BBall
News & National Teams
Australia-Pacific Rim
Links to the NBL, PBL & More

European Pro

Great Britain-Italy
Czech Rep.-Cyprus

Asian Basketball
China, Korea & Japan

[JCC Team LA]
[Pro & Semipro Leagues]

New Pro Leagues
Will these leagues make it?
Read the reviews & decide
for yourself

Great Lakes BBall Assn
Nat. WBL

SW Bball League

Univ. Bball Assn.
United States BB League
National Rookie League

Resources for Players
with Impairments
& Disabilities

Wheelchair Basketball
Links and news for wheelchair
basketball players. National and
world- wide teams and leagues


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